Best LED Lantern 2017 – Top 10 Guide & Expert Reviews

LED lanterns are the perfect choice when you need long lasting, powerful, and portable lighting. The best LED lanterns will serve your family in the toughest conditions with weatherproof housing and durable construction. Campers love LED lanterns, but they’re also great in an emergency. An LED lantern is an indispensable resource if the lights go out in your home, or if your car breaks down at night. To help you find the best LED lantern for your needs, we’ve created this list of the top 10 contenders.

Why LED?

LED bulbs are a consumer’s dream. They’re more durable, last longer, and are extremely energy efficient compared to CFL or incandescent bulbs. The best LED lantern models are also a safer and more reliable alternative to traditional kerosene and propane lanterns. They have even become much more affordable in recent years, making LED a no brainer when it comes to portable lanterns.

Best LED Lantern Top 10 Comparison Guide

PictureNameBatteryLumensPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameBatteryLumensPriceRating (1-5)
1. Streamlight Super Siege 120V AC, CoyoteRechargeable, 35 hours3 Settings: 125, 550, 1100$$$$4.9
2. Coleman Quad LED LanternRechargeable,1.5 hours Up to 75 hours on 8 D batteries 190 (4 panels)$$$4.8
3. Ultimate Survival Technologies LED LanternUp to 30 full days3 Settings: 29, 150, 300$$4.7
4. Brightest Camping LED LanternUp to 20 Hours350$4.7
5. Brightest LED Camping & Hurricane LanternUp to 140 hours2 Settings: 300, 500$$4.7
6. LE 500lm Outdoor LED Lantern, IPX4 Shockproof/Skid proofUp to 40 hours2 Settings: 250, 500$4.6
7. CORE CREE LED Battery LanternUp to 65 hours2 Settings: 200, 500$4.6
8. Solar Lantern, AGPtek 5 Mode Hand Crank Dynamo 36 LEDUp to 299 hours2 Settings: 100, 390$$4.5
9. Coleman 4D CPS LED Duo LanternUp to 20 Hours2 Settings: 120, 240$$4.3
10. Coleman Twin LED LanternRechargeable, 2 hours Up to 56 hours on 4 D batteries 175 (2 panels)$$$4.2

Things to Remember About LED Lanterns

All the LED lanterns on our list are great, but there are some key features to consider for each. To help you navigate the field, here’s what to look for in the best LED lantern models:

  • Lumens and Brightness. Lumens are the measurement of brightness used with LED bulbs. About 10 to 12 lumens equals the brightness of one candle. A 40W incandescent bulb could be compared to 450 lumens of brightness. That’s enough to comfortably light a medium sized room. Hanging lanterns increases their area of effect. The best LED lantern may have strong handles for mounting.
  • Portability and Durability. Since many people use LED lanterns outdoors or to camp, portability and durability are key. The best LED lantern should be light enough to carry long distances, yet sturdy enough to survive a tumble. Some are even rugged enough to work in the rain or snow.
  • Battery Life. LED lanterns are extremely efficient, meaning many of the best LED lantern models can last for days on a single set of batteries. Battery life ranges from dozens to hundreds of hours. Rechargeable models are also available, as are solar powered LED lanterns. Perfect for campers, there are even LED lanterns that can recharge your mobile devices using battery power. This is an invaluable feature for emergencies and power outages, too.

Reviews of the Top Rated LED Lanterns

1. Streamlight Super Siege Coyote LED Lantern

This is the best LED lantern for just about every application. It has plenty of features to appeal to campers, survivalists, and everyday users. The most obvious advantage to the Streamlight 44947 is its powerful 1,100 lumen brightness. That can be compared to a super bright 75W incandescent bulb. It’s ideal for task lighting or for lighting an entire campsite.

Of course, you don’t have to use its maximum brightness. The low setting emits 125 lumens, and the medium setting emits 550 lumens. It also features red LEDs that preserves your night vision while providing discreet lighting. A red SOS flash setting is also available. Such versatility makes this great LED lantern perfect for every situation.

The Streamlight 44947 uses a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 35 hours on the low setting, or up to 5 hours at 1,100 lumens. There’s also a USB charging port for your mobile devices. The port is protected by a rubber cover, and the whole lantern is designed to be rugged and waterproof. There’s even a watertight storage compartment in the bottom. Hands down, this is the best LED lantern for the outdoors, whether it be in a recreational or emergency setting.

2. Coleman Quad LED Lantern

The Coleman Quad is a great idea for families who love the outdoors. This cool lantern is made from 4 removable light panels. Panels can be combined for one bright lantern, or taken individually for personal light. Each panel even comes with its own handle and on/off switch.

With all 4 panels, the lantern produces 190 lumens of light. That’s about the same as a 25W incandescent bulb. It takes 8 D batteries and will run for 75 full hours with all panels intact. There’s also a rechargeable battery that allows the panels to run independently for 1.5 hours. We love that this LED lantern is actually 4 fully functional lights in one.

You may not be able to plan for the unpredictable, but with the Coleman Quad you won’t have to. It gives you plenty of usage options and was built to withstand the elements with water resistant housing. This is the best LED lantern for families who want to be prepared for anything that comes their way.

3. Ultimate Survival Technologies LED Lantern

When planning for an emergency, battery life is the all important feature for LED lanterns. The UST 30 Day Lantern takes this point to a new level, featuring a full month of continuous battery life. Even when disaster strikes, this survivalist lantern will faithfully light your way.

With 3 different settings, this LED lantern allows for 30 days of continuous light at 29 lumens. On the other side of the spectrum, it can run for 32 hours on the highest setting of 300 lumens. All this is made possible by just 3 D batteries, meaning this lantern is easy and affordable to maintain.

The housing is rubberized and durable making it slip and water resistant. One of our favorite features is that the top can be removed to reveal the bulb. From there, it can be hanged upside down to provide even brighter light than other hanging lanterns. For its price, versatility, and incredible battery life, this best LED lantern represents the best value.

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