10 Best Bookshelf Speakers 2017

Are you trying to find the best bookshelf speakers for your home or office? Getting dizzy by all the different options, features, and price ranges? Fear not! We have created this guide to help you along every step of the way in choosing what you want while also offering you a top ten list of the best bookshelf speakers with their reviews.

The best bookshelf speakers are manufactured with the aim of being used for a stereo or a home theater. They are designed to be compact. And, as their name implies, they can be placed on any shelf where you want to hook them up to your system.

With such a huge range of bookshelf speakers and features these days, you no longer have to get the large floor standing ones to get great, high-quality music.

Things to Consider for the Best Bookshelf Speakers

Technical terms can be quite confusing if you are not familiar with them. Here are some of the terms you will encounter while shopping as well as advice regarding the numbers you may see. Keep the following things in mind while shopping for the best bookshelf speakers:

  • Shelf or Mount. Before buying, choose your speakers based on whether you will place them on a shelf or will need them to have the option to be wall mountable as well.
  • Frequency Response/Range. For great sound, and if shopping on a budget, look for an extended high frequency response. If you have no issues with price, then choose deep and high quality bass.
  • Impedance. This can range from 4, 8, or even 16 ohms. The best bookshelf speakers should have at least an 8 ohm impedance.
  • Hertz. Used to measure sound levels of your speakers. Keep in mind that the lower the Hz, the heavier the bass sound.
  • Watts. The range of energy transfer. This is what you need to know when trying to match your speakers with your amplifier. For instance, you match a 100-watt speaker with a 100-watt amplifier.
  • Decibel. The measure of the intensity of the sound. The higher the dB level, the louder your speakers will be.
  • Voltage Sensitivity. You should look for an efficiency of minimum 86 dB and above.
  • Size. The best bookshelf speakers range from 6 inches to 24 inches tall. If you happen to buy really small speakers, consider getting a subwoofer as well for even bigger sound.

Top 10 Best Bookshelf Speakers Comparison Guide

PictureNamePrice in Pair?PriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePrice in Pair?PriceRating (1-5)
1. Polk Audio RTI A1 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair, Black)Yes$$$4.9
2. Definitive Technology ProMonitor 800 Bookshelf SpeakerNo$$4.8
3. Infinity Primus Bookshelf SpeakerNo$$4.8
4. Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Designed Bookshelf LoudspeakersYes$$4.7
5. BIC America 2-Way Shielded Bookshelf SpeakersYes$$4.7
6. Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers with Woofer and Silk Dome TweeterYes$4.7
7. Fluance SX6 High Definition Two-way Bookshelf LoudspeakersYes$$4.7
8. JBL ES20 High-Performance 3-Way Bookshelf SpeakersYes$$$4.7
9. JBL L820 4-Way High Performance Bookshelf Loudspeaker - BlackYes$$$$4.7
10. Q Acoustics Concept 20 Gloss Black Bookshelf SpeakersYes$$$$4.6

Top 3 Best Bookshelf Speakers Reviews

1. Polk Audio RTI A1

The Polks Audio RT1 is a pair of bookshelf speakers made with real wood, giving them an MDF base and making them resonance free. They stand around 12 inches tall and 11.5 inches deep. The only available color for this pair is black but that should usually fit in well with any décor. Plus, they only weigh 25 pounds.

In terms of the numbers we should be looking out for as mentioned above, they have a frequency response curve of 50 Hz which means a good base sound for you. Audio sensitivity is 89 dB and they have an impedance of 8 ohm.

These Polks come equipped with 5.25 inch polymer composite cone drivers and 1 inch dome tweeter. Their technology helps reduce unwanted port noise. A built-in magnet helps keep them from overheating.

Buyers of these bookshelf speakers are very happy with the aesthetics of the product as they fit in well on any shelf. The wood finishing is also a pleasant addition to the décor of any room in your home as they look modern and sleek.

They also report beautiful sound and performance, considering their reasonable price per pair. Some users also said that this product worked absolutely great with practically every type of music they listened to and the sound came through both clean and crisp.

2. Definitive Technology ProMonitor 800

At 57Hz frequency response, this speaker can go loud. Keep in mind though if you choose it that it is sold as a single speaker and if you want a pair you will need to order two in the quantity section.

They come in two colors: gloss black and gloss white. This is a great option to help you match them to the interior of the room you will place them in.

These best bookshelf speakers can either be placed on a shelf or even mounted on a wall if you prefer as they come with built-in keyholes that allow you to mount them. You also have the choice to purchase their pivot mounts or even floor stands for different standings.

While the speaker is quite small in size, it does give off incredible sound. The manufacturer promises velvety smooth sound that makes you feel like “you are there” when listening to music.

Buyers of this product liked many things about it. The first was their sleek 3-dimensional look which blended very well with their homes. The second great thing about this was obviously the price. Considering their strength and look, they are actually quite a good value for the money.

Finally, and most importantly, people talked about the power of these speakers and their ability to deliver great sound for long hours without any breaking in the sound or overheating in the speakers.

3. Infinity Primus Bookshelf Speaker

Of the top three in the best ten bookshelf speakers, the Infinity Primus has the lowest price. However, be aware that the price you see is for a single speaker and not for a pair. So again, if you want two of them, you need to be sure to order two in the quantity when filling out your purchase form. Even if you do order two or more, you are still getting great value for your money.

Other best bookshelf speakers in the same price range as the Infinity Primus do not provide the same value for the money. The Infinity has a lot of depth in its sound and you can actually hear the music rolling over you in its richness.

Another great advantage of these speakers is their enclosures. They are very low resonance so you get to hear the music you want without the unwanted vibration and resonance that may come along with lower priced speakers.

To be fair, there is one disadvantage that stands out with the Primus and that is the break-in time. Speakers need to be broken in. Buyers of these speakers, although mainly gave excellent reviews, mentioned that their break-in time was slightly longer than others.

Advances in audio technology are moving so fast that you can now get great sound from small sized and inexpensive bookshelf speakers. Once you feel comfortable with the specifications that were listed here to familiarize you with them, the best choice for you should come easily.

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