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The art of screenwriting involves pushing your creativity to the limit to finally complete your written masterpiece. After grueling days, months, or sometimes even years spent on your script, it can be an incredible disappointment to be rejected for not sticking to routine script formats. The best screenwriting software helps writers avoid this pitfall by crafting your written work into the easily read screenplay format. Screenwriting software is a great tool to use whether you’re a novice or a well-experienced screenwriter, as they help simplify the screenwriting process.

Things to Consider

  • Software compatibility is a main feature to keep in mind when deciding on the best screenwriting software for your needs. Is the software compatible with Mac, PC, or Linux? You’ll want to avoid software that doesn’t offer compatibility with your desktop or laptop.
  • The next key feature you’ll need to keep in mind is formatting. Industry-standard pagination is the goal for your screenplay. It will be in your best interest to choose software that adheres to the formatting standard. Are you planning on writing for television or a movie? Make sure that the formatting of the software is consistent with your industry.
  • Finally, does the screenwriting software program support other products? This is extremely important if you plan to send out your screenplay to a friend or producer via email. If your software program choice doesn’t support other programs then you will have a far more difficult time getting your work read.

Best Screenwriting Software Top 6 Comparison Guide

PictureNameCompatibilityPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameCompatibilityPriceRating (1-5)
1. Final Draft 10MAC OS X Windows 7 $$$$5.0
2. Script It! [Download]PC Download Mac Disc Mac Download$$4.5
3. Movie Outline 3PC/Mac Disc$$$4.4
4. Mariner Contour PCPC Disc PC Download$4.2
5. Scrivener 2 [Download]PC Download Mac Download$$4.1
6. Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 [Download]Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows XP MAC OS X$$$4.0

Reviews of the Top Rated Screenwriting Software

1. Final Draft 10

Final Draft has been an industry standard best screenwriting software program for years. Having been utilized by some of the most well known screenplay writers, such as James Cameron and J.J. Abrams, Final Draft has been a popular choice amongst many.

Whether you’re a serious screenwriter or just write screenplays as a hobby, Final Draft has been a favorite for a reason. Although one of the most expensive software’s available, Final Draft makes up for its cost with its intuitive formatting. Compatible with both Mac and PC computers, everyone can make use of this software.

Some of the key features of Final Draft 10 are the Story Map, collaboration capabilities, and endless templates to choose from. With the Story Map feature you can see how many pages your script is and the length of each of your scenes. If you need to send your script over to a producer, then Final Draft will work perfectly as it allows you to share files in the “Collaboration” section. Finally, no matter what kind of scripts you plan to write, Final Draft has a template for it.

Although Final Draft is an industry favorite, it still has some improvements to make. One of the biggest complaints surrounding Final Draft is that the software is still stuck in an outdated script-writing model.

Overall, Final Draft 10 is one of the best screenwriting software programs on the market as it features tons of templates, collaboration options, and an intuitive interface.
On the more affordable end, Script It! is a best screenwriting software option for the novice screenwriter. Script It! prides itself on being a screenwriting software that offers users a genuinely useful tool for one of the best prices on the market.

2. Script It! [Download]

Script It! outlines your script out for you, making it easy to find a particular scene and organize your screenplay perfectly. The software is compatible with PC download and Mac disc/download as well.

Some of the more notable aspects of the Script It! software is the character names wizard, character notes, and a wealthy amount of tips for beginners. With the character names wizard, you can easily pull up a list of various names with their meanings and origin. This is great for a writer looking for unique names to work with.

With the character notes function, you can keep an easily accessible biography of each of your character’s to retrace while writing up your script. It is incredibly helpful if you don’t want to keep second-guessing your character’s personal development throughout the story.

Finally, Script It! is filled with a multitude of tips and tricks within the screenwriting software to help you along with your writing process. Although the software wouldn’t be a particularly great fit for an experienced screenwriter, as it lacks some of the necessary details and graphics that come with more intricate software’s, it is still a great choice for a beginner looking to organize their first screenplay.
Compatible with both Mac and PC computers, Movie Outline 3 is another best screenwriting software program for those looking to learn about the process of organizing a screenplay.

3. Movie Outline 3

Aspiring screenwriters will find the methodology behind the Movie Outline 3 to be easy to follow. What makes Movie Outline 3 stand out amongst screenwriting software is its step-by-step outline approach.

The software helps you to organize your screenplay by giving you access to outline breakdowns of well known screenplays from films like When Harry Met Sally. Presenting you with the breakdown of other screenplays allows you to analyze the structure of the template and how a successful screenplay is arranged.

Another clever feature from Movie Outline 3 is its Dialogue Spotlight which lets you see all of your character dialogue at once, giving you the opportunity to spruce up the writing or double-check that all of your characters have continuity in their speaking style.

Movie Outline 3 is a perfect choice for aspiring and intermediate writers looking to effectively write up a script.

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