10 Best Bathroom Scales 2017 – Guide & Expert Reviews

The best bathroom scales help you stay fit by reliably and accurately measuring your weight. Some of the best bathroom scales take it a step further and measure your BMI, hydration levels, and even bone density.

Not all bathroom scales are created equally, though, so in this review we break down the important features to consider when choosing. Do you need a simple scale that just displays your weight, or do you want a comprehensive scale that sends notifications to your smart phone and measures your other body metrics? Keep reading to find the best bathroom scale for you.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Scale for You

We all have different expectations when it comes to finding the best bathroom scale. It is important to understand the available options. The best bathroom scales come with a variety of features that can help you reach your fitness goals and track your progress. On the other hand, there are more simple bathroom scales that just tell weight. Here’s what to look for in the best bathroom scale:

  • Health Metrics. These days, the best bathroom scales can do more than just measure your weight. Bathroom scales also commonly measure your BMI (body mass index), body fat, bone mass, and hydration. The most advanced bathroom scales can even measure your BMR (basal metabolic rate), visceral fat, and more. Modern bathrooms scales may a have smartphone app or may be compatible with your favorite activity tracker. If you take your health seriously, consider a bathroom scale that measures multiple body metrics.
  • Accuracy. Arguably the most important feature in a bathroom scale is accuracy. To check a bathroom scale’s accuracy, weigh yourself 3 times over few minutes to compare results. The best bathroom scales should be within .2lbs of variance. Scales also come with different degrees of sensitivity. Decide whether you want to weigh yourself within the tenth or hundredth of a pound.
  • Capacity. All scales have a maximum capacity. The average capacity is around 400lbs, but heartier scales are available. Even the best bathroom scales cannot measure beyond their max capacity.
  • Construction. People don’t often think about it, but bathroom scales are subject to wet, humid bathroom conditions. That can take a toll on the scale’s durability and can cause performance issues. The best bathroom scales are made of glass, stainless steel, or other water resistant materials. Their electrical components are sealed against moisture as well.

Top 10 Best Bathroom Scales Comparison Guide

PictureNameCapacityMeasurementsPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameCapacityMeasurementsPriceRating (1-5)
1. Yunmai Premium Smart Scale400lbsWeight, Visceral Fat, Body Fat, Muscle Rate, Water Weight , Bone Mass, BMI, BMR, Protein, Body Age$$$4.6
2. Balance High Accuracy Digital Body Fat Scale400lbsWeight, BMI, Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Water Weight, Bone Density$$4.6
3. Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale440lbsWeight$4.5
4. Kinzi Precision Digital Bathroom Scale400lbsWeight$4.5
5. Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale400lbsWeight, BMI, Body Fat, Lean Mass, Water Weight, Bone Density$$4.3
6. Tanita BF679W Duo Scale300lbsWeight, Body Fat, Water Weight$$4.3
7. Ozeri ZB19 Rev Digital Bathroom Scale400lbsWeight$4.2
8. 1byone Digital Smart Wireless Body Fat Scale400lbsWeight, Body Fat, Water Weight, Muscle Mass, BMI, BMR, Bone Density, Visceral Fat$4.1
9. My Weigh XL-550 Talking Bathroom Scale550lbsWeight$$4.0
10. Fat Loss Monitor with Scale330lbsWeight, BMI, Body Fat $$4.0

Reviews of the Top Rated Bathroom Scales

1. Yunmai Premium Smart Scale

Keeping in top shape is a full-time job, but it can be made easier with the help of the Yunami Premium Smart Scale. This bathroom scale measures ten body metrics, which is arguably more than anyone needs. Fortunately, you won’t have to slog through all that data manually. The user-friendly smartphone app keeps all your data organized and gives you an overall health score based on the results. You are able to track your progress and pinpoint problem areas fast with this system.

Our one complaint is that the display is a bit small, but the numbers appear very bright, even in lit rooms. This bathroom scale’s design is second to none, featuring sleek rounded corners and thin profile. The top is polished glass that can measure up to 400lbs to the tenth of a pound. You may change the unit of measurement between kilograms and pounds, and can track all your family members separately through the app.

Already using a Fitbit or Apple Health account? This modern scale will sync right up with your other fitness tracking apps for an aggressive approach to monitoring your health. When you want to know every detail of your progress and overall health, we can’t recommend this scale enough. It has unbeatable accuracy and provides the most thorough health analysis on our list.

2. Balance High Accuracy Bathroom Scale

If the Yunmai Premium Smart Scale is too thorough for your needs, the Balance High Accuracy Digital Body Fat Scale is a great alternative. This bathroom scale measures just six health metrics, including BMI, bone density, and hydration. Body weight is measured to the tenth of a pound, up to 400lbs with exceptional accuracy on flat floors. Readings will be inaccurate if you use this bathroom scale on a carpeted floor, as sensors are located on the textured feet.

The Balance High Accuracy Digital Body Fat Scale has an attractive, slim design with a 1” profile. It weighs just 4.4lbs and can be easily tucked away when not in use. This scale also features auto-calibration so you can trust results even after moving it.

Unlike our number one pick, this scale does not feature Bluetooth connectivity, so there’s no app to track your progress. Results are clearly displayed on the large LCD screen, which is easy to navigate through a two-button system. With its simple setup, durable construction, and 5-year warranty, this is one of the best bathroom scales for health-conscious families.

3. Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale

Tall or large customers will need a scale to accommodate their size, and the Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale was built to meet that need. Not only does this scale measure up to 440lbs, it’s also 16.7” wide and 13” long. A scale of this size will accurately measure those with larger feet or wider stances.

The Eatsmart Precision Plus turns on automatically when you step on, weighing you in seconds. This is much preferable to scales that require you to “tap” or “wake” them up before use. It also features auto-calibration so you can store it away without sacrificing accuracy.

Expect over a year of battery life with this scale using just 2 AAA batteries. That’s incredibly efficient considering the large, 4.3” backlit LCD display. This is our favorite display on the list for its large size and big, bold, readable numbering. This bathroom scale is an excellent choice when you need a simple but effective and long lasting bathroom scale.

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