Best PC Game Controller 2017 – Guide, Reviews, Pro Tips

There are many different platforms available today from which to enjoy the video gaming experience. With so many options, it really comes down to personal preference and to which gimmicks you are willing to subscribe. For those gamers who still prefer to play in front of their home computer there is a huge variety of best pc game controller options available. There are the game controllers you may already have (Xbox, PS4, etc.) that will work with your gaming PC, and those after market “professional” controllers that you may not have considered; there is something out there for everyone and for every style of game play.

Classic arcade games, live action games, multi-player interactive games, driving/racing games, the list goes on. Each of these styles can be played with a variety of different game controllers. Because of this, there are more than a few things to take into consideration. Even the aesthetic value of a given PC game controller may take precedence to functionality for some obsessive gamers. Here we list and review the most popular choices of the best PC game controller models available today. Choose carefully, the fate of your digital world may hang in the balance!

Best PC Game Controller Top 10 Comparison Guide

PictureNameWirelessPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameWirelessPriceRating (1-5)
1. ARION Rapoo V600 Wired Controller Gamepad Ergonomic Vibration ControllerNo$$5.0
2. GC20 Transparent LED Dual Vibration Controller for Microsoft Xbox 360/PCNo$$4.9
3. Dual Shock Joystick Pad Wired Game Controller, 2pkNo$4.9
4. Snakebyte Gamepad Premium Wireless Bluetooth ControllerYes$$4.8
5. XFUNY(TM) Wireless Bluetooth Classic 8Bitdo NES30 Pro Gamepad Joystick ControllerYes$$$4.7
6. 8Bitdo Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad ControllerYes$4.6
7. SCUF Infinity1 Red ControllerYes$$$$4.6
8. Eeoo Mini Bluetooth Remote Controller GamepadYes$4.5
9. ZD-V+ USB Gaming Controller Gamepad For PCNo$4.4
10. ZD W USB Wired gaming ControllerNo$$4.3

Things to Consider

  • Compatibility. Many of the more traditional gaming systems are plug and play, meaning that you simply plug the gaming console into the wall and the controller into the console and you are ready to play. Maybe there is a little bit of a fuss connecting to the internet and WiFi but they are generally good to go right out of the box. Sadly, this is not always the case when preparing for PC game play. You may need plug adapters, device drivers, or find that you are lacking Bluetooth compatibility. Gamers must be prepared to jump through a few hoops in order to seamlessly integrate even the best PC game controller into their at home computer system.
  • Design. Another factor that one must consider is the overall design of your new PC gaming controller and the playability that it will offer each individual user. This is a matter of personal preference. Some users will require wireless capability; others will find that a device is either too large or too small for their hands, or even that the device itself can be slippery during aggressive game play. Weight can be another key factor for the unremitting game player. A controller should have some heft but not enough to cause discomfort after several hours of play.
  • Configuration/Response. Button configuration is also very important when considering the best PC game controller. Placement of keys and analog paddles must be easy to reach and fire rapidly with great response time and snapback. Many gamers prefer the buttons to be programmable. Some devices even offer the option to configure the buttons on the fly or during playtime.
  • Batteries. Be sure to look into the battery requirements for both your wired and wireless purchases. Does your potential purchase require alkaline batteries? Or does it recharge on a base or with a USB charger? The big question here is how long you will be able to play between battery changes.
  • Price. The best PC game controller for you can range from the price of a few cups of coffee to as much as a gaming system itself.

Reviews of the Top Rated PC Game Controllers

1. ARION Rapoo V600 Controller Gamepad

Right at the top of the list is the ARION Rapoo V600. This is a wired PC game controller minimizing latency or lag in the games response time when a button is fired. Featuring an ergonomic design and palm rests to eliminate fatigue during those endless hours of play, this device also places the sensory elements of the game right in the palm of your hand.

Compatible with Windows, PC360, Playstation3, and Android 4.0 this affordable option is sure to create an exhilarating experience no matter what platform on which you choose to use it. Updates are also a breeze with readily available firmware and driver software on the Rapoo website.

2. GC20 Transparent Controller for Xbox 360/PC

Another great option for the avid gamer is the GC20 Transparent LED game controller. Constructed for use with the Xbox 360 this is another affordable device that will also integrate with your PC for a hassle free gaming experience. The GC20 PC game controller is designed for user comfort and a truly customizable gaming experience. This wired device, for truly lag free game play, features dual motors for enhanced vibratory response and a four channel LED display to complete the sensory experience.

This device also features an integrated gaming headphones port for live play. A light piece of equipment that does not require external batteries, this best pc game controller is a great choice for the gamer on a budget.

3. Dual Shock Joystick Pad, 2pk PC Game Controller

Sold as a two pack, the Dual Shock Joystick by Glift definitely provides plenty of bang for your buck. Its ergonomic design offers comfort for endless hours of game play and the concave buttons and analog sticks make this device a joy to use. This is a truly plug and play option for both the Xbox and your Windows machines allowing for the immediate gratification of those virtual urges. Just open the box, plug it in and you’re ready to go.

It’s a corded PC game controller for those looking for lag free play, but as long as you’re not an animated player who bounces around the room, this little gizmo will surely do any job you ask of it.

4. Snakebyte Gamepad Bluetooth PC Controller

The Snakebyte Gamepad is the first wireless controller on this list and it features Bluetooth compatibility for mobile gaming. Touted for its “extremely low wireless latency”, the Snakebyte integrates seamlessly with your mobile devices as well as with a Bluetooth capable PC. No additional software required.

A built-in Lithium-Ion battery provides plenty of power for extended game play and the device comes with a three meter cable for charging and USB connection.  Top quality and a solid feel make this a viable option for any serious mobile or PC gamer.

5. XFUNY Classic 8Bitdo NES30 Pro Game PC Controller

While many of the devices on this list are modeled after the Xbox controllers, the XFUNY Wireless Classic offers a decidedly retro feel. It is modeled after the original Nintendo controllers. Other than aesthetics, this controller is nothing like the old school controllers of days gone by. It offers fully programmable buttons and includes the analog joysticks that have become standard fare on the best pc game controller models. It also incorporates Bluetooth connectivity as well as the option to use it as a wired device reducing lag and charging the paddle while playing.

A fully integrated 480mAh battery provides up to 20 hrs of play on a single charge. This genuinely versatile PC game controller supports iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows operating systems for use on any stage. This throwback game controller will meet all your needs in style without breaking the bank.

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