10 Best Computer Monitors for Gaming 2017

Never has the quality and capability of technology increased as tremendously as it has in the past decade or so. This is especially true in the video gaming industry. The incredible variety of platforms and computer programming languages has created a highly competitive market which can make it hard for the average consumer to keep up. Gamers can play via a traditional console style video game system, on the computer, on tablets, and even on their phones. Despite this assortment of playback options there is nothing quite like the immersive experience of large screen, high speed video monitor to provide the ultimate gaming experience. For the purposes of this review we will focus our attention on the best computer monitors for gaming. The choice of monitor really comes down to what type of gamer you are, what type of games you play, and your own personal preferences.

Best Computer Monitors for Gaming: Things to Consider

  • Panel Size and Resolution. Bigger is generally better as long as you have the space to accommodate it. Gaming displays are commonly 22, 24, or 27 inches with varying resolutions and capabilities. When it comes to resolution there are many choices. The best computer monitors for gaming come in Full High Definition, Wide-Quad High Definition, and Ultra High Definition; displays also come in an array of aspect ratios. The most common aspect ratios that you will find are 16:9 (standard widescreen) and 21:9, which offers a much wider field of view than the standard wide panel displays.
  • Panel Technology. Twisted Nematic panels are probably the most popular display panels among gamers in that they offer a competitive price, fast refresh rates, and quick pixel response. Vertical Alignment screens offer high contrast ratios and vibrant colors while In-Plane Switching monitors provide unparalleled color display and fantastic gray-scale response. Aside from vibrant color, the pixel response (color switching) and the refresh rate of your device is very important in providing a high-quality gaming experience. As mentioned above, this will be a matter of preference and game type.
  • Inputs and Peripherals. The type and number of inputs will play a large role in determining the compatibility of your display and the computer console with which you intend to use it. Most of the best computer monitors for gaming today offer HDMI inputs for high speed transfer of digital video as well as audio to the viewing device. Some of the high end computer monitors, meant to be coupled with higher end video cards, will also support DisplayPort and DVI connectivity. Before you buy be sure to look into your computer’s capabilities. As for peripherals, built-in computer speakers and audio ports are a fantastic addition. USB ports allow for the quick and easy connection of controllers and external storage devices, and display mounting packages are a necessity.
  • Price. The sticker price for the best computer monitors for gaming can range quite a bit. The array in price on these displays just goes to show that there is something available for every gamer whether they are serious aficionados or simply hobbyists in their free time.

Best Computer Monitors for Gaming Comparison Guide

PictureNameScreen SizePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameScreen SizePriceRating (1-5)
1. LG Electronics 27MC67-B LCD Monitor27''$$5.0
2. ViewSonic Smart Display VSD231-BKA-US0 LED-Lit Monitor23''$$$4.9
4. Lenovo Y27g FHD LED-Lit 16:9 Widescreen Gaming Monitor with G-Sync27''$$$4.8
5. Acer XB0 XB270HU ABPRZ LED-Lit Gaming Monitor27''$$$4.8
6. AOC G2460PG 24-Inch LED-Lit Monitor24''$$4.8
7. Pixio® PX277 144Hz AMD FreeSync IPS Technology WQHD Gaming Monitor - Mini Displayport Built-in Speakers27''$$4.7
8. Philips 279X6QJSW CURVED, Free Sync Gaming LED Monitor27''$$4.6
9. Upstar M29A1 LED-Lit Monitor29''$4.6
10. Samsung LED-Lit Monitor32''$$4.6

Top 5 Best Computer Monitors for Gaming Reviews

1. LG Electronics 27MC67-B

The LG 27MC67-B provides a fantastic visual experience right out of the box with its UHD 4K computer monitor display on an IPS screen for vibrant colors and validated low input lag creates a seamless, immersive gaming experience. The 27 inch LCD screen will take up quite a bit of space on the desktop but the increased ‘real estate’ makes up for its massive size. Also included in the package are a swivel base and an adjustable wall mount. 178° wide angle viewing creates a truly stunning encounter with every video game and a middle-of the road price point makes this an excellent choice for any gamer.

2. ViewSonic Smart Display VSD231-BKA-US0

ViewSonic’s Smart Display VSD231 is a fully integrative multimedia device. A NVidia Tegra 4 1.9 Ghz CPU allows for a full Android/Chrome experience without the need for any external hardware. While this is certainly a great feature and its 10 point projected capacitive touch screen allows for interactive gaming on Google’s own platform, this device also functions as a traditional FHD touch display for work and gaming on your PC via HDMI or Bluetooth connectivity. The 23 inch LED display incorporates IPS technology for vibrant color and quick response to please any gamer and the built-in audio system provides rich sound through the built-in computer speakers or the standard headphone port. Four USB ports also increase the adaptability and expandability of this device. While the price is on the steeper side the functionality of this multimedia device is truly impressive and captivating.


At the top of the price range on our list is the ASUS PG279Q. For the more well-to-do user this is an extraordinary gaming monitor. Featuring a 27 inch LED WQHD display this screen will certainly provide the user with a fully immersive experience. GSYNC technology and a 165Hz variable refresh rate create a virtually lag free display for even the most demanding games in your library. HDMI and DisplayPort connectivity provide versatility with a silky, high end result for those serious gamers looking for the absolute top-of-the-line video game engagement. Included speakers complete the package and are sure to please the audiophile in even the sharpest of players.

4. Lenovo Y27g FHD Gaming Monitor

One more FHD display, Lenovo’s Y27g brings another quality monitor to the table. This display features an LED-lit 27 inch 1800R curved panel with a 16:9 aspect ratio for exceptional wide angle viewing for a fully immersive experience. Lenovo offers this model with NVidia GSYNC technology or AMD’s FreeSync option for optimal lag-free playtime and when coupled with a 144Hz refresh rate this monitor will handle any game you can throw at it with no tearing and no stutter. This is an excellent device with a slightly higher price tag that will do well in any and all applications.

5. Acer XB0 XB270HU Gaming Monitor

Acer XB series monitors bring to the fore all the latest technology to provide the ultimate gaming experience. WGHD, ultra-fast response time, a 144Hz refresh rate, and NVidia GSYNC technology reduce lag to create the smoothest and fastest motion scenes available today.   This model rocks a 27 inch, LED-lit, TN display for limited blurring and 3D vision capabilities with superbly vibrant colors and imagery. A reduced glare screen and anti-flicker technology reduce eye strain for long nights in front of your console and endless game play without fatigue. This machine also features 5 high-speed USB ports and even one that is charging enabled for your low battery peripherals! This is one of the best computer monitors for gaming that is sure to please even the most demanding of users. An excellent value for the selective gamer.

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