The Best NVR (Network Video Recording) System 2017

When it comes to protecting your home or business, nothing but the best NVR system will do. Beating out DVR (digital video recorder) with better image quality and easier installation, NVR systems are the ideal solution for your video surveillance needs.

Whether you’re upgrading from DVR or if this is your first surveillance system, NVR is the future friendly choice for beginners and pros. While you can buy the NVR unit and cameras separately, many people find it easier and cheaper to buy the whole system at once. Our list of the 10 best NVR systems has something for everyone, all in one convenient package.

Network Video Recording System Feature Guide

Reading NVR spec sheets can be confusing if you’re not already a tech expert. This quick guide should help clear some things up. Here are the important features to consider when choosing the best NVR system for your project.

  • Channels. This is how many cameras you can connect to the NVR unit. Each wired camera requires an Ethernet connection to your NVR, either directly to the unit or through a router or network switch. Wireless units may connect to your NVR via WiFi. It’s wise to get more channels than you need at the time, in case you want to add more cameras later.
  • Camera Resolution. The higher the resolution, the clearer the video will be from your cameras. It’s best to buy the NVR system with the highest resolution you can afford, since you’ll be able to see better detail in faces or license plates. This is especially true when you have to zoom in on a frame.
  • Night Vision. The best NVR systems commonly feature 50ft IR recording or better. If you need strong night vision, for example outside your home at night or in a closed warehouse, then look for night recording at 100ft+ with powerful IR LEDs to help brighten the image.
  • Storage. Recorded video takes up a lot of storage, especially at high resolutions. The best NVR systems come with at least 1TB of on board memory, but remember that the more cameras you use, the more storage you’ll need. Of course, you may also easily move files to online storage with an NVR system.
  • Weatherproof Cameras. Since at least some of your cameras will likely be outdoors, it’s important for them to be weatherproof. All the best NVR systems include some weatherproofing, but look for an IP64 or higher waterproofing grade.

Best NVR Top 10 Comparison Guide

PictureNameChannelsStoragePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameChannelsStoragePriceRating (1-5)
1. Funlux 8 Channel NVR Simplified PoE8CH, (8) 720p cameras included1TB$$4.7
2. GW Security HD IP 4K NVR Security System8CH, (4) 1080p cameras included2TB$$$4.6
3. OOSSXX HD 1080P Wireless Network/IP Security Camera System8CH, (8) 1080p cameras included2TB$$$4.5
4. SMONET 960P HD Wireless/WiFi Security Camera System8CH, (4) 480p cameras included1TB$$4.4
5. Safevant Full HD Video Security System8CH, (4) 480p cameras included1TB$$4.4
6. 5MP NVR PoE IP Security Camera System16CH, (12) 1920p cameras included4TB$$$$4.3
7. SMONET Video Security System WIFI NVR Kits4CH, (4) 1080p cameras included2TB$$4.2
8. A-ZONE Security NVR HD IP PoE Security Camera System4CH, (4) 1080p cameras included1TB$$4.2
9. EZVIZ QUAD HD 4MP Outdoor IP PoE Surveillance System4CH, (4) 1080p cameras included2TB$$$4.1
10. LaView 12 IP Camera Security System PoE NVR16CH, (12) 1080p cameras included3TB$$$$4.0

Reviews of the Top Rated NVR Systems

1. Funlux 8 Channel NVR Simplified PoE

Priced for any budget, every homeowner should have the Funlux 8 Channel NVR system watching their house. This system comes complete with NVR unit stocked with 1TB of storage, (8) 720p HD weatherproof cameras, and all the mounting accessories and cabling you need to set up your new home surveillance armada. These cameras use sPoE (simplified Power over Ethernet), meaning they get all their power from the NVR itself. You need just one cable connecting each camera to the network, and won’t need individual power sources for them.

You may be worried about image quality, since these cameras sport some of the lowest resolution on our list. We’re happy to report that the video from this NVR system is sharp and clear, with full visibility up to 50ft. After that, quality starts to drop, but you can still make out key details that could help you identify an intruder.

This NVR system really shines at night. Videos are highly detailed with excellent contrast so that the camera can easily detect movement in the shadows. These fully articulated cameras are rated to see up to 65ft in the dark, and feature IP65 weatherproofing to survive heavy rains. They’re perfect for the outdoors and have a great design that can make these cameras as discreet or obvious as you need them to be.

Funlux have outdone themselves this this affordable NVR system. It’s made for beginners and everyday surveillance needs with its fool-proof installation and simple yet intuitive mobile app. If this is your first NVR system, or if you’re on a tight budget, look no further than the Funlux 8Channel NVR System.

2. GW Security HD IP 4K NVR Security System

For something a little more high tech and powerful, the GW Security HD NVR Security System offers users the latest features to keep your property safe. This NVR system comes with 2TB of on board storage to collect full HD video from the four included cameras. In addition to recording in crystal clear 1080p, these 5MP cameras sport particularly rugged IP66 weatherproof housings. You can install these cameras anywhere outside without worrying about inclement weather.

This system includes four cameras but can use up to 8 channels. The included cameras are FHD, but the NVR unit itself can support 4K video with the right cameras and 4K monitors. These cameras are also powered by PoE, so they can be connected back to the NVR unit for both power and network access.

Like our first contender, the GW Security HD NVR Security system excels at night with up to 100ft of vivid detail. The only downside to this NVR system is that the initial software is for Windows computers only. After that, the free app is available to Android, iOS, Mac, and PC. This NVR system is a great choice for those who need powerful surveillance now with the option to expand later with more cameras.

3. OOSSXX HD Wireless Network/IP Security System

The EZVIZ QUAD Surveillance System is another unmissable deal, giving you eight FHD wireless security cameras and a powerful NVR unit for much less than you expect. Instead of connecting through Ethernet, these cameras each come with a separate power supply. Simply set your up your NVR unit, then plug your cameras in for instant syncing over WiFi. Both the cameras and the NVR unit come with adjustable antenna to direct WiFi signals where you need them most, boosting coverage.

With a full 2TB of storage you can record thousands of hours of video without clearing space. These cameras capture video at 1080p, and despite having only 3 IR LED lights to help them see in the dark, they pick up brilliant images at night or in small unlit rooms. Placing these IP65 cameras outdoors gives them the best dark vision range, around 80ft.

This affordable NVR system is perfect for those who may be intimidated by running wires from their cameras all the way back to the NVR unit or PoE switch. All eight IP cameras operate over WiFi and setup takes less than an hour. With a low learning curve and all the equipment you need for full coverage of your home or office, this NVR system is a complete solution for your surveillance needs.

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