The Best 4K Computer Monitors 2017 – Guide & Reviews

Adding one or more of the best 4K computer monitors to your PC setup is one of the best ways to take your computer experience to the next level. The crystal clear and ultra sharp imaging displayed by a 4K computer monitor will make you wonder how you ever used anything else. There are more and more 4K computer monitors hitting the market. And, finding the best one at the best price can be a challenge. This is why we are helping you with our new 2017 guide of the best computer monitors that are 4K.

We compared the most important features and considerations. Then we narrowed our research to find the 10 best 4K computer monitors to make your purchasing decision easy.

How to Choose a 4K Computer Monitor

When purchasing one of the best 4K computer monitors, you will want to check the refresh rate. The refresh rate indicates how often the screen updates itself. If the refresh rate is too low, the picture, or even the mouse moving across the screen, can lag. Look for top rated 4K computer monitors with refresh rates of at least 60hz. Additionally, you need to make sure that your computer has the processing power to handle a 4K image before investing the money.

Who Will Benefit Most?

A 4K computer monitor, as the name implies, has about four times the number of pixels of most typical displays these days, making the display jump from 1920 x 1080 to 3840 x 2160. The larger number of pixels means that your computer will display much more vivid detail and color in pictures and videos.

It’s fair to say that just about all applications will look nicer with 4K. You will benefit most from a 4K computer monitor if you use programs that are equipped to handle the higher resolution such as professional photo and video editing software. This is also true for graphics heavy games. If you mostly use your computer for web surfing and document editing, you may find you need to make a lot of manual calibrations if the pages are not designed for a large 4K computer screen.

Top 10 Best 4K Computer Monitors Comparison Guide

PictureNameSizePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameSizePriceRating (1-5)
1. ASUS PB287Q 4k UHD LED Monitor28"$$4.4
2. ViewSonic VP2780 4K Ultra HD LED Monitor27"$$$4.3
3. Samsung U28E590D UHD LED-Lit Monitor28"$$4.2
4. Dell Ultra HD 4K P2415Q Screen LED Monitor24"$$4.1
5. LG 27UD58-B 4K UHD IPS Monitor with FreeSync27"$$$4.1
6. Samsung CF591 Series Curved FHD Monitor27"$$4.1
7. Dell UltraSharp 4k UP3216Q Screen LCD Monitor32"$$$$4.1
8. ASUS ROG SWIFT PG27AQ Screen LED-lit Monitor27"$$$$4.0
9. Acer S277HK wmidpp 4K Ultra HD Widescreen Display27"$$$3.8
10. Philips BDM4350UC Class IPS-LED Monitor43"$$$$3.7

Reviews of the Top Rated 4K Computer Monitors

1. ASUS PB287Q 4k UHD LED Monitor

The Asus PB287Q is a 28-inch Ultra High Definition monitor that has a true 4K display boasting a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and a pixel density of 157 pixels per inch. This Asus 4K computer monitor is a good choice if you are looking for a mid range UHD monitor that works well for every day use without breaking the bank.

Like most of the best 4K computer monitors in its class, the PB287Q is a slim designed, ergonomic monitor that can be adjusted to fit your work environment. The monitor can be adjusted to various heights as well as tilted, swiveled, and pivoted to provide the best viewing angle. This beautiful 4K computer monitor has multiple connection ports, including a DisplayPort 1.2 and two HDMI connections. These ports will allow you to take advantage of the monitor’s 4K functionality and its 60 Hz refresh rate.

Asus has also incorporated a few proprietary design elements into the PB287Q that help it stand apart from the competition, such as the SplendidPlus Video Intelligence Technology. SplendidPlus lets you choose via hotkey from 8 different viewing settings, including the new reading and darkroom settings, to align the picture quality with your task. Easily switching to the most appropriate mode can help enhance your work experience and reduce eyestrain when you are using the monitor for extended periods of time. However, even with the appropriate setting selected, the monitor tends to have a small amount of backlight bleeding along the edges and slightly less than black blacks.

Like many of the best 4K computer monitors, to get the best viewing experience with your operating system, you will likely have to adjust the scaling so the text is readable from a comfortable distance. Once you do so, the Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture settings of the PB287Q add functionality to the monitor by allowing you to divide your screen for two simultaneous tasks.

While the Asus PB287Q may exhibit a few visual flaws for professionals who make their living studying computer images, the crisp and bright quality of this 4K computer monitor will not disappoint the masses.

2. ViewSonic VP2780 4K Ultra HD LED Monitor

The View Sonic VP2780 4K computer monitor is a 27-inch, high quality monitor that balances the fine line of superb picture quality for professional purposes without sacrificing its effectiveness for everyday use. While View Sonic may not be the most popular household name for computer monitors, this 4K version is a mid range option you should consider if you are looking for both quality and versatility.

The VP2780 has 3480 X 2160 resolution and supports a pixel density of 163 PPI. The monitor has Super Clear IPS technology that allows you to see clearly from all angles, which makes the monitor effective for both work and entertainment. While some IPS displays can have significantly more lag than TN displays, the smaller screen size of this View Sonic prevents this issue from occurring. This highly rated 4K computer monitor can also be programmed for different modes, including game, movie, web, and text, that will automatically adjust for the best picture quality for each task. You can also perform manual adjustments if these options are not enough. The VP2780 can support up to four split windows simultaneously as well as picture in picture and picture by picture. However, if you take advantage of this functionality you will lose the UHD and drop to 1080p resolution.

The physical design of the VP2780 can be described as solid and versatile. The monitor is somewhat large and bulky, and while the stand may be too big for smaller spaces, it has a solid and well built feel. Like other top of the line 4K computer monitors, this 4k computer monitor is ergonomically designed and can be swiveled, tilted, pivoted, and raised to suit your preferences. The monitor has many connections including an HDMI port that can support a 60hz refresh rate, something that most 4k computer monitors can only do through a Display Port. This functionality gives you the option of connecting other devices, such as gaming consoles and Blu-ray players directly to the monitor. However, if you are a Mac user, you should know that this computer monitor can have difficulty connecting to pre-2015 MacBook Pro computers with UHD resolutions.

The versatility of connection options, display modes paired with the high picture quality, and mid range price tag make this 4K computer monitor a good choice for anyone who spends a lot of time on the computer.

3. Samsung U28E590D UHD LED-Lit Monitor

The Samsung U32D970Q is a 32-inch Ultra High Definition monitor that provides crystal clear picture quality encased in a sleek, minimalistic exterior. This 4K computer monitor, with its high quality and high price tag, is ideal for professionals such as artists or photographers.

Physically, the U32D970Q is similar to other best 4K computer monitors on the market. The monitor is mounted on an ergonomic stand that will allow you to customize the screen to your workspace. The hinge can be titled, swiveled, and pivoted, and it can accommodate both landscape and portrait settings at a variety of height settings. It is important to remember, however, that this 4K computer monitor is large. You will need to have a workspace where you can place the screen far enough from your seat. The monitor also has a variety of input settings, including two DisplayPort 1.2s, an HDMI port, a mini DP-to-DP Gender port, two USB 3.0 ports, and two supercharging USB 3.0 ports. To get the greatest refresh rate for this 4K computer monitor, you will want to connect the monitor to your computer via the DP ports.

While the design of the monitor is of high quality, the true value of this 4K computer monitor is found in its versatile color calibration options. The U32D970Q features a Dual Color Mode that allows you to view two color modes simultaneously on the same screen. While many of the best 4K computer monitors have sRGB settings, this one also has the option for Adobe RBG settings to display more vibrant colors. When paired with the included White Balance Correction and Gray Scale Correction, you are able to see just about any color range and detail at a professional level. But, just like the Asus PB287Q, this computer monitor could have deeper blacks.

All in all, anybody who is often on the computer, especially those who use the monitor for professional video editing computer purposes, will appreciate the crisp lines, vivid colors, and sharp contrast of this Samsung 4K computer monitor.

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