The 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100 of 2017

Bluetooth speakers are one of the hottest selling accessories in electronics. They are popular because they afford their users ease of connection and are very easily portable. Most people use them to get better quality sound for the music they have on their phones and tablets. If you are in the market for one of the best Bluetooth speakers available today, keep in mind that you don’t have to spend a ton of money. In this guide we will tell you what to look out for when choosing the best Bluetooth speakers under $100. We will list the top ten best Bluetooth speakers under $100, and even review the top three for you.

Features to Consider

When it comes to choosing the best Bluetooth speakers under 100 dollars, you may be faced with a lot of options. The key to making your choice is based on what you want out of your speakers. Some of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100 come with a lot of features so it should not be so difficult for you to be picky. Read on to find out what kind of features you should look out for:

  • Portability. When you consider buying one of the best Bluetooth speakers, you are thinking about portability. In this sense, size is an important factor. If you intend to carry your new Bluetooth speaker around in a backpack, then you will want a smaller size. If it stays in your bedroom, then there is no problem with getting a larger one with even better or louder sound.
  • Range. When buying your Bluetooth speaker, think of how far you want the range to carry through. The ranges vary anywhere from 30 feet to even 100 feet in distance.
  • Power. Many of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100 come with built-in rechargeable batteries rather than replaceable ones. This is a personal choice but also plays a role if there are no power outlets available to recharge with.
  • Sound Quality. Sound quality is also a personal choice but some of the best Bluetooth speakers actually come with adjustable bass and sound options.
  • Special Features. Keep in mind that some of your devices may not be Bluetooth enabled. You will want to find a speaker that also has connectivity options.
  • Color. You can get colorful Bluetooth speakers for under $100 but you may want to tone down the color if this is for office use.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100 Comparison Guide

PictureNameColor Options?PriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameColor Options?PriceRating (1-5)
1. Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker with BluetoothYes$$$$4.8
2. SoundBlock Wireless Bluetooth Stereo SpeakerYes$4.7
3. SHARKK® Bluetooth 4.0 BoomBox SpeakerYes$$4.6
4. AOMAIS Sport II Portable Bluetooth Speakers 4.0 with Waterproof IPX7Yes$$4.5
5. JBL Flip 2 Portable Wireless SpeakerNo$$$4.5
6. Gracety Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers V4.0 with Dynamic 3D LightsNo$$$4.4
7. DOSS Wireless Portable Bluetooth V4.0 Speaker with HD SoundYes$$4.4
8. Sykik Sound Wireless Bluetooth speaker Powerful Bass systemNo$4.2
9. Anker SoundCore mini Bluetooth SpeakerYes$$4.0
10. iLive iHB603B Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System No$$3.8

Reviews of the Top Rated Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

1. Sony XB20 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth

Weighing only 1.6 pounds, this best Bluetooth speaker under $100 is as portable as it gets. Although the Bluetooth speaker is light and small, it is a very powerful and durable model. It offers great stereo sound with 20 Watts of power. This means incredible, rich, and powerful sound. With Sony’s Clear Audio+ technology, you get strong bass and sharp highs. It can also be turned into Wide Stereo mode for surround sound at just the touch of a button.

It should be mentioned that it connects either through Bluetooth or even NFC, which is the easiest way to connect several devices to this Bluetooth speaker.

When you purchase this Sony speaker, it comes with a USB AC Adaptor, a carrying pouch, a quick start guide, a reference guide, and even a warranty card. The adapter and the pouch means you can take it anywhere, recharge it, and even take them along as party speakers with you wherever you are going. What’s more, it comes with the option for hands free calling also just by pushing a button.

Buyers of this Bluetooth speaker call it the best mini Bluetooth speaker in the world! This is because they find it strong, portable, easy to use, and provides amazing and vibrant sound.

2. SoundBlock Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

The Soundblock Wireless Bluetooth speaker is a steal for its selling price. It has brilliant Bluetooth 3.0 technology that lets you wirelessly connect to your devices from up to 33 feet away. In terms of connectivity, it is also very easy to pair since you don’t need a code or a pin.

You can stream music, share music, movies, and games. You can make phone calls and even conference calls from anywhere and at any time thanks to its built-in microphone.

In terms of sound, it has a Bass Enhance technology so you get crisp and clean sound with a powerful base thanks to its two 40mm drivers that are extremely powerful. This Soundblock can give you up to 10 hours of playtime thanks to its built-in Li-Ion rechargeable batteries.

People who bought this on could not believe the quality they were getting from such a tiny device and with such a small price tag.

3. SHARKK® Bluetooth 4.0 BoomBox Speaker

This is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100 thanks to its noticeable power and its promise to raise the roof thanks to its 10 Watts Boombox speaker. Its high capacity battery can give you up to an amazing 18 hours of playtime.

We found quickly that this top rated Bluetooth speaker under 100 bucks was made for parties. As soon as the lights go out, the control buttons will automatically illuminate so you can still control it even in the dark. You can also make and receive calls through the microphone.

While buyers found this amazing, only one of them had a complaint that it may be just a little too loud for the office.

With this guide, you should now be able to confidently choose the best Bluetooth speaker under $100 for you.

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