Best Spanish Learning Software 2017 – Expert Reviews

There are many reasons to learn Spanish as a language, whether you want to gain an edge in your career or be able to converse with the locals on vacation. The best Spanish learning software will make learning a new language fun and easy thanks to engaging content and helpful tests.

In this review we take a look at the best Spanish learning software to help you reach your linguistic goals. Whether you just need to learn the basics or want to become fully fluent in Spanish, these software programs can help.

Not All Spanish Learning Software Is Created Equal

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing the best Spanish learning software to best fit your needs.

  • Mobile Compatibility. For those more often on their phones than their computers, software with a matching mobile app is the perfect solution. The best Spanish learning software may come with mobile apps that allow you take lessons on the go. Play lessons on your morning commute, or complete tests during your lunch break. Now you can never be too busy to learn a new language
  • Read, Write, Speak and Listen. Some software focuses on conversational Spanish, with an emphasis on speaking, listening, and accents. Other software is more text-oriented, which are better to teach you reading and writing. The best Spanish learning software is comprehensive, teaching you all of the above.
  • Tests and Games. Learning a language is more than just fun and games, but it certainly does not have to hurt. Fun, engaging tests and games can make the difference between a good Spanish learning aid and a bad one. The best Spanish learning software has a good balance of hard lessons and fun activities.

Best Spanish Learning Software Comparison Guide

PictureNameMobile AppPriceRating (1 - 5)
PictureNameMobile AppPriceRating (1 - 5)
1. Ouino Spanish: The 5-in-1 Complete CollectionYes$$$4.7
2. Learning Spanish Like Crazy w/ Super Bonus Package - Free Updates for 1 YrNo$$$4.7
3. Learn Spanish: Fluenz Spanish Latin America 1+2+3+4+5Yes$$$$4.6
4. Living Language Spanish, Complete Edition: Beginner through advanced courseNo$4.4
5. Discover Spanish: THE Best Way to Learn SpanishNo$4.4
6. eSpanishTeacher's Beginner Spanish Language Course Software Lessons with Bonus 101 Spanish VerbsNo$3.9
7. Learn Spanish: Instant Immersion Family Edition Language Software SetNo$$3.9

Reviews of the Top Rated Spanish Learning Software

1. Ouino Spanish: The 5-in-1 Complete Collection

The Quino Spanish Collection is some of the best Spanish learning software out there. This is in large part because it allows you to design your own lesson plan and set your own pace. Start as a beginner or move on to more intermediate lessons if you already have a basic vocabulary. This collection will take you all the way from “Hola” to “Hola, es genial verte de nuevo” using vibrant audio/visual lessons.

Customization doesn’t stop with difficulty level. You can also choose to focus just on verb conjugation or vocabulary. This is ideal if you are struggling with a section and need to build your skills before moving on.

We really appreciate how clear and slow the audio queues are, especially compared to other Spanish learning software. Speed is often a problem for new learners, who have trouble discerning one word from the next. With Quino, audio is at a slower speed that’s easier for students to understand. Conveniently, the Quino app is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

2. Learning Spanish Like Crazy

The name may be out there, but there’s no denying how effective this software is. What sets Learning Spanish Like Crazy apart from the rest is its focus on updated, conversational Spanish. This software teaches you authentic accents, modern vocabulary, and even slang. That makes this software the perfect choice for those going on vacation, or for practical applications at work.

Learning Spanish Like Crazy doesn’t have an separate app, but there is an all-audio download that can be easily played from your mobile device. Plug it into your car on the way to work, or into your kitchen speakers to practice while you cook.

If you need to speak Spanish, but reading and writing are less of a priority, you should consider picking up a copy of this software.

3. Learn Spanish: Fluenz Spanish Latin America

The Fluenz Spanish learning system is often touted as the best alternative to Rosetta Stone. While the Rosetta Stone Spanish system suffers from technical errors and may focus too hard on ‘formal’ Spanish, the Fluenz system simplifies each exercise, teaching conversational Spanish by relating it to the English you already know.

This comprehensive program aims to teach listening, speaking, reading, and writing with 150 total lessons. It’s available on iOS, Windows, and Android, meaning the app can be used on almost any mobile device or computer.

For a full-spectrum learning experience that lays a strong, memorable foundation, the Fluenz Spanish learning system can’t be beat. The production value of this software is immediately apparent in the colorful graphics, engaging photos, video tutor, and thoughtful games.

The Benefits of Learning Spanish

There are numerous advantages to learning Spanish, and to becoming bi- or multi-lingual. One of the most common reasons people want to learn Spanish is to communicate better with coworkers, clients, and customers. Learning Spanish is becoming an ever more valuable skill in the job market, especially in the Americas.

With over 37 million people in the US speaking Spanish, it’s also a great way to start communicating with your neighbors. Hispanic people are the largest growing demographic in the US, so speaking Spanish will become even more valuable in the future.

In addition to the social benefits, becoming bilingual can also have health benefits. Countless studies have proven that learning multiple languages can improve memory, increases mental acuity, and can even stave off age-related mental illness. Bilingual students are also shown to perform better in school.

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