Best Coaxial Cable 2017

Coaxial cables are responsible for bringing our audio and visual media to life. We use these cables to connect our DVRs, receivers, cable boxes, gaming consoles and more to their output device. The best coaxial cables insulate high frequency signals against outside interference, leaving you with complete digital or analog data transfer. That means you get all the high-quality video and audio signals without degradation. In this review, we look at the top 10 best coaxial cable models available today and how to choose the best one for your applications.

Top 10 Best Coaxial Cable Comparison Guide

PictureNameConnectorTypePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameConnectorTypePriceRating (1-5)
1. Mediabridge ULTRA Series Digital Audio Coaxial CableRCARG-6$$$4.8
2. KabelDirekt Digital Coaxial Audio Video CableF-TypeRG-6$$4.7
3. GearIt Digital Gold Plated Coaxial Cable ConnectorsF-TypeRG-6$$4.7
4. Cable Matters Quad Shielded Coaxial Patch CableF-TypeRG-6$4.7
5. Mediabridge CJ03-MBF-N1 Coaxial Video CableF-TypeRG-6$$$4.6
6. FosPower RCA Male to RCA Male 24K Gold Plated Premium Coax CableRCARG-174$$4.6
7. Monoprice102743 75 Ohm Digital Coaxial Audio/VideoRCARG-59$$4.5
8. Coaxial Cable w/Molded PL-259 ConnectorsPL-259RG-58$4.5
9. GW Security Professional Grade Siamese Combo Coaxial CableBNCRG-59$4.3
10. coaxial cable with two male F-pin Male connectorsF-TypeRG-6$4.2

Selecting the Best Coaxial Cable

The best coaxial cables come in several different variations. However, all of them share a few key features. A coaxial cable’s most important feature is its ability to insulate wiring against interference from other electronic devices or signals. All coaxial cables have several layers of insulation, resulting in a thick, heavy, inflexible product. Each cable’s ability to properly reduce attenuation and interference depends on the quality of materials used.

When a cable is run over distances of more than a few feet the chance for attenuation increases. Outdoor cables will also need improved jacket insulation to protect against the elements. The best coaxial cable is perfect for these applications thanks to their durability.

So, we know coaxial cables are used to preserve high frequency transfer of video and audio signals. There are so many options on the market, though, how do you choose the best coaxial cable? Here’s a cheat sheet explaining the differences between coax types.

Common connectors include F-Type, RCA, and BNC. F-Type cables are often used to connect cable and satellites to TVs. RCA connections can be used with many consumer electronics including speakers, laptops, televisions, and more. BNC connectors are similar to RCA, but feature more secure installation. These are just a few connectors coaxial cables can have, though they are the most popular. Check to see what type of connector you need before choosing the best coaxial cable for you.

After determining the connector that you will want to choose the best type of cable. Common types include RG-6 and RG-59. RG-6 cables have thicker, 18AWG copper wires that can handle up to 3Ghz. RG-59 should be used for 2Ghz frequencies and below. For practical applications, high definition audio and visual content should be sent through RG-6 cables to preserve more of the original signal.

The important thing to know is that a wider gauge copper wire (lower AWG) retains more of the original signal and sends it even faster. This makes for better HD TV, high resolution audio, and high speed internet.

Top 3 Best Coaxial Cable Reviews

1. Mediabridge ULTRA Series Digital Audio Coaxial Cable

This reliable cable is the ideal choice for most consumer applications. It features RCA connectors with 24k gold-plated connectors. This is important because gold doesn’t oxidize and your connectors will maintain reliable signal transfer for years to come. Like many of the best coaxial cables on our list, it also features a RG-6 18AWG copper wire at its center. This results in fast and accurate data transfer.

RCA connectors are used in all kinds of consumer electronics, and are commonly used with audio equipment. Our tests with these cables delivered crisp, clear sound from the receiver without any humming. Impressively, the split tip connector design fit snuggly into multiple devices without losing its resistance. We were very pleased with the secure connection and easy installation.

While most coaxial cables are frustratingly stiff, the Mediabridge ULTRA Series is different. Despite having advanced insulation that eliminates RF and EM interference, the cables are more flexible than the competition. These cables can fit in tight places where other coaxial cables would struggle to go.

Finally, these cables come with a full 1 year warranty. Try these cables out on all your favorite equipment to make sure they are the perfect choice before committing. RCA connections are so common we even recommend picking up an extra cable or two with your order. These are the best RCA coaxial cables around and it never hurts to be prepared.

2. KabelDirekt Digital Coaxial Audio Video Cable

F-type cables can be a pain to install because you have to firmly yet carefully thread the connector. Removing it can be an even bigger pain, especially when it has settled over time. These cables by KabelDirekt make your job much easier. The gold-plated connectors are textured for a better grip and are perfectly sized to fit your devices without wiggling, pinching, or straining to tighten the screw.

The connectors fit easily in tight spaces with their short, compact design. The cable itself surprised us with its flexibility, making installation even easier. The inner conductor of this cable is made from solid oxygen free copper, and is protected by layers of aluminum braiding, alu mylar foil, and finally a high-quality PVC jacket. Nothing will get between you and the flawless signal transfer of your media with these awesome cables.

Beating out the Mediabridge ULTRA Series, the KabelDirekt coaxial cables are covered under an 18-month warranty. Keep them for a year and a half to see the quality for yourself. They come in a range of length options from 3 to 25ft to meet your personal needs.

3. GearIt Digital Gold Plated Coaxial Cable Connectors

These are some versatile coaxial cables that work just as well outside as they do inside. They’re made with a highly resilient, flexible, and UV resistant PVC jacket. This will protect the solid copper core and multilayered aluminum insulation from both the elements and electronic interference.

Gold plated connectors are not as easy to install as the KabelDirekts but they do provide a secure grip. Connectors are also very short, allowing them to fit perfectly behind cramped equipment. Conveniently, they’re available in a range of lengths and even in two different colors.

Remarkably, GearIt backs these cables up with a lifetime warranty. We know these cables are tough, but we are still impressed with the company’s commitment to longevity. These may just be the last coaxial cables you ever need, making them a smart investment.

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