8 Best Banana Plugs 2017

Banana plugs are simple accessories with important jobs. When you need dependable connection between your speakers and AV receiver, quality banana plugs can make all the difference. The best banana plugs are long-lasting, provide a secure fit, and offer the highest sound fidelity compared to their competition. Keep reading to learn about the best banana plugs available for your sound system today.

Top 8 Best Banana Plugs Comparison Guide

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1 - 5)
PictureNameTypePriceRating (1 - 5)
1. Mediabridge Banana Plugs 24K Gold-Plated ConnectorsClosed-screw $4.9
2. Monster QuickLock Gold Banana ConnectorsClosed-screw $$$4.7
3. GLS Audio Gold Banana Plug Speaker ConnectorsOpen-Screw, Dual Tip 3/4”$$4.6
4. Soundsoul 24k Gold Connector Banana PlugsOpen-screw$$4.5
5. Ocelot Banana Plugs, 24k Gold Plated ConnectorsOpen-screw$4.5
6. Cable Matters Banana Plugs for Speaker CableClosed-screw$4.5
7. Sewell Direct SW-29221 Pro Maestro Banana Plugs with Gold ConnectorsClosed-screw$$4.4
8. AmazonBasics 24k Gold Connector Banana PlugsOpen-screw$4.0

Choosing the Best Banana Plugs

There are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best banana plugs for your audio setup. Banana plugs are all about convenience, allowing you to quickly and securely connect your audio devices using speaker wire. The two most common banana plug designs are open-screw and closed-screw, sometimes known as side-entry and rear-entry respectively. There’s no real difference between the quality of these designs, but which type you need will depend on the angle of your setup and personal preference.

For both types, you will strip between 1/2” to 1” of speaker wire. With open-screw banana plugs, simply remove the screw from the banana plug, thread the wire through the center hole, then screw the banana plug back together with the wire between the two pieces. Leftover wire can be clipped or bent to conserve space and keep your area organized.

Closed-screw banana plugs are even more convenient. Remove the bottom of the banana plug, thread the bare wire up through the bottom and up over the crimping mechanism. Spread the copper wires around the crimp, then screw the bottom half of the banana plug back into the top half. This provides an extremely secure fit.

The best banana plugs are gold plated for ultimate conductivity and anti-corrosion. Springs within the plug will keep its delicate curvature from collapsing after use, making for a tighter, more secure fit. Quality springs will help your banana plugs last longer and work more reliably.

Finally, wire gauge is important to keep in mind. All banana plugs are rated for a range of AWG values, so before making an investment, be sure the plugs can accommodate your wire gauge.

Top 4 Best Banana Plugs Reviews

1. Mediabridge Banana Plugs

These are the best banana plugs because of their unparalleled versatility and great price. Extremely affordable, you can set all your speakers and amps up without breaking the bank. These closed-screw banana plugs fit a large range of gauges, between 8 and 18 AWG. The connectors and crimps are plated in 24k gold for better clarity of sound and superior corrosion protection.

These plugs are useful because they are compatible with bare wires, spade plugs, and other banana plugs. These Mediabridge Banana Plugs have a short 1” profile, ready to fit comfortably against walls or other tight spaces.

One problem customers found is that the color coded rings around the body of this banana plug can be a nuisance when trying to get a grip. They are not adhered to the body, and spin when you grab them. This is a small design flaw for what are otherwise great banana plugs.

2. Monster QuickLock Gold Banana Connectors

If your budget allows, the Monster Quicklock Gold Banana Connectors are the premium choice. We recommend these 24k gold-plated banana plugs for between 8-16 AWG. The superior design of these plugs makes it very simple to install your wires, and in most cases it should take under a minute for each plug.

Nine springs made of gold-plated beryllium-copper make these banana plugs truly great, making them extremely resilient and ready to last a lifetime of use. The strong springs keep the connector from collapsing, and ensure a tight fit no matter how many times you disconnect.

The Monster brand is known for its high-priced items, but we think the quality of these banana plugs more than justifies the price. They are well constructed, designed with ultimate convenience in mind, and come with a limited lifetime full replacement warranty.

3. GLS Audio Gold Banana Plug

Wires can get disorganized fast, which is why it’s always nice to have plugs like the GLS Audio Gold Banana Plug Dual Tip. These have a small plastic piece connecting 2 plugs .75” apart. While this spacing is standard for audio equipment, be aware that they will not fit any other spacing, and you will need to get single banana plugs for non-standard lengths.

These plugs are priced right for the job, especially if you have a large setup. The package also contains extra screws, which we found came in handy right away for the more clumsy among us. They are made from gold-plated brass and accommodate wires between 12-18 gauge.

The curious issue with these plugs is that they come in either black or red plastic casings, and do not readily have a solution to mark your negative and positive wires. Users can mark wires with paint or tape, but we would have liked to see a better option.

4. Soundsoul 24k Gold Connector Banana Plugs

Taking these plugs out of the box, they are almost reminiscent of bullets for their weight, shape, and design. They are well-crafted, featuring textured bottoms for better grip, and gold-plated screws and connectors for long-lasting results.

Built for wires between 12-18 AWG, these open-screw plugs are versatile. You can use the side-entry as originally intended, or like other users you could choose to feed your wire through the bottom and spread the threads of copper around the tip of the screw as you would with a closed-screw design. It’s also built to allow piggy-backing with other banana plugs.

Like the Monster Quicklock Banana Connectors, these plugs are slightly more expensive than the competition, but the quality of the Soundsoul Gold Connectors cannot be overstated. They feature a beautiful design and versatile application.

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