The Top 6 Best Speakers for 2017 – Must Read Guide!

Finding the best speakers can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The speaker market today is flooded with hundreds of options, ranging from small, portable speakers to huge, subwoofer powered home audio systems. Some of the best speakers require cables and amplifiers, while others can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Whether you need the best speakers that you can throw in your purse or a serious surround sound speaker system for your home, we’ve found the best audio system for you. Check out our best speakers below!

Important Speaker Considerations

Before you make a final decision regarding the best speakers to purchase, it is wise to take some time to consider your priorities regarding audio systems. By taking the time to reflect upon your wants and needs, you will be better able to select the best speakers for you.

Things to consider when purchasing the best speakers include:

  • Permanent or Portable Speakers. Most speakers can be placed into one of two broad categories: permanent or portable speakers. Permanent speakers are generally full sized audio systems intended for use within the home. These large speakers are ideal for projecting loud TV, stereo, or desktop computer audio throughout your home. Though these sets can be moved from room to room and connected to multiple devices, they are not particularly portable due to their size and weight. Portable speakers are perfect for users who are looking for a device that is versatile, light, and easy to carry from place to place. These speakers are generally smaller and weigh less than their permanent counterparts, and generally have fewer components. These speakers are great for DJ laptops, MP3 players, and tablets, and are ideal for individuals who want to take their speakers with them on the go.
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use. Most best speakers are designed for indoor use only. If, however, you plan to use your speakers outdoors for entertaining, it is wise to consider researching speakers that are specifically designed for exterior use. These speakers are generally waterproof and weather resistant, allowing you to leave the speakers outdoors without fear of damage. If you’re serious about outdoor entertaining, you ought to consider speakers with these capabilities. Most users, however, will find that indoor speakers meet all of their audio needs.
  • Wired or Wireless Speakers. Depending on your needs, you will have to decide whether you’d prefer wireless Bluetooth speakers or more traditional wired speakers. If you’re looking for a simple, wire free audio solution, good Bluetooth speakers are an excellent choice. Be aware, however, that these speakers often have a connectivity range of less than 30 feet. If you plan to keep your speakers far away from your device, this may become a problem for you. If you’re looking for reliable connectivity and aren’t bothered by wire connections, traditional wired speakers will suit you well. If you’re planning to keep your speakers far away from your device, wired speakers will provide you with more consistent and better sounding audio.
  • Device Connectivity. Above all, it is important to purchase the best speakers that can be connected to your device of choice. Be sure to double check whether your speakers can connect to MP3 players, TVs, gaming consoles, phones, or other devices of your choice. Be sure to note whether or not the pair of speakers includes necessary connectivity cables too.
  • Price Range. The best speakers today are more affordable than ever before. That being said, high end speakers still tend to come with heftier price tags. Very good portable speakers can generally be found for under $100. For most users, these speakers will meet a good deal of their listening needs while helping them stay within their budget. Permanent speakers, generally intended for use with a TV set or desktop computer, tend to be more expensive. If you’re looking for high quality speakers with HD sound, these speakers are worth the price. High end permanent speakers may be costly, but they tend to last for 10 years or more.

Top 6 Best Speakers Comparison Guide

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
1. Vanatoo Transparent One Powered Speakers Full-size wired speakers$$$$4.8
2. OSD Audio RX550 5.25-inch 2-Way Outdoor 100-Watt Rock Speaker PairFull-size wired outdoor speakers$$4.6
3. Anker® A7908 Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with 20 Hour Rechargeable Battery(Black)Portable wireless/wired speaker$$4.6
4. Bose Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker SystemComputer speakers$$$4.5
5. AYL Portable Mini Capsule Speaker System with 3YR GuaranteeWired portable speaker$4.5
6. Logitech Z623 980-000402 200 Watt Speaker SystemTwo satellite speakers and subwoofer $$4.3

Reviews of the Top Rated Speakers

1. Vanatoo Transparent One Powered Speakers

Vanatoo’s two piece speaker set is hands down the best speakers available today. At only 10 inches tall, these speakers are permanent but compact, offering rich, clear sound while managing to subtly blend into any living environment. With a variety of wired input options, including three different forms of digital input (optical, USB, and coaxial cable) as well as a traditional analog input source, these speakers can easily be connected to a multitude of devices, from television sets to tablets to record players.

Though these best speakers are pricey, users rave that they are well worth the price. Vanatoo’s speakers produce high definition sound that leaves traditional computer speakers and most portable speakers in the dust.

In short, these speakers are a must for any true audiophile looking for excellent sound in a permanent set of speakers. The Vanatoo Transparent One Powered Speakers are worth the extra cost, and are sure to serve you well for years to come.


  • You’re looking for the best permanent speakers money can buy.
  • You’re interested in hooking up your speakers to a variety of devices.
  • You’re willing to invest money in good speakers that will last you for years to come.

2. OSD Audio RX550

OSD Audio’s Outdoor Rock Speaker Pair is perhaps the most attractive set of outdoor speakers on the market. These excellent speakers are disguised as realistic faux rocks, making them perfect for poolside entertainment or parties in your backyard. These best speakers can provide some great sound quality at an excellent volume level, and have an unbeatable price to performance ratio. At less than 7 inches tall, these speakers are discreet in size while retaining the ability to crank out full bodied sound.

These speakers are an excellent choice for serious outdoor entertainers, as they’re built to handle the elements. If you need speakers that can handle moisture, these are an excellent choice.

If you are looking for high quality exterior speakers at a bargain price, look no further than the OSD Audio Outdoor Rock Speaker Pair. These speakers will have you enjoying your music all night long.


  • You’re passionate about outdoor entertainment.
  • You’re looking for excellent speakers that can endure the elements, including rain and snow.
  • You’re looking for speakers that are, above all, affordable and practical.

3. Anker A7908

Anker’s Portable Bluetooth Speaker is arguably the best portable wireless speaker available today. This outstanding speaker is capable of connecting to your devices via wireless Bluetooth, and can maintain connectivity from up to 33 feet away from your device. Do you want to play music from a non-Bluetooth device? That’s no problem either as this Anker speaker also comes with cables, allowing you to play music from almost any device.

This extra compact speaker is only 3 inches in size, making it extremely easy to take on the go. Additionally, the speaker comes with a full 15 to 20 hours of battery life, allowing you to use it for all day events, or for days without a charge.

All in all, Anker’s Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a superb choice for music lovers looking for practicality and portability. Wireless and compact with an excellent battery life, this speaker is everything you could ask for and more.


  • You want a powerful, portable speaker capable of producing rich audio.
  • You’re seeking a reliable Bluetooth enabled speaker.
  • You want an excellent speaker at an very affordable price.
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