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The laptop market has changed dramatically over the last few years, making it harder than ever to find the device that matches perfectly with your lifestyle. But you don’t need to know every detail about operating systems, processors or hard drives to be able to make a smart buying decision. Instead, there’s just a few key things you should keep in mind when looking for your new laptop. To get started, here’s a list of the most popular laptops, their pricing and Operating Systems (OS). We will help you pick among the best laptops 2016.

Top Laptops 2016 Comparison Guide

PictureNameOSPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameOSPriceRating (1-5)
1. Apple MacBook Air MD711LL/B 11.6-Inch Laptop (NEWEST VERSION)MacOS$$$4.7
2. Acer C720P 11.6-Inch Touchscreen ChromebookChromeOS$$4.5
3. HP Chromebook 14 (Snow White)ChromeOS$4.5
4. Acer C720 Chromebook (11.6-Inch, 2GB & 32GB SSD)ChromeOS$4.5
5. ASUS ROG G750JM-DS71 17.3-inch Gaming Laptop, GeForce GTX 860M GraphicsWindows$$$$4.1
6. ASUS N550JK-DS71T 15.6" Full-HD Touchscreen Quad Core i7, 8GB RAM & 1TB HDWindows$$$$4.1

Tips for Buying a Laptop

The first thing you’ll want to consider when purchasing a laptop is your operating system. Each of the big three operating systems in the laptop market – MacOS, ChromeOS, and Windows – are geared towards a specific lifestyle, and you’ll need to figure out which one fits yours.

  • MacOS is geared towards people in creative industries who need both form and function, a small, light device on which they can edit video or images. In the last ten years, MacOS has become increasingly popular among general users.
  • ChromeOS is very popular in schools and urban environments, as devices that run this operating system are cheap but reliant on internet connectivity.
  • Windows is largely the same operating system that has been around since its inception in the mid-80s. It’s one of the most versatile operating systems, but it can also be one of the most complicated.

It’s also key to consider battery life when looking for a new laptop. Most of today’s battery life is decided by processors. The most recent batch of Intel processors, the Haswells, have nudged battery life in most laptops up to a whole day (roughly 8-12 hours) and you shouldn’t accept anything less.

Weight is very important. Simply put, a there’s a noticeable different between a laptop that’s under two pounds and one that’s bordering on five pounds. Heavier laptops often boast more performance, barring a few exceptions, but it will be up to you to decide if want to lug around a dozen pounds worth of computer just because it does a bit better in the graphics department.

Reviews Top 3 Best Laptops

1. Apple MacBook Air MD711LL/B 11.6-Inch

At this point the MacBook Air needs no introduction. It’s been the bestselling laptop for longer than anyone cares to remember and it has consistently been reviewed favorably. For most people the MacBook Air is the right laptop.

The first thing you’ll notice about the MacBook Air is how light it is. The laptop itself is surprisingly thin, which belies that fact that it is actually a fairly powerful machine. Granted, you won’t be playing that latest gaming blockbuster, but that’s not what you’re buying this laptop for, anyway.

The MacBook Air is the kind of laptop you can take anywhere. It’s your perfect travel companion, whether you’re taking it to the coffee shop down the road to bust out a term paper or taking it on a business trip around the world. Portability is where this device shines.

The MacBook Air seals the deal with its stunning battery life that lasts for 12 hours of web browsing and roughly eight hours of heavy video watching. The MacBook Air is the real deal and you won’t regret buying it today.

2. Acer C720P Chromebook 11.6-Inch

Chromebooks have found their market in the educational sector, and for good reason. These laptops are light, cheap and reliable. If you find that you spend most of your time on your laptop researching or just surfing the web, then a Chromebook will be perfect for you.

Acer’s C720P is features a keyboard this is a dream to use. Even the dedicated typist will have to admit that fingers fly across the keys, even if you’ve only just picked up the laptop. As an added convenience, the caps lock button on a Chromebook is replaced with a search button, allowing you to submit a Google search with the press of a button.

The C720P also has a touchscreen, which works flawlessly. While this might seem somewhat superfluous to older generations, it’s important to remember that tablets have changed the way younger people interact with computers. If you’re thinking of buying a laptop for a younger person, it might be worth considering that they’ve been raised on touchscreens.

The C720P is meant for the long haul, with a battery that lasts for roughly eight hours of heavy use. If you’re looking for web surfing laptop with a killer keyboard and touchscreen that won’t break the bank, Acer’s newest Chromebook, the C720P, is just what you’re looking for.

3. HP Chromebook 14

In terms of price and functionality, the HP Chromebook 14 is the way to go. While most Chromebooks are limited in their functionality if not connected to the internet, the HP Chromebook 14 is one of the few to offer a 4G subscription through AT&T. That way, even if you’re out of wireless range, your laptop is as powerful as ever.

Like many of the best laptops out there, the HP Chromebook 14 lasts for roughly eight hours of heavy use. Unlike many of its competitors, though, the HP Chromebook doesn’t heat up as dramatically. Even with multiple tabs open and running under a heavy load, the HP Chromebook 14 stays silent and cool to the touch.

The HP Chromebook’s Google connectivity means that videos from the Play Store (Google’s app, ebook and movie digital retailer) can be sent wirelessly to a Chromecast (a USB device that plugs into the back of your television). Not only can the HP Chromebook 14 be used out and about with its 4G connectivity, but it is also the cornerstone of a Google media center.

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