Best Dual Band Router 2017 – Top 10 Guide & Reviews

Believe it or not, your internet service provider may not be to blame for slow internet. If you want truly fast internet speed, then you need a dual band router. Upgrading to the best dual band router will give you the freedom to use all of your devices at once and download heavy applications such as 4k video with blazing speeds. Identifying the best dual band routers isn’t exactly easy. It can get confusing. This is why we are helping you with our new 2017 top 10 guide and expert reviews of the Best Dual Band Router.

We compared the most important features including speed, connectivity options, beamforming, QoS, and price. Then we narrowed our research to find the 10 Best Dual Band Router options to make your decision easy.

What is a Dual Band Router?

As their name implies, dual band routers emit two wireless signals at once, each at a different frequency. All dual band routers feature a 2.4GHz band for older and slower devices, as well as a 5GHz band for high performance needs. Using two bands keeps slower devices from affecting the internet speed of faster devices. The best dual band router models are much more efficient than single band routers.

Important Features to Look For

Choosing among the best dual band routers can be difficult. Here are the important features to keep in mind:

  • Speed. You may have noticed that every dual band router is labeled with a series of letters and numbers such as N750 or AC1200. These numbers and letters indicate a router’s maximum speed in Mbps (megabits per second). Specifically, the letter refers to the type of wireless connection (G, N, or AC). The number is calculated by adding both band’s maximum speed. As a general rule, the higher the number, the faster a router is. If you need a simple home set up for less than 8 devices, we recommend AC1200 or below. The best dual band router, however, could be AC1600 and above. These will work for homes with over 10 devices. Enjoy all the bandwidth you need for streaming 4K video, online gaming, and lightning fast file sharing.
  •  Connectivity Options. You may want to connect multiple devices to your router, including laptops, wireless printers, and external hard drives. The best dual band router should feature multiple connectivity options, including USB 3.0. It’s important to have USB 3.0 as opposed to just USB 2.0 because the former’s transfer speeds are 10x faster.
  • Beamforming & QoS. Range can be a real issue. The signal of even the best dual band router can weaken if you travel too far from the physical device. Beamforming technology helps improve signal strength over long distances by targeting your devices and beaming the signal directly to them. You may also be interested in a WiFi range extender for large properties. QoS, or quality of service, also improves speed over distances by prioritizing certain devices over others. For example, someone playing an online game can take priority over someone browsing the internet on a tablet in the next room, regardless of who is closer.

Best Dual Band Router Top 10 Comparison Guide

PictureNameSpeedPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameSpeedPriceRating (1-5)
1. Linksys AC1750 Dual Band Smart Wireless Router with MU-MIMO2.4GHz: 450Mbps 5GHz: 1300Mbps$$$4.6
2. ASUS RT-ACRH13 Dual Band 2x2 AC1300 Wifi 4-port Gigabit Router with USB 3.02.4GHz: 400Mbps 5GHz: 900Mbps$$4.5
3. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router with Open Source Support2.4GHz: 600Mbps 5GHz: 1300Mbps$$$4.3
4. D-Link Wireless AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router2.4GHz: 600Mbps 5GHz: 1300Mbps$$$4.3
5. NETGEAR AC1750 Smart WiFi Router Dual Core 800MHz Processor2.4GHz: 450Mpbs 5GHz: 1300Mbps$$$4.3
6. TP-Link AC1900 Wireless WiFi Router Long Range, Dual Band, Gigabit2.4GHz: 600Mbps 5GHz: 1300Mbps$$$4.2
7. NETGEAR N750 Dual Band 4 Port WiFi Gigabit Router2.4GHz: 300Mbps 5GHz: 450Mbps$$4.1
8. TP-Link AC1200 Wireless WiFi Dual Band Fast Ethernet Router2.4GHz: 300Mbps 5GHz: 900Mbps$4.0
9. Linksys AC1900 Dual Band Open Source WiFi Wireless Router2.4GHz: 600Mbps 5GHz: 1300Mbps$$$4.0
10. Linksys N750 WiFi Wireless Dual Band+ Router2.4GHz: 600Mbps 5GHz: 1300Mbps$3.9

Reviews of the Top Rated Dual Band Routers

1. Linksys AC1750 Dual Band Smart Router

On average, the modern family has 7 or more internet connected devices in the home. If this is the case for you, you’ve probably suffered from slower internet speeds when multiple people are using the connection at once. With the Linksys AC1750, you get dual bands with a total of 1.75Gbps for up to 10 devices. While this alone won’t increase your internet speed, you will be able to reach the maximum potential speeds from your ISP.

If you have a larger home, this high quality dual band router has you covered. It features beamforming technology, which targets each individual device with a concentrated signal. This will retain your overall bandwidth and keep all your electronics running smoothly. A powerful dual-core processor works in the background to manage all the network traffic for quicker, more efficient transfer.

Love to set important tasks to your phone? This router comes with a smartphone app that lets you easily monitor network privacy settings. From there you can change your password, allow guest access, set parental controls, and more. This is the best dual band router for average families who need a lot of bandwidth and reliable connection.

2. ASUS RT-ACRH13 Dual Band Router

In some cases, the best technology doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The ASUS RT-ARCH13 is a perfect example of an affordable dual band router with some serious power. It features a total 1300Mbps of bandwidth between both bands, more than enough for web surfing and streaming HD video. This router will work seamlessly with up to 8 devices, perfect for small to medium families.

We really appreciate the design of this router. An attractive black and white crosshatch pattern graces the front of the unit, giving it some personality. A sleek, thin profile also means it will fit almost anywhere. While most other dual band routers only have 3 antennas, this router features 4 for a more reliable range.

Another great feature of this dual band router is its automatic QoS. This takes the guesswork out of prioritizing your applications. Speaking of apps, this router also comes with a smartphone app as well. Just like with the Linksys AC1750, this app gives you remote control over your network. Easy to use and easy on the eyes, this is one of the best dual band routers on the market today.

3. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band Router

If your family is constantly fighting for bandwidth to play games and stream high definition video, this is your solution. It features an impressive speed of 1900Mbps, ensuring a strong connection even at the far range distances.

The Nighthawk has plenty of features to keep your internet speeds blazing fast. It uses built-in amplifiers, 3 antennas, and Beamforming+. This awesome combination ensures that not a megabit of bandwidth is wasted and that all your devices get the speeds they need.

Simply, if your family fights over bandwidth despite your high-speed internet service, this is the best dual band router for you. The Nighthawk handles multiple resource heavy applications at a time, and comfortably manages over 10 devices at once.

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