Best Logo Design Software 2017 – Novice to Expert

Each logo you make is the result of your talent and ingenuity and, using the best logo design software can take this skill to the next level. With the best logo design software you are free to express your creativity with endless illustration tools. Build logos from scratch or work off vast clipart libraries, the choice is yours. Depending on your style, logo design software can help you animate your creations, apply 3D effects, work from photographs, and more.

In this review we look at the best logo design software for experts and beginners.

Consider This Before You Buy

Logo designers are usually graphic artists. This means that logo design software is essentially graphic design software. This software gives you hundreds if not thousands of illustrator tools that reproduce almost any medium you can imagine in digital form. The best logo design software should be compatible with drawing convertible tablets for a more natural drafting experience.

Vector files are important to graphic artists. The best logo design software must create vector files that can be easily resized for multiple applications. It must also be able to export to web and printer friendly file formats like .JPG, .PNG, and .TIF.

Photo editing computers and software are often used in conjunction with graphic design software, and some of the best logo design software offers dual functionality. You can create vector source files, then convert and edit the raster files in the same application. This kind of software makes it simple to create, edit, and wirelessly print without hopping from program to program or worrying about file compatibility.

Prices and Learning Curves

Beginner and intermediate logo design software should be relatively inexpensive. For the most part, this kind of software is easy to learn, fairly intuitive, and can produce professional results with the proper application.

True professional logo design software costs hundreds of dollars in exchange for the most advanced illustrator and editing tools. This kind of software can take years to fully master and may require some tutorials in the beginning to give you an idea of their broad abilities.

Subscription based pay models are wildly unpopular with graphic artists. They require a monthly fee to use their product. The software on this list is all single-sale meaning you pay once for a full license to use the product.

Best Logo Design Software Top 5 Comparison Guide

PictureNameSystem RequirementsPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameSystem RequirementsPriceRating (1-5)
1. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 - Amazon Exclusive - Includes RAW Photo EditorWindows 7 or higher, 2GB RAM, 1GB free disk space $$$$4.4
2. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 [Download]Windows 7 or higher, 2GB RAM, 1GB free disk space $$$4.2
3. US Serif Software DrawPlus X8Windows XP or higher, 512MB RAM, 820MB free disk space $4.2
4. Corel PaintShop Pro X9 UltimateWindows 7 or higher, 2GB RAM, 1GB free disk space $3.9
5. MAGIX Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 12Windows 7 or higher, 500MB RAM, 300MB free disk space $3.9

Reviews of the Top Rated Logo Design Software

1. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 (Amazon Exclusive)

Corel has made a huge impact on logo design since Adobe’s decision to use a subscription based pay model. Today, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 is the professional’s choice for logo design software bar none. It’s perfect for the design process from conception to completion.

What makes CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 so good for logo designers? First, it offers simple bitmap to vector tracing for easy and dependable file conversion. Next, it offers a huge amount of royalty free content including 10,000+ pieces of clipart, fonts galore, and thousands of stock images. Use these with the drawing tools or with the image editing tools to create unique logos your clients will love. There are even advanced organizational options for all your content, from image files to fonts.

With this edition of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, they have broadened their image editing appeal. This includes additions like Gaussian blur, a healing clone tool, and layer Show/Hide previews. Advances like this put CorelDRAW on par with the likes of Photoshop and other dedicated image editors.

Normally, you would expect this sort of powerful, inclusive software to be complicated and difficult to use. Corel wants to make it easy for beginners and experts alike, so they’ve included interactive Startup tutorials. There is also a wealth of resources available on their website including video tutorials and webinars. Be confident that no matter what your skill level is now, CorelDRAW will help you make the most out of your talent and their powerful software.

2. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7

For beginners and intermediate users, a powerful program like CorelDRAW may not be necessary. US Serif DrawPlus X8 provides the basic tools you need to create beautiful logos from scratch. With this software you get a wide selection of brushes and mediums to choose from when planning your design. Unlock unlimited potential with the ability to create custom brushes as well.

We appreciated the attention to detail this program retains when used alongside a drawing tablet. You get smooth, natural reproduction that records the pressure of your strokes. Vector pattern fills make texture work easy, adding a sense of depth to your work. The program also comes with over 600 different fonts to get you started. Each font can be further customized to create unique effects.

DrawPlus X8’s photo lab is not on the same level as image editors like Photoshop, but it is definitely good enough for most logo designers. You can use layers, apply color correction, crop, clone, use dozens of filters, and more. Once your logo is complete, rest assured that it will look the same in print as it does on your screen thanks to DrawPlus X8’s large selection of Pantone colors.

This program is easy to learn and is a pleasure to explore. No matter your level of technical expertise, DrawPlus X8 is intuitive to anyone who’s ever used MS Paint. Tools and effects are well organized and easy to find. And, if you ever get stuck there are tutorials and startup guides throughout. Perfect for beginners, this program is a great value, costing a fraction of other vector graphic software.

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