Best Bike Lock 2017 – Top 10, Reviews, & Insider Tips

Using just any old bike lock will not guarantee the safety and security of your bike. You need the best bike lock. The problem is that there are a lot of bike locks to choose from. Finding the best one for your specific needs can get confusing. This is why we are helping you with our new guide, expert reviews, and insider tips of the best bike lock of 2017.

We compared the most important features such as location, strength, quality, mechanism, brand, and price. Then we narrowed our research to find the 10 best bike locks to make your decision easy.

Things to Consider

  • Location. Different levels of security are needed depending on where you live and where you will be leaving your bike unattended. If you live in a high risk community like a large city, chances are high that you need a bike lock that provides an increased level of security. If you live in a small town, perhaps you can get by with a simple theft deterrent bicycle lock cable.
  • Strength/Quality. Again, this comes down to the level of security you require. High risk areas will require the best bike lock constructed from stronger materials. Commonly, bolt cutters are a thief’s chief method of removing a bike lock. Consider a bike lock with materials strong enough, and thick enough, to defend against this type of invasion. The locking mechanism must also be of sufficient quality to withstand lock picks, strong blows, and occasionally an educated guess at the combination. Even a cheap bike should have a quality bike lock.
  • Mechanism. Many quality bike locks come in all shapes and sizes. They also come with many types of locking mechanisms. If you have trouble remembering your own phone number, perhaps you should consider the best bike lock that requires a key. If you are the type who misplaces their daily essentials regularly, consider best lock for your bike that requires a combination of letters or numbers to disengage.
  • Price/Brand. The brand of a bike lock, as with anything else, can affect the price you pay. It also frequently reflects the quality of the lock as well. Be prepared to spend a little bit extra if you live in a high risk area that requires the added security that comes with a brand name product. There are, however, many high quality bike locks available that will not break the bank.

Best Bike Lock Top 10 Comparison Guide

PictureNameLock TypePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameLock TypePriceRating (1-5)
1. ABUS Granit X-Plus 540 U LockKeyed$$$5.0
2. Premium Resettable Combination Cable Bike Lock By Temple4-digit combination$5.0
3. Onguard Boxer Disc LockKeyed$4.9
4. Palmy Mini Aluminium U-lockKeyed$4.9
5. Lumintrail Bike Cable Lock and U-Lock Combo, Military Grade4-digit combination$$4.8
6. Kryptonite NY Disc LibertyKeyed$$4.8
7. Kryptonite Keeper 5S-2 Disc LockKeyed$$4.8
8. Topzone Extra Long Heavy Duty Cable Self Coiling Bike Lock with Mount4-digit combination$4.6
9. Rambo Mdl CL18510, Anti-Theft Bike Cable4-digit combination$$4.5
10. TiGr mini Lightweight Titanium Bicycle Lock & Mounting ClipKeyed$$$4.3

Top Rated Bike Lock Reviews

1. ABUS Granit X-Plus 540 U Lock

The Granit X-Plus bike lock from ABUS is designed for use in high risk areas where even the most determined thief is after your bicycle. The 13mm temper hardened parabolic steel shackle provides that extra measure of security you require. Coupled with a double bolting shackle lock body, you can confidently leave your bike parked just about anywhere.

Eleven inches of clearance inside the body of the lock ensures a secure fit over most bicycles and any secure surface available without the need for an additional cable. Peace of mind comes with a price, however. Be prepared to spend a little extra to secure your investment in any neighborhood.

2. Premium Combination Cable Bike Lock By Temple

The sleek design of the Combination Cable Bike Lock from Temple adds to the appeal for those looking to invest in a cable style bike lock to protect their bicycle. Temple’s design offers a unique four digit re-settable combination security system. This means, no keys to lose. Strong and lightweight materials make this a safe bet for those cyclists on the go looking to secure their ride in a low to moderate risk environment.

Three feet of ¼ inch galvanized steel cable will anchor your bike to any available stout surface with ease. And, it coils back up to pack away in a snap. Great design, nice price tag, and easy to transport, Temple offers one of the most popular and best bike lock models available today.

3. Onguard Boxer Disc Bike Lock

The Boxer Disc Lock from OnGuard comes in several sizes for whatever level of security the cyclist in your life might require. The Z-Cylinder design resists all attempts at picking, pulling, or drilling, and the hardened steel shackles and pins are proof against prying, cutting, or jacking. And, the X4P bike lock mechanism locks down both side of the shackle.

It all packs securely into an included pouch with a belt clip. Forget about leaving your bike lock behind when you are in a hurry; also included is a disc reminder cable to prevent riding away without your lock. If you are looking for a way to secure your bicycle in any situation without breaking the bank, this is the bike lock for you. Rest easy knowing that your ride is safe.

4. Palmy Mini Aluminium U-lock

If you are looking for lightweight and portable bike lock that will put your mind at ease, this beefy little U-Lock from Palmy is just the ticket. The 16mm aluminum shackle looks intimidating, and the size alone is enough to deter common thieves running around with a bolt cutter in their backpack. Sturdy and well constructed, this best bike lock is perfect for the weekend cyclist in a low risk environment.

The aluminum construction will not intimidate a professional thief, but your bike will not grow legs and just walk away either. If you are riding a $5000 bike in New York City, this may not fit your needs, but for the average consumer (and certainly the kids in your life) this is a fantastic investment to still those piddling doubts about the safety of your ride.

5. Lumintrail Bike Cable Lock and U-Lock Combo

Lumintrail offers a big bang for your buck with their combo package which includes both a cable bike lock and a u-lock. The cables included are 12mm military grade braided steel, specifically designed to be difficult to cut. There is even an extra cable included to be used with the u-lock. The u-lock itself features a 14mm, hardened, high grade steel shackle to resist cutting, prying, or jacking. The package includes mounts for both types of bike locks and the cable lock features an LED light to illuminate the combination dial.

Both bike locks feature a four digit re-settable dial, so there no need to remember your keys. Simply set the combination to an easily remembered sequence of numbers, and off you go. This is a great deal. You cannot go wrong purchasing two great bike locks for the price of one.

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