The Best GPS Tracker for Kids 2017 – Guide & Reviews

Keeping your child safe is a full-time job that can be made much easier with the help of a GPS tracking device. With a GPS tracker, you can remotely monitor your child’s movements throughout the day. The best GPS tracker for kids also allows you to call or text your child, and will send emergency alerts if the child leaves your designated safe zones or if they hit an SOS button.

Keep your kids safe and your mind at ease with one of these affordable GPS tracking devices today. Our list reveals the 7 best GPS trackers for kids that are trusted for their accuracy, dependability, and kid friendly designs.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

Kid specific GPS trackers are complex devices and each one is a little different. Consider these important features before choosing the best GPS tracker for kids:

  • Advanced Features. Besides just locating your child, many of the best GPS trackers for kids include advanced features. Geofencing is a popular feature which allows parents to set safe zones for their children, and to receive notifications when their child leaves those zones. Another life-saving feature is an SOS or emergency button. These buttons are easily accessible to children, and pushing them will alert the child’s caregivers. Some GPS trackers even feature microphones so parents can make calls to (or listen in on) their children.
  • Battery Life.  The best GPS tracker for kids can last anywhere from 2 to 10 days on a single charge. Battery life is largely dependent on how often your child’s location is refreshed. Receiving 60 updates a day will drain the battery faster than 10 times a day.
  • Kid Proof Design. Young children are notoriously rough on electronics, which is why the best GPS trackers for children have rugged, often water-resistant designs. No tracker we found is completely waterproof, so remember not to bring GPS trackers into the bath or pool.
  • Monthly Plans. All GPS trackers require an ongoing data plan and SIM card to work. Some trackers come with a SIM card and built-in subscription, while others require you to purchase a separate SIM card and apply to a carrier. Be careful, as some of the best GPS tracker for kids options require specific carriers to work.

Best GPS Tracker for Kids Top 7 Comparison Guide

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
1. Kids KINGEAR K6 Children Anti-lost GPS TrackerSmartwatch$$4.5
2. LESHP GPS Tracker with Real Time Tracking, SOS Alarm for KidsCarry/Key ring$$4.3
3. KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell Phone Wearable for Kids and ChildrenEmergency Cell Phone$$4.2
4. Eoncore GPS/GSM/Wifi Tracker Watch for KidsSmartwatch$4.1
5. Yepzon One Personal GPS LocatorCarry/Key ring$$$3.9
6. TickTalk 1.0S Touch Screen Kids Wearable tracker wrist Phone w/ GPS locatorSmartwatch$$$3.8
7. PocketFinder Outdoor Personal GPS LocatorCarry/Key ring$$3.4

Reviews of the Top Rated GPS Trackers for Kids

1. Kids KINGEAR K6 Children Anti-lost GPS Tracker

Every kid wants wearable tech like a smartwatch, which is part of what makes the KINGEAR K6 so ingenious. It’s not the only GPS smartwatch for kids, but it is certainly the best and your child will love using it. At the height of technology, the KINGEAR K6 uses a large 1.44” vibrant LCD screen with simple icons designed with children in mind. Kids can call a list of dedicated contacts, or be called in turn. The microphone lets you listen remotely when your child is out of sight.

This popular GPS tracker for kids uses micro SIM cards and requires a T-Mobile based service. These are easy to find, and you don’t need a T-Mobile phone or contract in order to use this tracker. Once you have a plan, the KINGEAR K6 uses an app compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It’s from this app that you will track your child’s movements, receive notifications, and set geofencing.

GPS technology is still in its infancy, and many GPS trackers for kids don’t work very well indoors. That’s why the KINGEAR K6 uses WiFi and LBS in addition to GPS to greatly improve indoor positioning. This feature is priceless for parents whose children run off in the store, and is important for keeping an eye on them at school. The KINGEAR K6 blows the competition away with its accurate tracking, awesome advanced features, and because your kid will actually want to wear it.

2. LESHP GPS Tracker for Kids

The KINGEAR K6 is ideal for children aged 5 to 12, but for younger or older children you need something more versatile. The LESHP GPS Tracker combines simple operation and powerful, reliable performance that you can trust to track your child faithfully. Slip it into their backpack before school, clip it on their keyring, or even hide it in the glove compartment when your teen takes the wheel. The possibilities are endless with this discreet 10oz tracker.

In addition to tracking your child’s location, the LESHP GPS Tracker comes with geofencing options so you can designate acceptable areas for your child to roam. You may also perform two-way calls, and store up to 3 emergency numbers that can be contacted when the large SOS button has been pressed. Contacts get a text and a call when the SOS button is pressed, which is a much better solution to trackers which only call.

Like the KINGEAR, this best GPS tracker for kids uses multiple tracking methods which make it more effective indoors. There’s also a fall sensor, alerting you to possible injury when your child falls. This feature mainly intended for seniors, but we like the added peace of mind it gives parents, too. It may look simple on the outside, but the LESHP GPS Tracker has all the features a cautious parent needs to keep an eye on their children, whether you want them to know you’re watching or not!

 3. KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell Phone

Many parents think it’s inappropriate to give cell phones to young children, but would like them to have phone access in case of emergency. The KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell Phone is the perfect compromise for children who are too young for a phone or smartwatch.

This device lets you program up to 20 contacts, and you can assign up to 4 numbers to buttons on the face of the phone. It’s easy to teach a young child that pressing 1 calls Mommy, 2 calls Daddy, etc. The child may only call or receive calls from numbers in the contact list. In addition to speed dial numbers, the KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell Phone also includes an SOS button for emergencies.

Location monitoring and features like geofencing are managed through the company’s mobile app or website. Most notifications will be sent to you via text, including when your child leaves their geofencing areas. Simple to use for kids, yet complete with advanced features parents want, this is the no-frills best GPS tracker for kids.

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