The Best Game Console for Kids 2017 – Top 8 & Reviews

The members of today’s youngest generation are digital natives. They live in harmony with technology that was still just science fiction when their parents were their age. The market is now flooded with technology geared specifically toward kids, making it difficult to choose the best forms of entertainment for the youngest members of your family. This guide was created to help you select the best game console for kids that’s right for your family. One that can entertain and educate your kids along the way.

Things to Consider

What factors are most important when shopping for a game console that is kid friendly? Consider the following:

  • Available Games. You don’t want the kids in your life to grow bored with their new gaming console after one day of playing all two of the games available on the market for it. Go for a game console that has a variety of games available, so you can ensure that the entertainment value of the console is worth the price you paid for it.
  • Parental Controls. In a world where game consoles are often connected to the internet via Ethernet cables or WiFi, you can’t be too careful when allowing your kids to play games. Select a game console that has sufficient parental control options to make you feel secure that your child can both have fun and be safe from inappropriate content.
  • Portability. A portable kids game console is great for traveling and at home. But, the small screens may be a drag when a kid wants a bigger gaming experience or suffers from eye strain. A gaming computer monitor connected console can yield a gaming experience as large as your TV screen. Choose the game console type that fits your child’s and family’s needs the best.
  • Price. When you go to buy the best game console for kids, you may end up with a case of sticker shock. Video game consoles aren’t always cheap, and the newest and best ones come at a premium. Shop smart and do your due diligence so you can get the best value for your dollar.

Best Game Console for Kids Top 8 Comparison Guide

PictureNamePortablePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePortablePriceRating (1-5)
1. Nintendo Wii U Mario Kart 8 Deluxe SetNo$$$$4.5
2. Sony PlayStation 4 ProNo$$$$4.4
3. Nintendo 3DS Super Mario Black EditionYes$$$4.3
4. Microsoft Xbox One S Console Special Blue EditionNo$$$4.3
5. WOLSEN@ Handheld Video Game Console w/Speaker & 152 GamesYes$4.2
6. WeBee World Interactive Educational Video Game System 50 free games for Kids Ages 1 to 5Yes$$3.9
7. My Arcade Retro Arcade Machine X Portable Gaming Mini Arcade Cabinet with 300 Built-in Hi-res GamesYes$3.8
8. Gem Box Game Console For Family Gaming, Kids Gaming and Serious GamersNo$$3.5

Reviews of the Best Gaming Consoles for Kids

1. Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set

This Wii U comes pre-installed with Mario Kart 8, a wholesome racing game that is a blast for people of all ages. Made by a manufacturer with a long standing reputation in the game console world, the Wii U system has a long list of available games, and is considered one of the most kid friendly gaming consoles available on the market today. Load up a sports game that actually puts your kids’ bodies in motion to play, or sit back for a round of Mario Kart for a relaxing evening of gaming and goofing off.

The Wii U is not the cheapest gaming console on the market today. However, when it comes to the best game console for kids, it gets the top pick because of the variety of available games and because it gets your kid up and exercising rather than just sitting back with a controller and pressing buttons. Play tennis, dance, and even do interactive workout videos with the Wii U. It’s the gaming system that gets you and your kids out of your chairs and smiling.

2. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

While the Sony PlayStation 4 may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the best game console for kids, you may be surprised by what it has to offer. The PS4 comes equipped with customizable parental controls that allow you to choose the gaming content your kids have access to. There are a large number of games that are rated “E” for “everyone” available for the PS4, and the 1TB hard drive that comes pre-installed on this model means you’ll have the room to store all of them and more.

The PS4 is a gaming console that is sought after by adults and kids alike, so you can turn off the parental controls after the kids go to sleep and play the games you like. The PS4 Pro in particular offers an enhanced gaming experience with certain games, including sharper picture quality and better frame rates. It can also be used to play DVDs and Blu-Ray discs when not being used for video games, making it a multi-purpose entertainment center. One drawback that some people noted for this system was the price tag. While it is a fantastic system that pays for itself in terms of enjoyment for everyone in the family, it is still more expensive than other best game console for kids options out there.

3. Nintendo 3DS Super Mario Black Edition

Not only is the 3DS portable and handheld, making it easy to take on the go, it’s also quite a bit less expensive than the Wii U or the PS4. This makes it an ideal choice for the budget minded parent who wants their child to have access to age appropriate video game entertainment. Its slim profile makes it easy to stash in a pocket or a glove compartment for those parents who are wary of excessive screen time.

The games available for this portable console are numerous and fun for the whole family. Most importantly, they are also safe in terms of game content for kids of all agaes. The Nintendo 3DS is all ages fun at a more affordable price than the monitor connected console options. For a budget friendly option your child will enjoy and grow with, you can’t go wrong here.

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