The 10 Best Spy Cameras of 2017 – Guide & Reviews

Whether you are a hobbyist, a new parent, a concerned employer, or just someone who likes to have a little fun with your friends, you may want to consider the huge variety of options available when looking for the best spy cameras. This wide array of spy cameras and portable devices can sometimes leave you at a loss.

Hidden spy cameras can look like nearly anything you can imagine. The purpose is to conceal them from plain sight and to capture the subject unawares. From pens to key fobs or even glasses, many of the best spy cameras can be hidden in plain sight. Others will be unobtrusive in the sense that they are simply placed out of the way and serve to increase security from a fixed location. As always, the main key considerations are intended use and price.

Important Considerations

  • Type and Style. These are important considerations as they will certainly affect the outcome of your undercover photography. What should your spy camera be built into? How big should it be? Would a portable device be more appropriate for you?
  • Battery Life and Storage Capacity. These factors deserve some contemplation as well. Many of the best spy cameras come with built-in rechargeable batteries with limited power supplies. Oftentimes the expandable memory banks exceed the capacity of the battery. Other hidden cameras intended for security camera purposes employ hardwired power supplies and lack internal memory as they provide the user with closed circuit television capabilities.
  • Resolution and Photo Quality. These are concerns that are worth a bit of thought as well. The best (and most expensive) spy cameras offer incredible resolution and even high definition recording. Other devices that serve the purpose have a lower resolution both for video recording and still photography. These digital devices are graded with similar specifications as the more common variety digital DSLR camera, albeit most have a lower megapixel rating.
  • Price. In other words, what is your budget? You can spend a considerable sum on a few of the best spy cameras or you can spend less than the cost of a movie at the theater. With a price and a  spy camera for everyone, you are sure to find something suitable.
  • Intended Application. What are your expectations and for what purpose will you be using your spy camera?

Top 10 Best Spy Cameras Comparison Guide

PictureNameStorage CapacityPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameStorage CapacityPriceRating (1-5)
1. My Slick Spy 5MP h264 Camera PenInternal 8GB$$$5
2. Toughsty™ HD Wearable Video Glasses Hidden Eyewear CameraInternal 16GB $$4.9
3. CCTV Spy Corner Mount Hidden Security CameraCCTV Analog/Digital Output$$4.9
4. WISEUP Portable Camera Mini DV Camcorder Motion DetectorSupports 32GB TF Micro SD Card$4.8
5. Novelt'y Car Alarm Remote Keychain DVR Hidden CameraMicro SD Card$4.8
6. Spy Wireless Camera, Nanny Hidden Cam With Remote Live VideoMicro SD Card$$$4.8
7. Mini Spy Camera with Night Vision, Home and Office8GB Micro SD Card$4.7
8. Mini Gadgets 10 Hr Smoke Detector Hidden Camera16GB Internal Memory$$$$4.6
9. FSTCOM Clothing Hook Spy Camera Best Home Security Cam16GB Micro SD storage (not included)$4.6
10. FREDI hidden 1080p HD mini wifi camera spy camera128GB Micro SD storage (not included)$4.6

Reviews of the Top Rated Spy Cameras

1. My Slick Spy 5MP h264 Camera Pen

This top rated spy camera is a pen style camera from My Slick Spy that ranks at the top of the list for best spy cameras. This cunning device is a fully functional, first class writing implement that comes complete with three pen refills. The stunning photographic capabilities of the My Slick Spy contribution to the field include full HD camera at 1920x1080p for full color video recording at sixty frames per second and a high quality microphone for crystal clear audio soundtrack.

Its built in rechargeable battery is powerful enough to support up to ninety minutes recording time and the onboard 8GB storage will hold up to 3 hours of video storage. Capable of indoor, outdoor, and low light image capture, this versatile spy camera really shines through its quality and versatility.

2. Toughsty™ HD Glasses Hidden Camera

Toughsty™’s eyeglass styled spy camera is a solid offering with a very different styling than the spy camera pen presented by My Slick Spy. Advertised as perfect for concerts, travelling, and sporting events, Toughsty™’s high resolution glasses camera will turn out crystal clear video.

Capable of real time video/webcam function and supportive of audio recording, these spy camera glasses store data in AVI format for easy playback and sharing. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery powers the device for up to one hour at a time making this the perfect device for quick recording opportunities. A reasonable price point completes the package. This is a strong outing in the field of spy cameras.

3. CCTV Spy Corner Mount Hidden Security Camera

Another best seller from the selection of hidden spy cameras is the Sony EFFIO-E DSP. This gadget is intended more for the security conscious consumer as it falls into the realm of hidden cameras rather than spy cameras. Designed for permanent fixation in the corner of a room or elevator, The Sony EFFIO is DC powered by an adapter and hardwired into a CCTV system. Its 2.8mm wide angle (130-degree) lens turns out 700 TV lines of quality resolution.

Fully capable of producing clear imaging in variable light conditions and resistant to disruptions from magnetic fields, this is a solid addition to any surveillance alarm system at home or in the work place.

4. WISEUP Portable Camera Mini DV Camcorder

One of the more affordable options available on our list of the best spy cameras is the WISEUP Portable Camera Mini DV Camcorder Motion Detector Video Recorder. This is a very portable device (the size of a USB 3.0 flash drive) and features some high quality characteristics. Video quality is less than the above reviewed devices but it is still capable of turning out 720×480 resolution. This little spy camera packs a punch. AVI format recording makes for another easy device to sync and reviewing the video capture is a breeze.

Perfect for lectures and meetings, the audio recording element on this camera is ideal. Standard SD Card compatibility and approximately one hour of battery life combine with a small price tag to make this mini camcorder just the thing for the espionage aficionado.

5. Novelt’y Car Alarm Remote Keychain Hidden Camera

The Novelt’y Car Alarm Remote Keychain DVR Hidden Camera is the final entry on the list of the best spy cameras and this one certainly qualifies as a spy camera. Styled to mimic the looks of a car alarm key fob, the Novelt’y Keychain Hidden Camera is truly undetectable as it has no indicator lighting during usage. Video resolution is identical to the Wiseup™ Mini Camcorder at 720×480 with higher resolution during still capture and full color capture at 30 frames per second is sure to please the would be spy as it captures all the action with incredible clarity.

One interesting option on this top rated spy camera is the date and time stamp feature for total recall of the events recorded. The simple setup and lithium-ion rechargeable battery are a home run for novices in the field. Also similar to the Wiseup™ is the very low price tag. Overall, this is a high quality spy camera that won’t break the bank.

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