10 Best Powered Speakers 2017

No matter what your reasons for buying the best powered speakers, you should be getting the best ones to suit your needs. Whether you need them for your music gigs, to play music at your bar or restaurant, or even for song mixing purposes, you’ve come to the right place to find out all you need to know about them.

This is the ultimate guide to the best powered speakers. We help you to understand what to look out for, give you a list of the top ten best powered speakers available, and even offer reviews on the top three.

Things to Consider for the Best Powered Speakers

Choosing the best powered speakers all really depends on your needs. Ask yourself the following questions before you go shopping and your answers will assist you in making the right choice.

  • When choosing your powered speaker system, you need to know roughly how many people you will be playing for and in what kind of space you will be in. Basically, if you are playing in a small space to a small number of people, then you won’t need that much power. But if you are outdoors, then you want the sound to reach all people equally. The basic rule is the more people that need to be reached, then the more power you will need.
  • The next point to consider is whether you want speakers that are portable or fixed. This also depends on whether you will use them in one specific space or take them from one location to another.
  • Think of some of the features you may need. Things like Bluetooth, remote controls, and even pivot control with stands are all great features.
  • Today, there are also advanced all in one PA systems and even intelligent speaker systems. If you are willing to invest and they are good for your work, then consider those rather than buying just the best powered speakers alone.

Top 10 Best Powered Speakers Comparison Guide

PictureNameCome in Pair?PriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameCome in Pair?PriceRating (1-5)
1. Mackie THUMP12 Thump Series 12-Inch Powered Loudspeaker No$$$4.8
2. Behringer EuroLive B210DNo$$4.7
3. Powerwerks PW50 Portable PA SystemNo$4.6
4. Behringer EuroLive B212XL No$$4.4
5. Seismic Audio Tremor_18-PW - Powered PA 18-Inch Subwoofer Speaker Cabinet No$$$$4.3
6. PYLE-PRO PPHP103MU 10-Inch 600 Watt Powered Two-Way Speaker No$$4.3
 7. Behringer EuroLive B212D No$$$4.3
8. PYLE-PRO PPHP123MU 12-Inch 800 Watt Powered Two-Way Speaker No$$4.0
9. Package: (2) Rockville RPG15 2,000 Watt 2-Way DJ/PA Powered Speakers Yes$$$$3.9
10. Rockville RPG10 10" Powered Active 600 Watt 2-Way DJ PA Speaker SystemNo$$3.9

3 Best Powered Speakers Reviews

1. Mackie THUMP12

This is a very aptly named powered speaker because, apparently, the sound literally thumps because it is so loud. The Mackie offers 1000W of power without even getting close to overheating. It gets its power from a 12” premium subwoofer and a 1.4” titanium dome. No matter what venue you are using it at, it will always run cool and you won’t be susceptible to thermal shutdowns.

The Mackie Thump12 stands out from the rest of the speakers in its class for being affordable while also giving amazing sound. What’s more it is very lightweight at only 29lbs. These best powered speakers are some of the most lightweight and portable models available on the market. Despite its light weight, its cabinet is made of polypropylene. This means it is designed to withstand heavy use without suffering tears and cracks like often seen with inferior cabinets.

The speakers are optimized to give you enhanced sound without the need for add on systems. It is capable of splitting the highs and the lows just as they should be.

Buyers of the Mackie Thump12 have given great reviews in terms of how much value they are getting at such an affordable price. Users are enjoying the sound and some are even stunned by how loud it is without being bulky and heavy.

2. Behringer B210D

The Behringer Eurolive B210D is an active 200 Watt 2-Way PA Speaker System that boasts a 10″ Woofer and 1.35″ Compression Driver which is suitable for both live performances and playback applications.

The speaker is super compact and light weight yet it can deliver amazing sound even at extreme levels. The German technology of Behringer is all about power. Every Eurolive D speaker has two high current amplifiers giving you a total output of 200 Watts. What this means for you is that the speakers can reach maximum sound levels without any distortion.

At the same time, these high levels can be reached without causing damage to your powered speakers. This is because each of this brand’s speakers comes with internal protection circuits.

What’s more, you simply hook up an iPod, a microphone, or any such device and you have an instant PA system! Buyers of this brand of speakers are loving the value for the money and the great portability of the speakers. Above all, their sound drives a hard punch and they are pretty loud no matter how much you push them.

3. Powerwerks PW50

Being an all in one PA system, the Powerwerks is definitely very competitively priced. It combines quality and performance and really packs a punch when it comes to sound. It is also quite portable which gives it a great advantage as some of the best powered speakers.

It is also flexible enough to allow you to connect two or more units to it which is a perfect option for a band if they need it. When it comes to venues, the PW50 fares well both indoors and outdoors carrying great sound.

Buyers of this powered speaker found that, although this price is only for one speaker, it was quite a good buy and they enjoyed the unexpected quality of sound. However, others complained that after long hours and months of usage, it did not stand up to the pressure and started causing issues.

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