Best 80-Inch TV 2017 – Top 7 Guide & Expert Reviews

Sometimes, bigger really is better. Movie lovers and TV addicts alike are always looking for the next best way to improve their entertainment, and you can’t do much better than an 80-inch, ultra-high definition television. Not only are the screens bigger, but the picture is in immaculate resolution, featuring state of the art color technology with the use of super efficient LED lighting. Manufacturers also go out of their way to include advanced audio in the best 80-inch TV models, allowing them to truly embody premium entertainment. Think you’re ready for the big leagues? Keep reading to learn about the best 80-inch TV models available today.

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Not every best 80-inch TV will meet your specific needs. This guide will help you navigate the important details of most current and best 80-inch TV models available today.

  • Thickness and Weight. At 80 inches, these televisions are no lightweights. Before choosing the best 80-inch TV for your family, make sure you have the right entertainment center or TV wall mount to accommodate the dimensions and weight. On average the best 80-inch televisions are between 100 and 150 pounds, and come in various thicknesses between 2 to 4 inches.
  • Warranty. Quality entertainment comes with a respectable price tag, and the best 80-inch TV can be a significant investment. Affordable warranty options are likely to make the difference if you’re stuck between two models.
  • Smart Functionality. The best 80-in TV should come with smart functionality. Smart TVs feature online interfaces for entertainment subscriptions, internet browsing, and connectivity with your other devices. Smart TVs come with magic remotes with more advanced functions than standard televisions.
  • Connectivity. Connectivity determines whether you’ll be able to use your favorite hardware like gaming consoles and surround sound speakers with your television. You should always be sure that the TV you choose will be compatible with your other entertainment technology. Thankfully the best 80-inch TV models tend to have more connectivity options than standard televisions.
  • HDR. Virtually all the best 80-inch TV models offer premium quality, 4K, UHD resolution. But what about color and contrast quality? The latest in color and contrast accuracy is called HDR, or high dynamic range, which refers to the use of three different exposures per frame to deliver the greatest depth. The result is richer color, deeper blacks, and brighter contrast. If you want a future proof television, make sure it is HDR compatible.

Other features you may be interested in include 3D TV capability, refresh rate (essential for gamers), and audio quality. While a best in class 80-inch TV can be a large investment, these advanced features will stand the test of time to provide years of luxury entertainment.

Best 80-Inch TV Top 7 Comparison Guide

*TVs reviewed range from 75” to 85”

ProductNameHDR ReadyPriceRank (1-5)
ProductNameHDR ReadyPriceRank (1-5)
1. Samsung Electronics UN82MU8000 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVYes$$$4.6
2. Sony XBR75X940E 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVYes$$$4.5
3. Sharp LC-80UQ17U Aquos Q+ 3D Smart LED TVNo$$$4.4
4. Sony XBR85X850D 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart TVYes$$$$4.4
5. Samsung UN78KS9500 Curved 78-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVNo$$$4.3
6. Sony XBR75X850E 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVYes$$4.2
7. LG Electronics 86SJ9570 86-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVNo$$$$4.0

Reviews of the Top Rated 80-Inch TVs

1. Samsung Electronics UN82MU8000

Once you finally finish studying Samsung’s dizzying list of high tech features, it’s no wonder their 82-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV is one of the best 80-inch TVs available today. Starting with its massive 82-inch screen, you’ll never have to worry about glare with this TV, thanks to the Ultra Clear Pro viewing panel. Enjoy stunning 4K resolution, backed by HDR compatible PurColor technology and a patented design which selectively dims individual LEDs to provide maximum contrast and perfect color.

Smart functionalities with this TV are best in class, including a quad-core processor to handle even the most demanding entertainment needs. Smart View 2.0 makes it simple to link your television to any mobile device, including laptops and phones. Connectivity is a breeze, too, as the Samsung 82-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV comes complete with 4 HMDI 2.0a ports, 3 USB ports, WiFi, and more.

At 99 lbs. and 2.7 inches thick, this TV comes in about average in size, which is incredible considering all its features and functionality. The one complaint reviewers report is that at extreme angles, the picture definition will lose quality. Overall, this TV blows the competition out of the water, featuring only the best construction and video technology without sacrificing reliability or design.

2. Sony XBR75X940E

Coming in close behind, Sony presents their 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, featuring both a slimmer price tag and a slimmer design. This TV is a mere 95.2 lbs. and just 2.1 inches thick, making it one of the easiest 80-inch TVs to mount. Its best features aren’t just skin deep, however, as this television still has more to offer.

The 75-inch display is run with a TRILUMINOUS display designed to give you the whole spectrum of blues, greens, and reds. This television will show full 4K UHD, and is HDR compatible with technology to enhance contrast by providing a dynamic range of brightness. Smart TV functions run quickly and smoothly using the latest Android TV interface.

Like the Samsung, this television also comes with 4 HDMI and 3 USB inputs with appropriate compatibility for the highest quality content. Warranty protection is also a little more affordable with this highly rated 80-inch TV, so you can ensure its longevity without breaking the bank. Notably, there is no 3D capability with this model.

3. Sharp LC-80UQ17U Aquos Q+

If the lack of 3D is a deal breaker for the Sony, but you’re still looking for a more affordable option, the Sharp 80-Inch Aquos Q+ was designed with you in mind. This best 80-inch TV is 2.3 inches thick, weighs 150 lbs., and features all the video and audio quality you’d expect from such a commanding television.

The Sharp features effective UHD, 4K resolution using its Q+ technology, which allows you to view even standard resolution video in high definition by doubling the amount of subpixels on the screen. With super fast 240Hz refresh rate, this TV is also ready for fast paced sports and video games. Importantly, this TV lacks HDR compatibility.

With the Sharp 80-Inch Aquos Q+, you’ll be able to easily navigate Smart functions with your mobile device, or using the well designed magic remote. It’s also fit with active 3D technology, and comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses.

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