Best Portable Monitor 2017 – Top 8 Guide & Reviews

It’s amazing how much bigger your entertainment world can become with the simple addition of a portable monitor. The best portable monitors can be used with your tablet, phone, laptop, gaming console, camera, and more to bring you high quality video anywhere. Choose a pocket sized portable monitor to run with your Raspberry Pi3, or mount a 15.6” model beside your laptop’s display to double your work space. The applications are endless, but choosing the best portable monitor for your needs isn’t always obvious. Keep reading to learn what the best portable displays have to offer and how to pick the best one for you.

Best Portable Monitor Top 8 Comparison Guide

PictureNameScreen SizeResolutionPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameScreen SizeResolutionPriceRating (1-5)
1. Kuman HD Display TFT LCD Portable Monitor7”1024x600$4.7
2. GeChic LED Portable Monitor]15.6”1920x1080$$$$4.5
3. Elecrow 1080P LED Portable Monitor11.6”1366x768$$4.5
4. GeChic 1303H Portable Monitor13.3”1920x1080$$$4.2
5. Eyoyo HDMI Monitor Portable 4:3 TFT LCD Mini HD8”1024x768$4.0
6. GAEMS M155 HD LED Performance Portable Gaming Monitor15.5”1280x720$$3.8
7. ASUS MB169C+ Full HD Portable Monitor15.6”1920x1080$$$3.7
8. AOC e1659Fwu Ultra Slim Portable LED Monitor16”1366x768$$3.6

Remember This About Monitors That Are Portable

The best portable monitors come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of functionality. You can get anything from a simple model to keep your kids busy in the back seat to a full sized HD 4K monitor designed for gamers and professionals.

The one thing that all of these portable monitors have in common is their exceptional durability and portability. Carry these monitors with you anywhere, secure in the knowledge that they were meant to be moved. The best portable monitor should be built with sturdier construction than average monitors and can withstand the rigors of travel. Despite their rugged designs, many of the most popular portable monitors are also lightweight.

Here are some other specs to consider when choosing the best portable monitor for your needs:

  • Stands and Mounting. Many of the top rated portable monitors come with fold-out stands that act similarly to picture frames. Others come with more robust, removable stands that look more like a typical monitor support. Still others come with collapsible racks you can choose to carry with you or leave behind. Put simply, each portable monitor has different stand and mounting options, so look carefully at this feature before making a purchase.
  • Power Options. Some portable monitors are able to pull power directly from your device via USB. Others require their own separate power supplies. PSUs for portable monitors tend to be small and easy to toss in your bag, but for true freedom look for USB powered models.
  • Speakers. Most of the portable monitors on our list feature integrated speakers, however audio quality varies widely as it does with any type of display. To get better portable sound, these monitors usually provide audio jacks for headphones or speakers. Affordable wireless Bluetooth speakers are also ideal companions to use alongside portable monitors.

Top Rated Portable Monitor Reviews

1. Kuman HD Display TFT LCD Portable Monitor

The first entry in our Top 8 list is also the smallest and most affordable. The Kumen HD Display is only 7” diagonally and fits easily in your laptop backpack or even your pocket for quick travel. This mini display weighs just under 2lbs, but don’t underestimate this monitor based on its small size. Kumen managed to pack an impressive 1024×600 resolution on this tiny portable monitor, and that’s just the beginning.

One of the first things you notice about this portable monitor are its sharp, saturated colors. Considering its price, this monitor delivers vibrant video right out of the box. Brightness, contrast, and color can all be adjusted through the monitor’s front panel interface. The Kuman HD Display remains bright even in indirect sunlight and can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can also control display orientation, making this portable monitor easy to mount at any angle.

This best portable monitor can be used with just about any device even though it was designed with the Raspberry Pi line in mind. It’s made even more versatile with its included removable, rotatory stand. Use it to stand the monitor upright or even mount it upside down from the ceiling. You can easily remove the stand as well, turning it into a great lap or handheld monitor. The Kuman HD Monitor exceeds our every expectation and all at an unbeatable price.

2. GeChic  LED Portable Monitor]

If you saw the Kuman and thought it was “cute” but not exactly what you were looking for, we’ve got you covered. The GeChic 1503h is a full 15.6” display featuring true 1920×1080 HD resolution and an IPS panel for high fidelity color reproduction. Even though the screen is twice the size of the Kuman, it still weighs just 1.8lbs and is less than half an inch thick.

No need to worry about damaging this best portable monitor in transit. It comes with a proprietary protective hard case to keep your GeChic 1503h looking and performing its best. When you’re ready to set up shop, a removable and adjustable magnetized stand allows you to get the perfect angle for your work space. Remove the stand with the turn of a screw, or replace it entirely with a VESA mount or tripod.

The GeChic 1503h is cleverly designed to keep your area clean and neat. Operational buttons and ports can both be found along the left side and the unit comes with an optional rear dock to keep Raspberry Pis, TV sticks, and other bulky hardware out of the way. Of course, we can’t forget to mention that this portable monitor is also USB-C powered, meaning it’s a single cable operation. Ultimate convenience meets unrivaled quality in this quality portable monitor.

3. Elecrow 1080P LED Portable Monitor

We admit that the glittery gold Elecrow 11.6” monitor may not be to everyone’s taste. We can all agree that its impressive performance speaks for itself, however. This little screen is the lightest in our top 3, weighing just 1.3lbs and feeling feather light in your hands. It’s an inch thick with an aluminum chassis which gives this monitor a durable feel despite its near imperceptible weight.

Native resolution starts at 1366×768, but you can push it to 1080p for HD content if necessary. We were blown away by the crisp, extra wide 170-degree viewing angles. This portable monitor performed better than even the GeChic 1503h in that test, making it a great choice for a multi-monitor configuration. It comes with a detached metal rack for using at the desk and can be used with VESA mounts as well. The only downside is that this portable monitor uses a 12V power supply, but if you don’t mind the extra cable the Elecrow 11.6” won’t disappoint.

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