The 10 Best Outdoor Projectors of 2017 – Essential Guide

There are many reasons why individuals choose to purchase the best outdoor projectors. They are great for use at home in outdoor living areas, on campus, or at the office. One of the most prevalent misconceptions is that a projector must be specifically labeled for outdoor use to be suitable for an outside setting. The most important element that determines the best outdoor projectors is the number of lumens.

The projector market is ever evolving and expanding. Many of the terms used to describe outdoor projector features are relatively new words and the lingo can be somewhat confusing. This is why we are helping you with our new 2017 guide of the best outdoor projectors. We are the outdoor projector experts!

Important Considerations

  • The term lumen is a measurement of the amount of light which a device emits or projects.
  • In order for a projector to be suitable for outside use it should be 1,200 lumens or greater.
  • Some of the best outdoor projectors feature HDMI ports. This important if you wish to connect items such as Blu-ray DVD players.

Top 10 Best Outdoor Projectors Comparison Guide

PictureNameLumensHDMIPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameLumensHDMIPriceRating (1-5)
1. ViewSonic PJD5555W WXGA Indoor/Outdoor Projector3,300Yes$$4.8
2. BenQ DLP HD Projector Cinema Grade Lens2,200Yes$$$4.7
3. Optoma HD142X 3D DLP Projector3,000Yes$$$4.7
4. Crenova XPE470 Mini Outdoor/Indoor Home Projector1,200Yes$4.6
5. ViewSonic PJD5155 Projector3,300Yes$$4.6
6. Optoma EH500 Full 3D DLP Network Projector4,700Yes$$$$$4.5
7. ViewSonic PJD5153 Indoor/Outdoor Projector3,300Yes$$4.5
8. Epson VS240 SVGA 3LCD Projector3.000Yes$$4.5
9. Optoma S341 SVGA 3D DLP Projector with Superior Lamp Life3,500Yes$$4.4
10. Crenova XPE460 LED Video Projector Home Cinema Theater1000Yes$4.1

The Many Advantages of Outdoor Projectors

One advantage of opting for one of the best outdoor projectors as opposed to a television is the size of the outdoor viewing projector screen. Projectors provide crisp, clear images just as TVs do. However, the screen sizes available are dramatically larger. Projector screens range from around 65-inches, which is about the size of a big screen TV, to well more than double that size.

Projectors with projector screens cost much less than big screen televisions. This is especially true if you consider a per inch cost basis. Some projectors are referred to as pocket projectors and are extremely portable where as it would be very difficult to tote around a large 80-inch screen TV. They are much more durable for travel as well. One of the biggest advantages is that family movie night is not only better, but much cheaper.

Reviews of the Top Rated Outdoor Projectors

1. ViewSonic PJD5555W Projector

The ViewSonic PJD5555W Portable Projector is excellent for office, home, or school use. It is great for outdoor use boasting 3300 ANSI Lumens. The powerful little projector is perfect for travel as it is designed to be portable to and from your office, home, and outdoor living area. This ViewSonic projector offers a number of video and PC input options.

The ViewSonic projector features awesome HD projector signal support, DynamicEco technology, keystone correction, and 1.1x optical zoom. This provides a standby mode for those times when you need the audiences focus or when the projector is not being used. It reduces the brightness to only 30% and negates the need to restart the projector.

Due to the energy saving Eco-mode and filterless design concept, normal maintenance is reduced to almost zero. It is compact at 3.7 inches high, 4.7 pounds, and is engineered with a slim design. This makes it simple to mount on the ceiling inside or use on a tabletop outside while still packing the power of its much bulkier competitors.

This ViewSonic Projector beams crisp and clear images with just the right touch of illumination. It is designed with BrilliantColor Technology which provides multicolor processing for vibrant, amazingly sharp images. This high end outdoor projector also features state of the art HDMI connectivity for finely detailed 3D pictures. If you are looking for the overall best outdoor projector, you have found it.

2. BenQ DLP HD Projector Cinema Grade Lens

The BenQ W1070 1080P 3D Home Theater Projector is extremely user friendly and provides a professional viewing experience. It offers 3D support in full HDTV 1080p with 2000 ANSI lumens and throws pixilated detail with crisp, clean images.

The BenQ Projector packs a powerful entertainment punch and is capable of throwing images up to 200 inches. This provides the audience with a full on intense viewing experience. This commanding model is engineered with plug and play built in speakers. It offers two HDMI ports for versatile connectivity allowing users to play from multiple devices.

This BenQ Projector has been designed with SmartEco Technology which has been awarded the title of World Leader. It provides dynamic energy savings with optimized projection and drastically lowers costs for routine maintenance. The energy saving feature never compromises its exquisite superior quality picture or optimal lamp life.

The energy saving technology of this BenQ Projector takes it one step further with Eco-Blank Mode. When it has been on for three minutes with no display, it automatically switches over to this money saving mode greatly increasing the life and reliability of the device. Finally it is also backed by BenQ’s one year warranty on parts and labor.

3. Optoma HD142X 3D DLP Projector

The Optoma HD141X Full 3D throws sharper, more detailed images with increased pixilation. There is no need for Blu-ray movies to be downscaled or compressed. It displays the content of almost any 3D display device with true color vibrant images. This list of 3D devices includes Sky3D, PS4, Xbox, and Blu-ray.

The Optoma Full 3D Projector offers the absolute best experience for intense gamers. One can expect high level contrast, lightning speed response times, and vividly bright colors. It throws extra large images to dramatically impact first person shooter and racing games as well. This projector does this through BrillaintColor technology which allows users to fine tune color precision for the ultimate outdoor gaming projector experience.

The Optoma Full 3D Projector features MHL technology making it simple for users to connect their tablets, smartphones, and other such MHL enabled devices to their HDTV. MHL represents Mobile High definition Link. The ability to connect smart devices to you projector creates an entirely new realm of possibilities.

Reveled as one of the best outdoor projectors, this is a small and lightweight projector is perfectly portable. It is also extremely quick and simple to set up. This Optoma Projector throws brilliant, vibrant sharp pictures with 3,000 Lumens providing an intense viewing experience in any outdoor setting. It also works very well in other settings such as home, office, or on campus viewing.

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