Best Phone Car Mount 2017 – Expert Reviews & Pro Tips

The best phone car mounts are inexpensive items that everyone should have. They keep your phone safe and secure while you drive, allowing you to take calls, use GPS, or play iTunes without having to take your attention off the road. Once you use one of the best phone car mount options available today you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. No matter what model of smartphone or vehicle you have, the perfect phone car mount is out there. Find the most convenient, reliable, and easy to use phone car mounts with our new 2017 top 10 list below.

What to Consider Before You Buy

A few years ago, windshield phone mounts were everywhere. Now, dangerous and unwieldy windshield mounts are out and the best phone car mount models come as either clips or magnets. By attaching to your vent, dashboard, or CD player, clip and magnetic phone car mounts keep your field of vision and your hands free. Here’s a quick guide to the key differences between phone mount types:

  • Clip/Cradle. Classic cradle phone car mounts use adjustable clips to hold your smartphone in place. They usually clip onto your air vent, suction onto your dashboard, or use adhesive for more versatile placement. Clips are great for smartphones and GPSs but typically can’t hold tablets.
  • Magnet. Magnetic car phone mounts use magnetic bases and magnetic discs or chips to hold your phone to your dashboard. By installing the base and placing a sticker on the back of your smartphone case you have one handed access to mount, remove, and position your mobile device. The best magnetic phone car mounts are even strong enough to work with heavy tablets and GPS devices.

Best Phone Car Mount Top 10 Comparison Guide

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
1. Arkon Car Mount Phone HolderClip$$4.6
2. aLLreLi Magnetic Car Mount Holder, Fits All SmartphonesMagnet$$4.5
3. Tryone Universal Magnetic Car Mount HolderMagnet$$4.5
4. CAW Universal Magnetic Car Mount For any Phone, GPS or Light TabletMagnet$$$4.4
5. Mpow Dashboard Car Phone MountClip$4.3
6. One Press Install Air Vent Car Phone MountClip$4.2
7. CelGo Universal Cell Phone Car Mount Holder for all smartphonesClip$$$4.1
8. iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount HolderClip$$4.0
9. WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mount HolderMagnet $4.0
10. Z-Edge 3 in 1 Universal Cell Phone Car Mount Cradle HolderClip$$3.9

Reviews of the Top Rated Phone Car Mounts

1. Arkon Car Mount Phone Holder

Phone car mounts that use suction are usually a gamble. Will it stick? Will it lose suction? The Arkon Car Mount Phone Holder has heavy duty suction that sticks to any smooth surface to ensure yours and your phone’s safety while driving. This phone mount for cars comes with a sticky base that uses a lever to clamp down on your dash, center console, or windshield. To remove the base, simply raise the lever again.

The base will hold firm unless it gets dirty. When that happens, just rinse with water to make the Arkon Car Mount Phone Holder like new again. Once the base is installed, the cradle is securely screwed onto a spherical mount, allowing for your device to be moved 360°. Clipping your phone in is easy, too. The spring-loaded arms open easily to accept your phone but then provide a tight, secure fit for even the bumpiest rides.

As if its awesome performance and quality construction weren’t enough, this phone car mount comes with a 2-year warranty. We couldn’t find a better value anywhere else on the market, making the Arkon Car Mount Phone Holder the best phone car mount around.

2. aLLreLi Magnetic Car Mount Holder

It’s easy to slap two magnets together and call it a phone mount, which is why it’s so great to see aLLreLi’s amazing Magnetic Car Mount Holder. This fine accessory is made from durable chrome that won’t deteriorate from sunshine and extreme temperatures like cheap plastic mounts do.

Just an inch and a half tall, your phone won’t stick out too far from where you mount it. This can be a problem with other bulkier phone mounts. Instead, with the aLLreLi Magnetic Car Mount your device is contained in a small space but able to rotate 360°.

What we really like about the aLLreLi Magnetic Car Mount are the plain silver magnetic discs. The kit comes with enough of these discs for all your devices and since they’re clear they won’t distract if you choose to place them on the back of any old or new phone. Along with multiple discs, the kit also includes three adhesive stickers for the aLLreLi base. The adhesive won’t last forever and needs to be changed about twice a year. It’s thoughtful for the company to include extras, especially for this best phone mount’s inexpensive price.

3. Tryone Universal Magnetic Car Mount Holder

Look no further than the Tryone Universal Car Mount If you’ve ever been frustrated by weak, cheap magnetic phone mounts. Equipped with a super strong neodymium magnet on the base, the large disc magnet is equally as secure. This kit includes a leather magnetized chip that slips between your phone and its case. You may also adhere it to the back of your phone if you don’t mind the bulk. The combination makes for the strongest magnetized best phone car mount we tested.

Similar to the aLLreLi Magetic Car Mount Holder, the Tryone Universal Mount sticks out just 1.8” from your dash. The wide 1.5” diameter base where you attach your phone allows you to twist, turn, and tilt your phone to the perfect angle. We also like that the base’s metal plate is covered in leather. This is gentler on your phone case than other magnetized phone mounts for cars. Get this best phone car mount if you want versatility and style without breaking the bank.

4. CAW Universal Magnetic Car Mount

Similar to the first two magnetic phone car mounts on our list, the CAW Universal Magnetic Car Mount uses a combination of a magnetized base and chip that you can tuck between case and phone. The difference is that the CAW Car Mount is incredibly small, just 1.1×1.1x.9 inches. Despite its small size, the neodymium magnets in this kit rival the power of the Tryone Car Mount in a much more compact package.

Perfect for small cars and cramped dashes, this tiny best phone car mount gives you the freedom to change between landscape and portrait modes and turn it 360°. Positioning is more limited than with the other options on our list, but that’s the downside of having such a compact mount. If you have a little extra to spend and like a minimal design, the CAW Universal Magnetic Car Mount is perfect for you.

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