Best Leaf Blower 2017 – Top 10 Guide, Reviews, & Tips

It seems like everyone is selling a leaf blower these days, so to help you make the tough choice we’ve created a list of the 10 best leaf blowers available today. The leaf blowers on our list come in all types and power levels to suit your needs. Whether you need one for light chores or for acres of heavy work, we’ve got the best leaf blower for you. Keep reading to find your match and learn more about what makes a great leaf blower.

Important Features to Consider

The best leaf blower models aren’t just for leaves. These helpful tools can also blast away snow, lawn clippings, and debris like mulch and pine needles. There are other clever ways to utilize your leaf blower, too, like for drying your car after a wash or for cleaning the gutters. Homeowners have found endless ways to use their leaf blowers, but it all starts with choosing the right one.

Leaf Blower Type

  • Corded Electric. Lighter and less expensive than their cordless counterparts, corded electric leaf blowers are a great choice for entry level users. The cord limits their mobility, but they can run continuously and most are appropriate for a typical .25-acre lot.
  • Cordless Electric. These leaf blowers run on battery, meaning you can take them where ever yard work takes you. Cordless electric leaf blowers are ideal for homeowners with large yards, as they tend to be lighter and quieter than gas powered leaf blowers. Unfortunately, cordless leaf blowers are the least powerful of any leaf blower type. They shouldn’t be used for tough jobs like heavy, wet leaves or dense snow.
  • 2-Cycle Gas. Also called a 2 -stroke leaf blower, 2-cycle gas powered leaf blowers use a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil. They’re lighter and quieter than their 4-cycle counterparts, but louder and heavier than cordless electric. For heavy jobs and large yards >.5-acres, a 2-cycle gas engine leaf blower is the perfect choice.
  • 4-Cycle Gas. Using only gasoline as fuel, 4-cycle leaf blowers are a convenient alternative to 2-cycle blowers. They’re the heaviest and loudest leaf blowers, but you get more mileage from their all gas tank than with 2-cycle blowers, and there’s no mixing involved. These leaf blowers have the potential to be more powerful than 2-cycle blowers, too, but at the expense of a heavier, bulkier engine.

Leaf Blower Power

The best leaf blower’s power is measured in two ways: speed (MPH) and volume (CFM, or cubic feet per minute). How quickly air moves through the nozzle is important, but volume is a better indicator of blowing performance. Even if one leaf blower has superior MPH, another with higher volume will be able to push more leaves and bigger piles, faster.

Best Leaf Blower Top 10 Comparison Guide

PictureNamePowerTypePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePowerTypePriceRating (1-5)
1. GreenWorks Leaf Blower530CFM @ 130mphCorded Electric$4.7
2. Hitachi RB24EAP Handheld Leaf Blower441CFM @ 170mph2-Cycle Gas$$4.6
3. Makita Leaf Blower Kit & Brushless Angle Grinder358CFM @ 145mphCordless Electric (Battery Included) $$$4.5
4. DEWALT Handheld Leaf Blower409CFM @ 145 to 189mphCorded Electric$$4.4
5. Toro Ultra Blower/Vac410CFM @ 250mphCorded Electric$4.4
6. Husqvarna Backpack Leaf Blower494CFM @ 180mph2-Cycle Gas$$$4.3
7. Husqvarna Powered Handheld Blower435CFM @ 170mph2-Cycle Gas$$4.2
8. WORX AIR Multi-Purpose Blower/Sweeper/Cleaner with Accessories80CFM @ 120mphCordless Electric (Battery Included) $$4.1
9. GreenWorks 24322 G-MAX Variable Speed Blower/Vac340CFM @ 185mphCordless Electric (Battery Included) $$$4.0
10. GreenWorks 24252 G-MAX Variable Speed Leaf Blower135CFM @ 150mphCordless Electric (Battery Included) $$4.0

Reviews of the Top Rated Leaf Blowers

1. GreenWorks Leaf Blower

At its unbelievable price, every home should have a GreenWorks BA09B00 in the tool shed. This small and mighty corded leaf blower is just what you need for all those tedious outdoor chores. Clear the deck, blow out the garage, clean up the yard, and even blow dry your patio furniture with the flick of a switch.

Almost weightless at just 5.6lbs, this best leaf blower exceeds every expectation with its powerful 530 CFM performance. True to its claims, this leaf blower can handle any light job and works particularly well at close range for tougher jobs. Use the variable speed control to get the right power for the job at any range.

Considering its price, no one is complaining that the GreenWorks BA09B00 doesn’t have a lot of extra features. It doesn’t mulch or have a vacuum feature, and you’ll need to provide your own extension cord. Despite those setbacks, this is an excellent tool for any homeowner with the power and portability to tackle outdoor chores.

2. Hitachi RB24EAP Handheld Leaf Blower

Delivering commercial quality in an easy to use, ultra-light package, the Hitachi RB24EAP is a well-rounded tool for both professionals and homeowners. This leaf blower uses a 1.13 horsepower 2-cycle engine to produce torrential 170mph air speeds. Combined with its 441CFM, this leaf blower will clear clogged gutters, wet grass clippings, and the heaviest debris.

Like similar leaf blowers, the Hitachi RB24EAP operates around 108dB, meaning you may require ear protection for extended use. Of course, the throttle allows for variable speed and power. This leaf blower requires a strong grip at its highest speeds but is actually quite comfortable and easy to maneuver at middle speeds.

In addition to already being affordable, this leaf blower also comes with an unprecedented 7 year consumer warranty. That means your modest investment in this best leaf blower will be protected well after lesser leaf blowers have stopped working.

3. Makita Leaf Blower Kit & Brushless Angle Grinder

Reliable start up is essential for any gas-powered leaf blower, and is just one of the reasons the MaKita BHX2500CA is such a joy to use. Even after a long winter, this leaf blower is known to start dependably with one or two pulls. It’s even more reliable when warmed up, starting the first time every time.

It may be the heaviest of our top contenders at 9.8lbs, but the Makita BHX25OOCA is so well balanced you won’t notice the difference. More importantly, this leaf blower operates at just 68dB thanks to the large capacity muffler. That makes this a great choice for residential areas with noise restrictions.

This may not be the most powerful leaf blower on our list, but it performs well for dry leaves and light debris. The easy, comfortable, quiet operation more than makes up for any lack of power, too. You could use this leaf blower for hours without fatigue, and refueling requires no extra oil mixing. This is the best leaf blower for overall user experience and dependability.

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