Best In-Wall Speakers 2017 – Top 10 Guide & Reviews

If you’re searching for the best in-wall speakers, you may have already discovered that there are a lot of in-wall speaker options to choose from. And, it can get confusing. This is why we are helping you with our new 2017 top 10 guide, expert reviews, and must know tips.

We compared the most important features, benefits, and considerations and then narrowed our research to find the 10 best in-wall Speakers to make your buying decision an easy one.

Important Things to Consider

In-wall speaker sizes determine how good they sound. Of course, as a general rule, the bigger the better. That’s not always true, but usually seems to be the case. Woofers are the larger speaker and tweeters are the smaller one.

  • If you enjoy jamming to hard rock, woofers are extremely important.
  • Tweeters are more important for those who are easy listeners.
  • The best in-wall speakers feature at least one woofer and one tweeter. Some in-wall speaker models will include two woofers.
  • A well rounded combination of sizes provide the ultimate sound experience.

Top 10 Best In-Wall Speakers Comparison Guide

PictureNameDimensionsPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameDimensionsPriceRating (1-5)
1. Polk Audio 265RT (Ea) 3-way In-wall Speaker12.75” x 23” x 10.75” $$$4.9
2. Polk Audio 255C-RT In-wall / In-ceiling center channel speaker9.3” x 9.8” x 14.81”$$$4.9
3. Micca M-6S 6.5-Inch 2-Way In-Wall Speaker with Pivoting 1-Inch Silk Dome Tweeter10.7” x 14.3” x 4.9” $4.8
4. Klipsch KL-6502-THX In-wall LCR Speaker 7.2 Channel (7 Speakers)13" x 13" x 13"$$$$$4.8
5. Monoprice 8 Inch Kevlar 3-Way High Power In-Wall Speaker (Pair)9.7” x 14.9” x 11.5” $$$4.8
6. 5252W Silver Ticket Dual 5.25" 80-Watt Center-Channel In-Wall Speaker 14.7” x 7.4” x 3.2” $4.8
7. Micca M-8S 8-Inch 2-Way In-Wall Speaker with Pivoting 1-Inch Silk Dome Tweeter16.1” x 5.4” x 12.5”$4.8
8. Definitive Technology In-Wall RLS II In-Wall Speaker8.13” x 29.75” x 3.88”$$$$4.8
9. Polk Audio RC85i 2-Way In-Wall Speakers (Pair, White)14.13” x 10.06” x 3.44” $$$4.7
10. Klipsch Reference Series R-1650-C In-Wall/In Ceiling Architectural Speaker9.5” Round $$4.6

Benefits of Choosing Speakers That Are In-Wall

People continue to choose the best in-wall speakers for a number of reasons.

  • In-wall speakers do not require floor space as the wall itself becomes the speaker cabinet. This provides a great deal of versatility.
  • Quality In-wall speakers can be installed in any room no matter how spacious or tiny.
  • In-wall speaker wiring should be installed into your walls before the speaker installation. This type of wiring is relatively simple for the DIY folks.

If you have no experience with this type of in-wall wiring, you should consider hiring a professional contractor for this step. Building and fire codes vary greatly from county to county and, in some cases, city to city.

Increased placement options are another advantage of using the best in-wall speakers. You should take some time to think about where you will mount your speakers. The placement of in-wall speakers in relation to other objects in the room creates different types of sound experiences. Sound will bounce off of certain objects, while others will actually absorb it.

Consider where you and your guests will most likely sit. The best spot for listeners is between the two central speakers and in front of them. For the best sound results there should be at least six feet between the in-wall speakers.

Reviews of the Top Rated In-Wall Speakers

1. Polk Audio 265RT 3 way In-wall Speaker

Users and professionals rank the Polk Audio 265RT at the top of the list of best in-wall speakers. This 3 way speaker has been designed with the patented Polk Power Port bass system which means they are great for hard rock because they thump.

This in-wall speaker features high tech audio control which allows you to adjust the sound however you like it best. The drivers include rubber surround, two 6.5” composite polymer woofers, and a 1” silk/polymer tweeter which works well with all types of music.

It will add to the elegant ambiance of any room with extraordinary sound. No bulky speaker boxes or unsightly wires will mar your environment.

Another great feature of the Polk Audio 265RT is it was designed with a technology known as Dynamic Balance. This technology was a collaborative effort of Johns Hopkins University and the Polk Audio engineering team.

Dynamic Balance allowed engineers to develop an in-wall speaker that provides a perfect blend of sounds and eliminates much of the distortion that ordinary speakers often cause. Most speakers have difficulty with sound crossover, but these high performance in-wall speakers blend hard and soft sounds smoothly for crystal clear clarity.

2. Polk Audio 255C-RT In-ceiling center channel speaker

Second in the spot light is, once again, Polk Audio with the 255C-RT. Polk Audio’s Vanishing Series are in-wall speakers that feature an ultra-thin Sheer Grille. The grille only sticks out a tad from the rest of the speaker.

This best in-wall speaker features PowerPort bass venting which is designed to provide a flawless blending of sound during crossover of hard and soft rock. This dramatically reduces distortion and provides a deeper kick for bass sounds.

The Vanishing Series in-wall speakers completely meld with their environment making them nearly indistinguishable from the rest of your décor. The simple one cut and drop in installation places built in audio easily within your reach. The precision flange, Perfect Fit templates, and Rotating Cam set up provide excellent, vibration free efficiency.

3. Micca M-6S 6.5-Inch 2 Way In-Wall Speaker

The Micca M-6S in-wall speakers are designed with a 12dB crossover network which means the 1” soft, silk dome tweeter and 6.5” poly woofer sound awesome together. This provides both crystal clear, high end, clean bass sounds. The result is natural and smooth creating a wonderful listening experience.

It also allows users to add other speakers and have sounds still blend flawlessly. These top rated in-wall speakers feature advanced technology which allows for a wide range of home entertainment applications from watching movies in your home theater to soft, easy listening background music.

The 1” silk dome tweeter provided is adjustable up to 15 degrees. You can point the tweeter to make the sound go where you want it. Micca M-6S speakers are extremely affordable. When you consider the high quality performance and versatility, they are an exceptional value for anybody.

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