The mission of Consumer Top is to provide independent, unbiased and reliable information to help you make complex buying decisions easily. Our guides help you choose the best products, for example the best Bluetooth speakers, projectors or routers.

About Consumer Top

Consumer Top is not only created for you as a consumer, we also base part of our reviews and rankings on consumer opinions. Expert reviews can be good, but also pose a number of problems:

  • Expert reviews are based on the experts’ personal opinions, and may be very different depending on who writes the review.
  • Experts generally test products for very short time periods, commonly within one day, and in closed environments, which means that they cannot foresee how well products will work over time and last, or function in other environments.
  • Experts tend to focus on certain aspects that they as experts within their field see as important, but that the average user of the product sees as less important.

To resolve these problems, we use consumer opinions in combination with our expert opinions to create our rankings and reviews. Our reviewers validate all products, and then create guides based on product tests, consumer data and expert information.

We also include things to consider and buying information in our guides, to deliver the full spectrum of information needed for a consumer to make a purchase decision.

Consumer Top People

For press inquires, career opportunities information or other general questions, please feel free to contract us.

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