Best Backpack for College 2017 – Top 10 & Insider Tips

As you head off to college, a solid backpack is an item that you should not take for granted. Having the best backpack for college will allow you to easily store all of your college essentials, leaving you feeling prepared for all of your studies. Backpacks geared specifically for college are unlike many of the backpacks we used to carry around as a child. They should be equipped with tons of space for your books and laptops and have extra areas to store any added accessories.

So which is the best backpack for college for your specific needs? We aim to help you answer this question with our new 2017 Top 10 guide, expert reviews, and insider tips.

How to Choose the Perfect College Backpack

  • Storage Capacity. It is essential that the backpack you bring with you to college has enough room for all of the textbooks and notebooks you’ll be carrying around. This is even more important if you plan on carrying around your college laptop with you. Taking a look at the backpack’s internal dimensions will give you an idea of how much room you’ll have to store all of your belongings. Depending on your coursework you may want to opt for a larger bag than conventional.
  • Compartmentalization. Having various compartments where you can store all of your essentials is key to having the best backpack for college. Compartments allow you to easily stay organized and aware of where all of your belongings are. The best college backpacks will come with a variety of compartments for items such as your laptop, pens, water bottles, wallet, phone, and anything else you may need to bring with you to your classes.
  • Style. If you’re going to be walking around everywhere with your backpack you’re going to want it to be stylish as well. Unlike the backpacks from childhood, the current best backpacks for college students are modernly designed with a sleek exterior. Based on your personal preferences you may want to opt for an all black backpack design or choose from a more colorful selection.

Best Backpack for College Top 10 Comparison Guide

PictureNameDimensionsPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameDimensionsPriceRating (1-5)
1. OUTJOY College Backpack for Laptops Shockproof Travel Bag11.8 x 7.9 x 18.1 inches $$4.8
2. Bolang Water Resistant College Laptop Backpack17.8 x 14 x 2 inches$$4.7
3. SwissGear TSA Friendly ScanSmart Laptop Computer Backpack18 x 13 x 9 inches $$4.6
4. Kopack Lightweight Laptop College18.8 x 13.8 x 2 inches$$4.6
5. HotStyle Vintage Laptop Backpack for College10.8 x 5.3 x 17.1 inches $4.4
6. Winblo 15 College Backpack17.7 x 11.8 x 3.9 inches $4.4
7. Vitalismo Anti-theft Water Resistant College Travel Backpack11.8 x 5.9 x 18.1 inches $$4.4
8. JanSport Big Student Classics Series Backpack17.5 x 14.6 x 2.2 inches$$4.3
9. Slim Laptop Backpack, College School Travel Bag for Women & Men21.1 x 12.2 x 8.1 inch $4.2
10. Wintook Lightweight College Backpack12.2 x 7.5 x 18.9 inches$4.1

Reviews of the Top Rated College Backpacks

1. OUTJOY College Backpack

The OUTJOY backpack is a large unisex bag that is designed to be both shockproof and rainproof. The exterior design of the backpack is an all black finish that is versatile enough for you to use during any occasion. This perfect college backpack has an ergonomic design with its S shaped shoulder straps that will bring about a comfortable carrying experience, preventing excessive straining on your back. There is also a detachable chest strap that you can move about in order to stop the shoulder straps from falling off.

The interior of the backpack is great for college students that plan on carrying a laptop with them to class. The backpack features a shockproof compartment that is filled with padded, thick foam. You’ll greatly reduce the chances of your laptop breaking if you drop this backpack on the ground. Along with the shockproof design, the backpack also comes with a rain cover that can be used to protect the backpack’s exterior and anything inside from water damage.

Inside this best backpack for college you’ll find a great number of compartments that can hold pens, notebooks, bottles, and a variety of other necessities. The compartments are made from ultra light durable Nylon material that will keep all your belongings safe and intact.

2. Bolang College Backpack

The Bolang backpack is a water resistant choice for college students that are looking to keep all of their belongings highly organized. The imported backpack is designed with specially made water resistant, durable nylon material. Despite being waterproof and resilient, the backpack itself is not heavy and will not weigh down your shoulders and back. For those of you looking to get creative with your college backpack choice, you’ll be happy to know that this backpack comes in a variety of different colors, from a gorgeous bright red to a more toned down light purple.

Inside of the backpack you’ll find ample amounts of space for your laptop and notebooks. The backpack comes with a padded computer sleeve that can easily fit a 15 inch laptop, keeping it safe in the encased padding. You’ll also find three front pockets that you can use to store your pens, a tablet, and even your phone. The Bolang backpack is a great and convenient choice for college students looking for a stylish bag that is also storage friendly.

3. SwissGear TSA Friendly College Backpack

Designed by the same company that created the Swiss Army Knife, the Swiss Gear SA190 is a stylish and highly functional best backpack for college students. The backpack was created from durable ballistic weave fabric, making it a sturdy and reliable choice for carrying all of your college necessities. The backpack was crafted specially for laptop carriers as the bag features a variety of technology friendly assets.

This college backpack fits most 17 inch laptops and comes with adjustable padded laptop straps that can used to accommodate your personal laptop. A cool function for college students that travel from school back home is the backpack’s ability to easily pass through airport checkpoints. By simply laying the backpack down and unfolding it you can easily make the laptop section visible.

Organize pockets in the interior of the bag can be used to place away pens, pencils, snacks, and smartphones. All of your belongings will be within easy reach and your laptop carefully stored with the Swiss Gear SA1908.

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