Best Camera Microphone 2017 – Top 10 & Expert Reviews

Whether you’re a stunt performer with an action camera or a professional videographer whose career consists of countless on camera interviews, if you want clear, crisp audio to accompany your video recordings you will need to have the best camera microphone for the job. Although some cameras may come with decent built-in microphones, if you want real audio clarity and freedom from wind or background noise interference, you have to go a step above and commit to an upgraded high quality camera microphone.

Choosing the Best Camera Microphone

If for work or play, you’ll need to do a bit of mulling over before purchasing a great camera microphone. You want to get a product that meets your needs in terms of functionality, but is also a good value. Everyone’s needs are unique, but there are some factors everyone should think over before making the final purchase. Which camera microphone features matter most to you?

  • Compatibility. It may seem like it should go without saying, but you have to make sure the microphone you buy is going to work with your camera. For people who want to use the same on-camera microphone for their handheld camcorder as they do for their action camera, cross compatibility will be high on the list of necessary features. Don’t make your purchase without first establishing that the microphone of your dreams is going to work with your camera.
  • Power supply. Do you want a camera microphone that doesn’t require batteries for operation? Or, would you prefer to be wireless? There are great camera microphones aplenty that fit into both categories. Some people don’t want the hassle of changing or recharging batteries, while others would rather have as few wires to deal with as possible. Decide which category you fit into, and then look for a camera microphone with a power source that fits your needs.
  • Noise Cancellation. On your quest to find the best camera microphone, you will see many models boasting noise cancellation features. If you plan to do a lot of outdoor interviewing or want to mic up your action camera, you’ll want to look for a microphone that offers noise cancellation so you can get the best audio possible no matter how much wind or background chatter threatens to interfere.
  • Price. Every consumer knows that price is important, and the same is true with the top rated camera microphones. Luckily, there are good camera microphones out there at a wide range of price points. You should be able to improve the audio accompanying your videos even if you are on a tight budget.

Best Camera Microphone Top 10 Comparison Guide

PictureNameWeightPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameWeightPriceRating (1-5)
1. Gigibon On Camera Microphone Shotgun Mic1.6 ounces $$5.0
2. PIXEL Professional Noise Cancelling Interview Shotgun Microphone8.8 ounces$$4.7
3. Rode VideoMic with Fuzzy Windjammer Kit14.1 ounces$$$$4.5
4. Sevenoak SK-CM200 Shotgun Video Condensor Microphone1.4 pounds$$$4.2
5. BOYA BY-PVM1000 Pro Broadcast Quality Interview Shotgun Microphone1.1 pounds $$$4.2
6. Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone1.4 ounces$$$4.0
7. TAKSTAR SGC-598 Interview Microphone for Camera/DV Camcorder8.5 ounces $$4.0
8. Spy Tec External Microphone for GIT1 Action Camera0.3 ounces $4.0
9. Rode VMGO Video Mic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone6.4 ounces $$$3.8
10. LP Photography Interview Video Audio Camera Mic Shotgun Microphone5.6 ounces $$3.6

Top Rated Camera Microphone Reviews

1. Gigibon On Camera Microphone

This best camera microphone offers cross compatibility at an affordable price and performance that won’t be cut short by battery life. This is because it is a wired camera microphone that operates using the power supply provided by your camera. This means that you won’t have to worry about your microphone dying before your camera does.

This compact camera microphone also comes with a detachable wind blocker, so you can film even in windy or noisy environments without having to sacrifice clarity or audibility. It is feather light at just over 45 grams in weight, so it won’t weigh down your camera or be a pain to carry around. This model makes a great basic on-camera microphone, and while it may not meet the needs of the videographer hoping to create the next great blockbuster, it will certainly get the job done for those who want to film weddings, create vlogs, and such.

2. PIXEL Professional  MC-550 Microphone

This shotgun mic gives the user amazingly clear sound even when used outdoors. Also, it has a sleek design that makes it very user friendly. It is lightweight and compatible with a variety of camera makes and models, and its battery operated power source means less tangled wires to worry over when connecting the microphone to your camera. Its simple plug and play design makes it extremely easy to use straight out of the box, even for novices.

The built-in low cut filtering means that you can get outstanding performance even when the camera is being moved around; a common concern for most shotgun camera microphones due to their sensitivity. If you want a versatile, battery powered microphone for an affordable price, this model may be the one for you.

3. Rode VideoMic Kit

If you don’t mind paying a premium to ensure you get top quality, this best camera microphone is probably right up your alley. Although it is rather hefty, coming in at just under a pound in weight, you get a durable piece of equipment that will yield professional sounding results. This camera microphone kit comes with a wind deterring slipcover, allowing the user to mic up his or her camera even on blustery days and still get good audio quality and clarity.

The battery life comes as a pleasant surprise, outlasting even some of the more expensive models. One drawback with this camera microphone is its size. While the length helps it to pick up and deliver crisp audio, it can be awkward to transport and use.

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