Best Gaming Mouse Pads 2017 – Top 10 Guide & Reviews

Having one of the best gaming mouse pads can make all the difference when you’re spending hours engaged in gaming marathons. You should consider all ergonomic gaming options or else your body will end up paying the price. Some of the best gaming mouse pads work great for office work as well. As there are numerous gaming mouse pads to choose from, finding the best one for your specific needs can be challenging. This is why we are helping you with our new 2017 guide of the best gaming mouse pads.

We compared the most important features such surface area, surface type, wrist support, lighting, and price. We then narrowed our research to 10 best gaming mouse pads to make your decision easy.

Gaming Mouse Pad Considerations

What characteristics should you look for when selecting the best gaming mouse pads have? We suggest considering the following before making your final purchase:

  • Surface Area. Extended or XL gaming mouse pads are extra-long and are designed to be able to fit both keyboard and gaming mouse on their surface. You can, however, easily use them with a mouse alone. When you’re playing games that involve big mouse movement, you don’t want to find your mouse slipping off the edge of the pad at the wrong moment. Having an extended gaming mouse pad can prevent missed FPS head shots or tournament costing mistakes.
  • Surface Type. Some so-called best gaming mouse pads are more ornamental than utilitarian, so buyer beware. If you were using an old-fashioned ball style mouse, having a decorative mouse pad with an uneven surface might not matter so much. However, if you use an optical mouse for your gaming, that beam hitting the wrong surface in the wrong way can wreak havoc on your gaming experience, causing slowed or choppy tracking. Get a gaming mouse pad with a smooth surface to ensure your mouse can perform optimally.
  • Wrist Support. If you’re fond of ongoing sessions with click-heavy games, you will want to look for the best gaming mouse pad with added wrist support. A built-in wrist rest can help prevent joint pain caused by extensive gaming without support, or pain related to inflammation from carpal tunnel syndrome. Choosing a gaming mouse pad with good wrist support helps you get more enjoyment out of your gaming time.
  • Price. Even the best gaming mouse pads don’t have to cost a fortune. Be wary of retailers demanding premium prices for their products. You can get a great gaming mouse pad with the features you want and the quality you need for a budget friendly price.

Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse Pads Comparison Guide

PictureNamePriceRange (1-5)
PictureNamePriceRange (1-5)
1. Elzo Gaming Mouse Pad Extended Mouse Mat Waterproof$$5.0
2. Ajazz Firstblood RGB Hard Gaming Mouse Pad$$5.0
3. JustNile Extended Desk Mouse Pads$$4.9
4. GLTECK Gaming Mouse Pad$4.9
5. Extended Cool Gaming Mouse Pad Non-slip Waterproof Rubber$$4.8
6. LIEBIRD Extended Xxl Gaming Mouse Pad$4.7
7. Jeecoo Gaming Mouse Pad$4.7
8. Spigen A104 Gaming Mouse Pad Control Edition$$4.6
9. Cmhoo XXL Gaming Mouse Mat Extended$$4.3
10. ELEGO TRADING Galaxy Customized Non-Slip Rubber Gaming Mouse Pad$4.2

Reviews of the Top Rated Mouse Pads for Gaming

1. Elzo Mouse Gaming Pad

The right size for the right price, this XL gaming mouse pad from Elzo gets our top slot because of its high-quality construction and durability. Even the most avid marathon gamers can count on this mouse pad to stand the test of time. Its rubberized underside ensures that it will stick in place no matter how animated your mouse movements get in the heat of the moment. The surface is super smooth, allowing for easy wrist and hand movement while mousing around within a game. Your skin won’t catch and inhibit mouse movement like it can with cheaper mouse pads.

The extended size of the mouse pad means you won’t have to constantly lift and replace your mouse while playing, so you can put your focus where it belongs – on the game itself. This gaming mouse pad includes a 1-year warranty, and the price is very good considering the quality of the product. For the heavy gamer with a tight budget, this is the best gaming mouse pad.

2. Ajazz Firstblood RGB Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

If you want to add some ambiance to your gaming experience, you may want to consider our runner-up pick from Ajazz. This gaming mouse pad features nine different touch controlled lighting modes that are intended to enhance your game with your favorite colors, making it a fun choice for gamers. It is also constructed to withstand the demands of heavy use, making it a practical choice. It is a hard pad with a thin profile that allows a mouse to glide across the surface with ease.

It has a good surface area, so you won’t be stuck playing the pick-up-set-down game with your mouse when all you want to do is play your game. One drawback is the price. Although it’s not something you’d have to save up for months to be able to purchase, the high-tech features do make it considerably more expensive than the top pick. However, if you can’t live without gaming accessories with lighting features, this is the best gaming mouse for you.

3. JustNile Extended Desk Mouse Pads

These gaming mouse pads from JustNile allow you to tailor your gaming setup to suit your personality by turning your mouse pad into a functional work of art. With ten different designs to choose from, ranging from abstract to photographic, you can have an XL gaming mouse pad that meets not only your gaming needs, but your aesthetic needs, as well.

The extended surface allows for quick and easy mouse movement without the need to constantly pause and replace the mouse. It has a rubberized backing to keep it snugly in place, and is sized to accommodate both keyboard and mouse with plenty of surface to spare. Its best feature is that it is waterproof, so if you spill your drink, you won’t have to dry out a soggy mouse pad. Simply just wipe with a towel and get right back to gaming.

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