5 Reasons Why a Standing Desk Will Benefit Your Health

Standing desks have been around for a while now. Where once the odd staff member could be seen hovering over their desk while everyone else worked away from their designated computer desk chair, more and more people are becoming aware of the science based health benefits that come with using a standing desk.

So, what exactly constitutes a health benefiting stand up desk? In short, a standing desk is a desk that allows a person to stand comfortably while working at desk for extended periods of time. In more recent years, these standing desks have become more advanced with added features including the ability for one to easily adjust the desk height for optimal placement as well as for the ability to simply go from standing to sitting.

What we know so far is that sitting for too long is bad for your health. The kind of bad that includes an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and even early death. Sitting for extended periods of time has also been linked to increased weight gain and potential issues that come with obesity. Fortunately, implementing a standing desk into your daily routine can combat these health concerns immediately.

5 More Reasons to Use a Standing Desk

  • Lower Blood Sugar Levels. Several studies showed that people who stood up and worked after a meal such as lunch did not have as high of a blood sugar spike as those that remained seated following a meal.
  • Reduce Back Pain. It has been proven that using a stand-up desk can considerably decrease prolonged back pain caused by extended periods of sitting.
  • Improve Mood and Overall Energy. It has been shown that workers using a standing desk on average had less feelings of stress and tiredness as well as more improved attitude and increased energy levels.
  • Increase Productivity. While some people were concerned with making normal office work such as typing more difficult, studies actually showed an increase in overall office task productivity by those using a standing desk.
  • Standing May Extend Your Life. Bold statement we know, but research none the less associates long periods of sitting with early death thus pointing to simply standing up as a way to help you live longer.

Like anything that is new, standing desks do take some time to get used to. And, it is recommended that one start by using a standing desk 50% and their sitting desk 50% of the time.

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