Best MP4 Player 2017 – Goodbye MP3 Hello MP4!

For years people have striven to incorporate music into their daily lives. Most recently, we have seen a surge in the popularity of portable video players, specifically, the MP4 player. And, the best MP4 player can bring a vital, visual element to our musical experience and create a multi-sensory dimension for our daily stimulation and entertainment.

If you are ready to upgrade your symphonic experience to include the best visuals modern technology offers, look no further. This review will explore some key characteristics of the most popular MP4 players on the market. Free up requisite space on your phone and take your audio and visual entertainment anywhere you may go.

Advantages of Purchasing an MP4 Player

  • Physical Size. The last thing we need is to tote one more bulky item in our pocket or bag. However, screen sizes will vary with physical size, occasionally making even the best MP4 player difficult to view. Find a happy medium between weighing yourself down and straining your eyes by having to stare at a small screen.
  • Capacity. The storage capacity of your MP4 player is just as important as the physical size. It can be a challenge shuffling music and video files in your device’s storage to find room for that newest blockbuster movie or slideshow from your most recent family vacation. Be sure that you purchase an MP4 player with sufficient storage. Many top rated MP4 players feature micro SD expansion bays, allowing the user to increase capacity as their virtual library grows.
  • File Type. Many of the best MP4 players are also compatible with additional file formats. Other common file formats include AVI, FLV, WMV, and MOV. It is also easy to be seduced by a small price tag and make a purchase without fully examining the description of the product. If you fall prey to this temptation, you may find yourself the proud new owner of an MP3 player that does not play videos.
  • Features. Check the features for each MP4 player when considering them for purchase. Headphones are important; some MP4 video players will come with lower quality headphones. Be aware, you may have to purchase higher quality listening equipment separately. Other MP4 players will incorporate miniature speakers or even Bluetooth technology.
  • Price. While it is possible to spend a few hundred dollars on a well-known, brand name MP4 player, there is no need. Technology has evolved to the point where you can purchase a quality MP4 player that will function well for many years for a fraction of the price. Shop around, but consider this list of the best mp4 player options for 2017.

Best MP4 Player Top 10 Comparison Guide

PictureNameStoragePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameStoragePriceRating (1-5)
1. Lecmal MP4 Player Voice Recorder Media Player Flash Disk16GB Expandable $$4.9
2. RHDTShop MP4 Digital Music Player 1.7" LCD Screen16GB Expandable $$4.9
3. CetNova Portable Digital MP4 Player With External Speaker8GB Expandable$$$4.8
4. G.G.Martinsen MP4 Player with Photo Viewer16GB$$4.7
5. Tomameri MP4 Player with Rhombic Button, Portable Music and Video Player16GB Expandable $$4.6
6. VicTal Green MP4 Player with Micro SD Card Slot8GB Expandable$4.6
7. Wyne Technology Versatile & Portable Mini MP4 Hi-Fi Media Player16GB Expandable$4.6
8. Thor Slim 1.8" LCD Mp4 Player with accessories64GB$$$4.4
9. ACEE DEAL MP4 Player Slim Classic Digital LCD16GB$$4.2
10. HONGYU MP4 Music Player Hi-Fi Sound 50 Hours Playback with FM Radio Voice Recorder16GB Expandable$$4.1

Top Rated MP4 Player Reviews

1. Lecmal MP4 Player

First up, a super lightweight and portable music player from Lecmal. This best mp4 player fits right in the palm of your hand; it measures only 2.25 inches by 3 inches. While there is no built-in memory on this device, it does come with a 16GB microSD card which can be upgraded to support more storage.

Six hours of playtime will get most people through the day, and if it does not, Lecmal offers simple and efficient charging via the included USB cable. Simple to use, and easy to load up with all your favorite music and video, Lecmal’s MP4 player is sure to please, especially with its reasonable price tag.

2. RHDTShop MP4 Digital Music Player

With noise-cancelling voice recording software and FM radio capabilities, the RHDTShop MP4 player is a slim and portable solution to your on the go entertainment needs. Plug and play design ensures easy setup and ease of use is facilitated by a simple four button operation.

This popular MP4 player features expandable capacity by way of a microSD slot and a 7 inch LCD screen. The included mini USB cable makes for straightforward and efficient charging to complete the package. Economically and aesthetically pleasing, this best mp4 player from RHDTShop is an essential companion during your daily recreational activities or commute.

3. CetNova Portable Digital MP4 Player

Next, a sleek MP4 player from CetNova that features an external speaker. While the built-in 8GB memory may not seem like much, this portable digital MP4 player includes an expansion bay that will support an additional 64GB storage via a microSD card (not included).

This device features a digital audio equalizer with optional sound modes including rock, funk, hip hop, jazz, classical, electronic, and even a customizable setting for your personal tastes in sound quality and levels. It also includes an FM radio function for those who enjoy the antics of their local DJs.

4. G.G.Martinsen MP4 Player

Another popular and affordable device, the versatile MP4 music player from G.G. Martinsen can also be used as an e-reader, photo viewer, voice recorder, FM radio, and video/movie player. It features a 7 sound equalizer that includes natural, rock, pop, classical, soft, jazz, and heavy bass. This is a 16GB MP4 player, without the option to expand, but 16GB should be plenty for the discerning user.

G.G. Martinsen offers a slim design and a simple to use interface. Connect it to the computer, click it, drag and drop your files, and you are ready to go for six hours or so. Great for kids and adults alike, hit the road in style with this chic best MP4 player.

5. Tomameri MP4 Player with Rhombic Button

Tomameri prides itself on friendly and prompt customer service. This means happy consumers. And happy you will be upon receipt of this Tomameri’s MP4 player. A simple copy and paste setup will have you reveling in your digital media in no time. The included 16GB microSD memory card will get you started but rest assured you can upgrade to 32GB with a visit to your nearest office supplies store.

When it is time to recharge, just plug the included mini USB cable into the nearest available USB charging bay and within a couple hours you are in business with a full charge and hours of enjoyment at your fingertips. And, take it wherever you go as it is easily small enough to fit into a pocket, purse, or handbag. You never need be without your digital entertainment.

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