The Best 40 Inch TV of 2017 – Guide & Expert Reviews

The size of the TV you choose for your space will have a great effect on the flow of the room, the direction of entertainment and how your furniture will be placed. The many different factors that go into choosing the right size are more in depth than just if there is available space. If you are considering purchasing the best 40 inch TV, then your room needs to be able to accommodate for that size in terms of space as well as distance from the TV that you will be sitting.

The good news is that we are here to help. To determine if a best 40 inch TV model is the right size for you, we have created our new 2017 top 6 guide, expert reviews, and important tips to remember.

The Most Important Consideration

The most important details for the best 40 inch TV to consider are the ones that will affect how you watch and your enjoyment. This is mainly determined by how clear the picture is, if you can access all of the features you would like to, and the distance you are from the TV.

  • Distance. This really is the most important feature to consider. If your room is set in one position around the TV then you need to determine how large the TV should be. If you are able to manipulate the distance you will be sitting from the TV, then you should look at the range and choose accordingly.

This is important because if you are too close to the TV or if it is too big then you will be able to see the pixels. If you are too far away or if it is too small then you will be unable to see the details. For optimal viewing with a 40 inch TV you should be roughly 8 feet away.

Best 40 Inch TV Top 5 Comparison Guide

PictureNameSmart CapabilitiesPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameSmart CapabilitiesPriceRating (1-5)
1. Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVYes$$$4.7
2. Ocosmo LED Lit 1080p 60Hz TV (Glossy Black)No$$$4.5
3. TCL 40 Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TVYes$$4.5
4. VIZIO D40-D1 D-Series 40 Inch Full Array LED Smart TVYes$$4.4
5. LG Electronics 1080p Smart LED TVYes$$4.3

Additional 40 Inch TV Qualities

When buying the best 40 inch TV, you will first need to consider which features are the most important to you.

  • Is it important that you have a smart TV?
  • Does the quality of the picture really make a difference to your viewing experience?

Once you have determined what makes watching TV enjoyable for you, then you can focus on the specifics of a model to choose the best 40 inch TV.

Accessories Can Make a Difference

When buying one of the best 40 inch TV sets you should consider the need for accessories and how much they will add to the overall cost of the purchase, maintenance and experience.

  1. Screen Protection. If you opt for a TV that has a screen made of plastic rather than glass then you may need special cleaning solutions so the surface is not damaged.
  1. Mounts/Stands. You will need to display your TV somehow, either using a mount for the wall or a stand. While this is obvious, it is necessary to think about where this will go in your home or if you will need to invest in larger furniture.
  1. Remotes. While the TV you buy will probably come with a remote, you may want to opt for a universal remote that can control all of your electronics or even use your smart phone.

Reviews of the Top Rated 40 Inch TVs

1. Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

The quality of the picture is something that the Sony KD43X720E can be counted on to always deliver. The picture is amazing for viewing and even for using the Smart TV features as well.

The buttons for this high quality 40 inch TV are on the back, which makes for a sleek design that hides away all of the unsightly aspects of a TV. The boarders around the screen are incredibly thin which makes the screen seem even bigger than it is. This has a great effect in making the TV look even more expensive.

Compared to other brands and other models, the price is competitively affordable. With all of the Smart TV features and capabilities and a nice design, there is nothing to lose.

It should be noted that this Sony TV is easy to set up as well. It is great for those just getting into using a Smart TV as well as those that are already well versed in how everything works. There is also the task of setting the TV up but this one comes with great settings that make that aspect easy too. The 3 HDMI plugs and 3 USB options make it great for using multiple devices at once.

2. Ocosmo LED Lit 1080p 60Hz TV

The Ocosmo CE4271 is a best 40 inch TV for those that want the highest quality without the highest price tag. The screen alone make it worth the purchase when you consider this TV gets the same quality picture as similar models that sell for easily twice the price. The colors are as clear as they should be and the blacks are as dark as they should be.

The resolution is something that is especially attractive. Considering the low price having the a 40 inch TV with 1080P make this product a steal. This TV will be reliable for years and is great for casual watching or even for group movie nights.

The connection options that this TV has make it flexible to any use that you have intended it for. You will be able to connect any gaming devices and systems without issue.

3. TCL 40 Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV

Whether you plan to use the TCL 40S305 for just watching cable or would like to buy it for the smart features and be able to use the WiFi and stream, this amazing 40 inch TV has the quality to act as either. The images are top notch and the set up is a breeze. When you plug everything in and turn the TV on for the first time, the basic set up is straightforward.

You will also find that the quality of the sound is something to marvel at considering the 40 inch TV size and the lower price tag.

Most will use this TV for, and choose it specifically because of, its reliable smart TV capabilities. Streaming, or even playing music will work perfectly when you use this model. Having an Internet connection alone will make it incredibly easy to gain access to a wide range of shows and movies that you would not have been able to find simply using a streaming service.

4. VIZIO D40-D1 D-Series 40 Inch Full Array TV

The VIZIO D40-D1 D-Series 40 Inch TV has a very simple and sleek design that is thin and lightweight. It will look good in your home and be easy to manipulate when you need to set it up or even move it to a new location in your home.

The picture that this TV puts out is beautiful. With 1080P you are truly able to see the quality and enjoy it for yourself. The colors and the pictures are amazing on this TV and definitely worth the price tag. For a TV that is going to last as well as provide all of the functions that it says it will, this is a great purchase.

5. LG Electronics 1080p Smart LED TV

The LG Electronics 43LJ5500 TV comes with the higher price tag than other top rated 40 inch TVs, but it does so because the quality of the viewing experience as well as the actual hardware is the best. This can mainly be observed with the actual materials and the weight of the TV.

The picture that you will get from this TV is clear and vivid but does need to be adjusted when you first get the unit to your personal preferences. The TV features are all top notch, while some of the added features may need some adjusting. The set up is straightforward enough for anyone to put this TV up and set it up.  Whether for gaming on your TV or for regular watching, either is easy to navigate.

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