Best Drone for GoPro 2017 – Guide, Reviews, & Pro Tips

Attaching your GoPro to a drone is one of the best and most fun ways to utilize your action camera. The best drones for GoPro offer a dependable and steady mount for your camera in order to take stunning aerial video footage. We have taken a look at the best drone for GoPro models, used by enthusiasts and professionals alike, and put together this new 2017 guide so that you can purchase the best drone for Go Pro with confidence.

How to Choose the Perfect Drone for Your GoPro

The most important feature for aerial photography is stabilization. Many of the best drone for GoPro models either come with a GoPro ready gimbal attachment or sell them separately. Gimbals are complicated mechanisms with the simple job of keeping an object still regardless of the motion around it. Using a quality 3-axis gimbal will ensure steady footage even in turbulent conditions. A 2-axis gimbal is still good, but will be less effective than a 3-axis model.

Gimbals are ideal, but some more cheap drones for GoPro may also use stationary mounts. These mounts hang from the bottom of the drone and utilize anti vibratory mechanisms to keep your image stable. They are not as good as gimbals, but they are much less expensive.

Below are some other considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best drone for GoPro:

  • Battery Life. GoPro cameras are light, but gimbals and other mounts can add weight to your drone. More weight will tax the battery, making it last shorter than maximum estimates. Average flight time for most drones is 7 – 25 minutes, depending on payload. If this isn’t long enough for you, choose a drone with removable and or replaceable batteries.
  • Durability. GoPro action cameras are known for their extreme durability, and you should expect the same from your drone. The best drones for GoPro are often made of carbon fiber composite material. This material is lightweight, flexible, and strong. Be sure to always keep replacement propellers as these are the most easily damaged parts of the drone.
  • Customer Service. If you are not a drone expert, and even if you are, chances are you’ll need to call customer service at least once during the lifespan of your drone. Check out what others have had to say about the company’s service quality before making a final decision. Great customer service is quick, kind, and knowledgeable, with the ability to help you troubleshoot issues or make the most of available features.

Best Drone for GoPro Top 6 Comparison Guide

ProductNameMountPriceRating (1-5)
ProductNameMountPriceRating (1-5)
1. Traxxas Aton Quadcopter 3-Cell 3000mAh iD LiPo BatteryFixed Camera Mount$$$4.3
2. Flexify Foldable Drone Collapsible Quad-copter with GPS Auto Return FunctionGoPro Flat Mount Included$$4.3
3. DJI Phantom 2 V2.0 QuadcopterGimbal Sold Separately$$$4.2
4. BLADE Chroma 4K Camera Drone Bundle with Flight Case & Second Flight BatteryGoPro Fixed Camera Mount OR Gimbal Included$$$$4.2
5. 3DR Solo Quadcopter Bundle with Gimbal, Backpack, Battery, and 8 PropellersGimbal Included$$$4.1
6. WonderTech Rebel Racing DroneGoPro Hero camera bracket$$$$3.9

Reviews of the Top Rated Drone for GoPro

1. Traxxas Aton Quadcopter

The Aton Plus is a sporty drone that’s begging to be flown. The striking red color provides ideal contrast against any sky. The composite frame is just as tough as it looks, able to survive even the clumsiest of landings without a scratch. You may need the extra protection as this drone can go over 50 miles per hour without the gimbal attachment.

This best drone for GoPro cameras comes with a 2-axis gimbal that is compatible with most GoPro cameras. You’ll lose speed using the attachment, and flight time will drop from around 25 minutes to 15 minutes per charge. Despite this, the Aton Plus has exceptional maneuverability that is retained when the camera is attached. This drone was made for aerial acrobatics with 6-axis flight stability, air brakes, and three separate fly modes.

Other great features include the Return Home button, customizable LED lights, and Traxxis Flight Link app. Batteries are replaceable as well, so you will not have to limit yourself to just one 15 minute session. If you want fast paced aerial footage with a drone that’s fun to fly and easy to land then this is the choice for you.

2. Flexify Foldable Drone

While most drones for go pro require a special backpack or case for carry, the Flixify Foldable Drone is perfectly portable. Its propellers fold in on the body of the drone, while the landing gear folds in to make a convenient handle. Weighing just 2lbs, this lightweight drone for GoPro can follow you anywhere.

It also comes with plenty of accessories to get you started including a GoPro flat mount. Gimbals and other modules can be purchased separately but for the average customer the flat mount may be all that you need. You’ll also receive a set of replacement propellers. The replaceable batteries last between 15-20 minutes which is surprisingly long considering this drone’s low price point.

The app is pleasantly surprising as well. We think this drone is great for beginners because the app is so simple to use, while features like auto return and assisted landing reduce the handicap further. Still not convinced? Flexify may be a small name in UAVs now, but they’re customer service is second to none. We see big things for this company in the future.

3. DJI Phantom 2 V2.0 Quadcopter

DJI has moved on to some bigger and badder drones fro GoPro since they first unveiled the Phantom 2, but for our money it is still one of the best drones for GoPro available. When coupled with the GoPro gimbal, this drone offers unshakeable stability, smooth handling, and superior craftsmanship.

The Phantom 2 V2.0 Quadcopter is similar to an RC helicopter and is greatly improved from the original Phantom 2, so you won’t be dealing with antiquated technology. There’s a better battery, featuring around 18 minutes of fly time with the gimbal attachment and up to 28 minutes with no added weight. It also sports improved motors for better maneuverability and greater power, giving you more control in turbulent conditions.

Landing gear is very sturdy and will protect your camera in case of a rough landing. With the Phantom 2, you’ll never have to worry about losing your drone again. If it goes out of range or you lose control, it will automatically fly back. This is a no nonsense best drone for GoPro that will take flawless aerial footage in even the windiest environments.

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