10 Best Paper Shredders 2017 – Guide & Expert Reviews

Trust only the best paper shredders to safely and quickly destroy your sensitive documents. These paper shredders are outfitted with great features like anti-jam technology, lightning fast shred speeds, safety sensors, and more. Where lesser paper shredders jam and overheat after just a few minutes, the best paper shredders shred more paper with less down time. In addition to shredding faster and better, the best paper shredders also use complicated cuts that are almost impossible to reconstruct. If you’re still using a simple strip paper shredder, it’s time to upgrade!

We’ve selected the best paper shredders on the market today for their secure cuts, fast shredding speeds, and overall longevity. Check out our new 2017 guide and expert reviews to help make your purchasing decision easy.

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Ready to reduce clutter and securely dispose of your sensitive documents? Before you buy one of the best paper shredders, read our quick guide on the most important features to consider.

  • Security & Cut Type. When you invest in the best paper shredder, your security and privacy are the top priority. How securely destroyed your documents are depends on the type of cut a paper shredder uses. Most of us are familiar with strip cuts, but your documents can easily be reconstructed in strips. Instead, sensitive personal or financial information should be shredded using either cross-cuts or micro-cuts. For ultimate piece of mind, buy a micro-cut shredder to completely destroy your documents.
  • Sheets Per Pass. Depending on your shred volume, it may be wise to buy a paper shredder than can handle 10 or more sheets at once. Trying to shred over the volume limit of your paper shredder is the main culprit of jams and overheating. Sheets per pass refers to the number of pages you can shred at one time. The best paper shredders can handle up to 18 sheets at a time.
  • Bin Capacity. Bins can fill up quickly if you shred a lot. Businesses and home users with high volume shredding needs should consider a high quality paper shredder with the largest bin capacity. This will save you frequent, messy trips to empty the container.
  • Run Time. Anyone who’s ever used a paper shredder knows that they can overheat quickly. Overheating will cause paper shredders to work less efficiently and break more easily. Look for a shredder with enough run time for your needs. Occasional users may only need a shredder that lasts 10 minutes, while frequent users will want something more robust.
  • Other Documents. Junk mail, staples, credit cards, and more can be shredded by some of the best paper shredders. If you intend to shred materials thicker than paper, be sure to check if the paper shredder is designed for the task.

Top 10 Best Paper Shredders Comparison Guide

PictureNameCut TypeSheets Per PassPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameCut TypeSheets Per PassPriceRating (1-5)
1. Bonsaii 4S23 Shredder P-5 SecurityMicro-Cut 8$$$4.7
2. AmazonBasics High Security Paper ShredderMicro-Cut 12$$4.6
3. Fellowes Powershred 79Ci Paper ShredderCross-Cut16$$$4.6
4. Bonsaii EverShred C169-B Heavy Duty Paper ShredderCross-Cut14$$4.6
5. AmazonBasics 6 High Security Paper ShredderMicro-Cut 6$4.5
6. Sentinel FM101P High Paper ShredderMicro-Cut 10$$4.4
7. Royal 1840MX Paper ShredderCross-Cut18$$$4.3
8. Fellowes Powershred 60Cs Paper ShredderCross-Cut10$$4.3
9. Aurora AU740XA ShredderCross-Cut7$4.2
10. SimplyShred PSC418D Heavy Duty Paper Shredder SecurityCross-Cut18$$$4.1

Reviews of the Top Rated Paper Shredders

1. Bonsaii 4S23 Paper Shredder P-5 Security

It’s true that the Bonsaii Evershed Pro 4S23 limits you to 8 sheets per pass when almost all of the competition can handle 10+. We assure you that this best paper shredder’s other features more than make up for that fact. First look at its run time, allowing you to shred for a full 2 hours straight. Even when you test all 120 minutes, this paper shredder never hums above 58dB. It is ultra quiet and lasts unbelievably long, but there’s still more to this awesome paper shredder.

Shredding at impressive speeds of 7.2ft per minute, this fast shredding paper shredder can handle paper, credit cards, staples, and CDs. Credit cards and CDs have their own separate collection bin, while a 6 gallon bin collects paper scraps. Your information will be totally secure with a single pass through this shredder, which uses micro-cuts at just 2mm x 10mm. That’s small enough to meet requirements for Level P-5 security.

Jams are a common problem when shredding in bulk, but not with the Evershed Pro 4S23. This paper shredder comes with powerful anti-jam technology. On the off chance it does become jammed, it automatically rejects the paper so you can quickly fix the problem. It even comes with a 3 year warranty to secure your investment. If you have frequent, high volume shredding needs in or out of the office, this is the best paper shredder for you.

2. AmazonBasics High Security Paper Shredder

The Evershed Pro is an incredible paper shredder, but not everyone needs such a powerful machine. The AmazonBasics 12 Sheet High Security Micro-Cut shredder is ideal for small business or personal use. This paper shredder safely and securely eliminates sensitive documents without breaking the bank. Paper is milled to pieces just 4mm x 12mm small for no chance of reconstruction.

Run time is standard. You can use this paper shredder for about 8 minutes at a time with a 45 minute cool down between uses. This paper shredder can destroy up to 6ft per minute at 12 sheets per pass, which is pretty quick for this price point. The large 6.7 gallon bin makes it so that you won’t have to empty this paper shredder more than once a session.

This budget friendly paper shredder also features great versatility. It can shred CDs/DVDs and credit cards in addition to paper. It also weighs just 28lbs and comes on wheels for easy storage and portability. This is the best paper shredder for everyday shredding needs.

3. Fellowes Powershred 79Ci Paper Shredder

Bar none, the most frustrating part about using a paper shredder is when it jams. You have to stop everything, remove the offending piece, then unravel the mess. It takes a long time and isn’t exactly fun. If you hate paper shredder jams, the Fellowes Powershred 79Ci is the absolute best paper shredder for you.

Using three different anti-jam mechanisms that include their own patented technology, Fellowes has created the most dependable paper shredder on the market. This shredder takes in an astounding 16 sheets per pass, using cross-cuts with a Security Level P4. You can destroy paperclips, staples, junk mail, credit cards, and much more with this versatile machine. Shred entire libraries worth of paper and other materials without a single jam.

Thanks to its amazing shred capacity and speed, you may need to change out the 6 gallon bin mid shred. That’s slightly inconvenient, but a handy LCD indicator will let you know when the bin is full.

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