Best 10 Inch Subwoofer 2017 – Top 10 Guide & Reviews

A simple way to boost to your car’s stereo system is to throw a couple 10 inch subwoofers in the trunk or under the back seat. As some new cars on the road are on the smaller side, sometimes finding space can be an issue. Adding best 10 inch subwoofer may just be the perfect solution. We have found that small size can still mean big sound. Additionally, most 10 inch subwoofers are usually simple to install and can be packed away into whatever space you have available in your vehicle. Here we offer a guide and reviews of the top rated 10 inch subwoofers available today.

Things to Consider

  • Style and Design. The first thing to consider when purchasing the bet 10 inch subwoofer is the style and design. Think about what type of vehicle into which you are placing the 10 inch subwoofer and how much space you have to place it. Subwoofers come in different sizes; how far they protrude from the enclosure and how deep the enclosure should influence the type of subwoofer you buy. Also, consider the materials used in the construction. Different materials create different sounds and varied resonance.
  • Features. The best 10 inch subwoofer models come with various features.  Single or dual voice coils will make a difference in the way they are wired into your stereo system as well as the end power production.  Some subwoofers offer cooling technology or a vented structure to enhance efficiency.  Others employ a technique to increase the surface area of the cone for a deeper, chunkier sound.
  • Power/Frequency/Resistance. The technical specifications of your purchase will play a major role in the quality and volume of the sound produced. The best 10 inch subwoofer will often be labeled for sale with either a peak power rating or an RMS power rating. Watch the RMS rating on your subwoofers as this is the continuous power handling of which they are capable. Peak power means nothing if the subwoofers cannot handle a continuous load to sustain volume. Frequency is measured in hertz (Hz) or kilohertz (kHz). The best 10 inch subwoofer should handle low frequencies but still handle a wide range of tones. Resistance is also important as this determines the overall amount of power the woofer can handle. The lower the resistance, the greater the sound output. This will, however, affect the type of amplifier which you should use to power your speakers.
  • Price. As with any tech purchase, the price range of quality 10 inch subwoofers can vary greatly. Shop smart and make sure that you protect your investment with a quality alarm system and be careful where you decide to show off your new ability to blow the doors off your car.

Best 10 Inch Subwoofer Top 10 Comparison Guide

PictureNameDimensions PriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameDimensions PriceRating (1-5)
1. CT Sounds Meso 10 Inch Car Subwoofer 1500w RMS Dual 2 Ohm11 x 11 x 11 in$$$5.0
2. 10TW1-4 JL Audio 10" 300W RMS 600W Max 4 Ohm TW1 Subwoofer13.5 x 13.4 x 7.7 in $$5.0
3. Kicker 10" CVR package Two Kicker 10CVR104 10 Inch CompVR Series 4 ohm Dual Voice Coil Subwoofers10 x 5.5 x 9.2 in $$5.0
4. E-10 V.3 D2 Sundown Audio 10" 500W RMS Dual 2 Ohm EV.3 Series SubwooferN/A$$4.8
5. Rockford Fosgate T1S2 10 POWER 10" 500 Watt 2 Ohm Shallow SubwooferN/A$$$$4.7
6. JL Audio ACP110LG-TW1 400W with Single 10" Subwoofer6.625 x 21 x 13.5 in$$$$4.5
7. PIONEER TS-SW2502S4 10-Inch, 1.200 Watts Shallow Mount Subwoofer12.5 x 12.3 x 4.9 in$$4.4
8. Planet Audio AC10D 1500 Watt, 10 Inch, Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil Car Subwoofer10.5 x 10.5 x 5.25 in$4.3
9. 2 Boss CH10DVC 10" 3000W Car Subwoofers Subs Sealed BoxN/A$$4.1
10. 15-SA10D4 Memphis 10" 250W RMS Dual 4 Ohm Shallow Subwoofer12 x 12 x 5 in$$4.0

Reviews of the Top Rated 10 Inch Subwoofers

1. CT Sounds Meso 10 Inch Subwoofer

Easily the most powerful best 10 inch subwoofer on our list, the CT Sounds Meso 10 Inch Subwoofer is a beast. 1500 watts RMS power (3000 watt max) coupled with a three inch dual voice coil and two ohms impedance creates an immense amount of power and sound in one small package. Triple stacked magnets and a double stitched paper cone ensure a depth of sound hard to beat.

Offered in various sizes, CT Sounds covers all their bases to please even the pickiest of bass heads. Build quality is top notch for a deep, clean bass sound. Sure to blow the doors off any vehicle, for those looking to make some noise these 10 inch subwoofers are the ticket. And from one who has paid noise pollution fines, these may even get you a ticket!

2. 10TW1-4 JL Audio 10″ Subwoofer

One of the top names in automotive stereo equipment, JL Audio puts out one heck of a speaker with the 10TW1-4 10 inch subwoofer. 300 watts RMS power will fill the passenger cabin of any small vehicle with spine rattling bass sounds. Premier durability by way of a mica filled polypropylene injection molded cone with a rubber surround allows listening at volume for many years without fear of failure. This 10 inch subwoofer is a great value for the audio enthusiast.

One difficulty with such a large and deep 10 inch subwoofer is finding an enclosure that will comfortably fit this monster. Make sure you have room in the trunk for this one.

3. Kicker 10″ CVR Package Two Kicker Subwoofers

Sold as a pair at a reasonable price, these two 10 inch subwoofers from Kicker are a great way to get yourself in the game. High temp dual voice coils and 400 watts RMS power handling produce clean, clear bass tones to fill any space. Excellent sensitivity and an acceptable frequency range add to the appeal of the Kicker CompVR series subwoofers.

As an innovator in competition level speakers, Kicker offers advanced cooling technology to dissipate the heat generated at sustained high volume. Three of Kicker’s high performance engineering standards: Perimeter venting, Spiralead tinsel lead technology, and spring loaded push terminals complete the package. A great value for industry leading speakers, these little buggers are sure to please.

4. E-10 V.3 D2 Sundown Audio 10″ Subwoofer

From Sundown Audio, the E-10 V.3 D2 is a powerful 10 inch subwoofer capable of handling 500 watts continuously. It contains a 2.5 inch aluminum voice coil former for exceptional heat dissipation and a high temperature four layer copper coil. The E-10 V.3 D2 is a manageable five and a half inches deep allowing for easy installation into smallish spaces. Spring loaded terminals make for simple setup and Mini XL tinsel leads add durability for years of listening at high volumes.

Plenty of bang for your buck, this best 10 inch subwoofer from Sundown Audio is just what the audiophile in your life is looking for.

5. Rockford Fosgate T1S2-10 POWER 10″ Subwoofer

What list of best 10 inch subwoofers would be complete without a speaker from Rockford Fosgate? The T1S2-10 shallow 10 inch subwoofer from Fosgate boasts a neodymium motor structure with high strength magnets to minimize speaker depth. It features a three inch voice coil in a speaker that measures only three inches deep, yet still handles 500 watts RMS power. Their Vertical Attach Surround Technique (VAST) increases the surface area of the cone to produce rich, clear base tones with shocking resonance from such a small package.

You will have no problem finding space for this noise machine in your vehicle. A hefty price tag accompanies this innovative speaker from Rockford Fosgate, but if you are looking for high quality audio in a space saving package this is the one for you.

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