10 Best Party Speakers of 2017 – Guide & Expert Reviews

For a great party, you need great sounding music. You need the best party speakers. That’s easy. The hard part is finding the best party speakers at the best price. There are a lot of party speakers to choose from. That’s the hard part. But, we’re here to help. We’re the party speaker experts!

First, is your sound system wired or Bluetooth enabled? This will determine if you can use wireless Bluetooth speakers for the party. What about space? Space may determine the size of party speakers that you need. Do you have room for big party speakers? Another important consideration is whether you want rechargeable speakers. And what is your budget?

We’ve made it simple for you to compare features and find the best party speakers that are just right for you.

Additional Things to Consider

The first consideration when buying party speakers is sound. No block party is complete without a sound system that jams. Two important components of the best party speakers are woofers and tweeters.

  • Woofers produce bass sounds while tweeters produce higher sounds.
  • The quality of sound is directly related to the size of these drivers.
  • Another element that is important to most consumers is Bluetooth or wireless connectivity.

Top 10 Best Party Speakers Comparison Guide

PictureNameSizeBluetoothRechargeablePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameSizeBluetoothRechargeablePriceRating (1-5)
1. ION Audio Party Rocker Plus1” Tweeter 8” WooferYesYes$$4.8
2. Pyle Street Blaster Bluetooth Boom Box Speaker & DJ Lights100 Watt MAX PowerYesYes$$4.7
3. Dreamwave TREMOR Wireless Rugged Outdoor Speaker2 Full Range Drivers 2 Passive Radiators 2 TweetersYesYes$$$4.7
4. ION Audio Tailgater with Mic, AM/FM Radio, and USB50 Watt Dynamic Power AmplifierYesYes$$4.6
5. Pyle PADH212 1600W Heavy Duty Speaker5" x 12" Super Horn Midrange/ Tweeter 2 x 12" Subwoofer NoNo$$4.5
6. Monoprice Bluetooth Party Speaker8" Woofer 1/2" Dome TweeterYesYes$$4.4
7. Big Blue Party Indoor Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker2 x 5.5” SubwoofersYesYes$$$4.4
8. Dual 3-way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers.79” Tweeter .99” Mid-Range 4” WooferNoNo$4.4
9. BEHRINGER EUROLIVE Party Speakers1.35” Tweeter 12” WooferYesNo$$$4.3
10. PYLE PSUFM DJ Speaker System with Flashing Lights1000 Watts Peak 500 Watt RMSNoNo$4.3

Party Speaker Benefits to Keep in Mind

There are a number of benefits that come with purchasing the best party speakers. One is that they are generally designed to weigh less making them much more portable. Many consumers believe that only heavy party speakers produce quality sound and, if they are light, they must be junk. The truth is, technology has gotten better and so has lighter weight speakers.

Many individuals look for the best party speakers that are rechargeable to provide location versatility. And, though many party speakers are indeed rechargeable, battery life can vary.

A number of the most popular party speakers are Bluetooth capable. This allows party goers to connect a variety of devices to Bluetooth speakers without all of the unsightly wires. It also means less to pack and carry when traveling.

Reviews of the Top Rated Speakers for Parties

1. ION Audio Party Rocker Plus

The Ion Party Rocker Plus has been dubbed an instant dance party in a box. It features Bluetooth connectivity for playlists on your Android devices, iPhone, iPad, and MP3 Player. This allows you the convenience of storing your party play lists on your mobile device.

Additionally, the Ion Party Rocker Plus also offers its very own party light show. It changes patterns and colors to the beat of your playlist. The built-in LED light system reflects off of the surrounding walls and ceiling. There is a Party Rocker app available for download to allow complete control and customization of your light show.

The package includes a cable and high quality mic for those MC moments. The rechargeable battery is built-in. It supplies enough power for six hours of lights and music. It can provide up to 75 hours of music only play time. The Ion Party Rocker is the perfect companion for a DJs Laptop, block parties, and house parties alike.

2. Pyle Street Blaster Boom Box Speaker

The Pyle Street Blaster party speaker is designed to be portable and will connect to any device that is Bluetooth capable. This makes it convenient to use for parties, whether for the DJ or host. A specific playlist can be created beforehand on a mobile device. Simply plug it in and enjoy this party boombox for hours on end.

It has a built-in rechargeable battery that is guaranteed to keep the music playing and the DJ lights flashing for up to 4 hours straight . It can also be powered by its AC power charge which is included in the box. This little boombox is prefect for planned or spur of the moment DJ party fun.

The Pyle Street Blaster is also NFC compatible (Near Filed Communication). This means it can connect to another NFC capable device, such as a phone, by simply touching the two together or bringing them within the vicinity of each other. With this best party speaker you can bring the convenience of advanced technology with you to the party.

3. Dreamwave TREMOR Rugged Party Speaker

The TREMOR Bluetooth Speaker is a powerhouse portable party speaker ready to rock right out of the box. Touted as one of the best party speakers on the market today, once you power it on you will be shocked by its deep bass and full range studio quality sound. As close to surround sound speakers as a single speaker system can provide.

This party speaker should be able to last longer than almost any party thanks to its rechargeable lithium polymer battery that is said to be able to provide up to 18 hours of play time (8 hours at maximum volume and bass). Along with the long battery life, this awesome party speaker is fully Bluetooth enabled allowing you to sync up with your smartphone or tablet in just seconds. We also enjoyed being able to use the instant pairing NFC feature.

Another thing that cannot be missed with this party speaker is its durability. The manufactures went as far as to get IPX5 certified. This means you can expect full shockproof defense as well as protection against dust, sand, water, and snow.

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