Best Star Projector 2017 – Top 6 Guide & Expert Reviews

Are you looking for a truly amazing indoor star projector experience? If so, make sure you check out one of the best star projector models available today. There are many stationary and portable star projectors to choose from. Some of the best star projectors are geared towards infants and toddlers while other more advanced and feature rich star projectors aim to please a more mature audience. So which is the best star projector for you? We have put together this new 2017 consumer guide to answer that very question.

After carefully comparing the most important features and considerations and then narrowing our research, we found the 6 best star projector options to help make your decision easy.

Identify Your Needs And Expectations

Depending on your needs, there is a quality star projector to suit any preference and any budget. If you are unsure of which model is the best star projector for you, check out these reviews about the most popular star projection devices that also have the highest customer satisfaction ratings.

Remember, star projectors come with many different features and fall within many different price ranges. Before buying the perfect star projector for your needs consider the follow:

  • Price
  • Power Source
  • Light Show Capabilities
  • Audio Capabilities
  • Touch/Light Censors
  • Intended Audience
  • Additional Unique Features

Best Star Projector Top 6 Comparison Guide

PictureNamePowerPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePowerPriceRating (1-5)
1. SOAIY Color Changing Aurora Projection Led Night Light Lamp with SpeakerElectric$$4.8
2. Laser Twilight Projector: The New and Improved Laser StarsElectric$$$4.6
3. Laser Stars Hologram ProjectorElectric$$$4.2
4. Remote Control Ocean Wave Projector Built-in Mini Music PlayerBattery-operated & Electric$$4.1
5. Le Petit Prince Twilight Constellation Galaxy Round Projector Night Light by LumitusiBattery-operated$4.0
6. In My Room Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium Light Projector and Night LightBattery-operated & Electric$$$3.9

Reviews of the Top Rated Star Projectors

1. SOAIY Color Changing Aurora Star Projection

This popular star projector by SOAIY is one of the only products on the market that projects realistic aurora borealis and nebular light on your ceiling or wall. This is a great way to create an enjoyable and relaxing bedtime experience for children of all ages. Also, the best star projector for adults looking for a relaxing or calming effect.

This highly rated star projector creates a great projection on the roof of a nursery or bedroom. The eight light projection modes allow you to choose different colors depending on your mood including red, blue, green, and multi-color. Another benefit of this star projector is that it can be set to shut off automatically in the event that you are wanting to fall asleep. This is a very handy feature to use for a kid’s bedrooms.

Finally, the last unique feature of the SOAIY star projector is the audio input that allows you to choose whatever music you would like to have it playing. This includes music sources such as iPods, iPhones, and MP3 players.

Overall the SOAIY star projector is the perfect way to create a romantic, leisure, or cozy atmosphere to achieve physical and mental relaxation in a bedroom, living room, or bathroom.

2. Twilight Projector: The New and Improved Laser Stars

This star projector is another product that is highly recommended among consumers who own it due not only to the gorgeous view it provides, but also because of the high quality construction and durability it offers.

This particular best star projector model allows you to switch between three different modes which include clouds, stars, and the combination of stars and clouds together. This fully adjustable star projector works best in rooms that are dark and it comes with a four hour automatic shut off. It features beautiful star patterns with multi-directional star movements and nebula so the scenery never gets boring. The dual laser for the green stars and blue nebula are fun to watch for hours and the fan is relatively quiet. If the noise of the fan becomes too distracting, just put on some music for background noise and sit back and enjoy the view. This indoor star projector gives you the ability to adjust the brightness of the light for a more intense laser light show or dim it for use as a nightlight.

Although this star projector does not provide an astronomical reproduction of stars like a planetarium does, it does offer a very mesmerizing starry night view. Some users found the laser light show to be more outstanding in a standard sized bedroom ceiling. However, others have found that it works well even in large spaces. It goes without saying that since this is a laser light star projection, the darker the room is, the more optimum the viewing will be. Overall, this indoor star projector provides a beautiful and tranquil experience that is ideal for relaxing and meditating.

3. Laser Stars Hologram Projector

The Laser Stars Hologram Projector is another one of the most popular and best star projectors on the market.  An all new green laser coupled with the holographic technology help to enhance the special effects provided by the two built-in precious glass lenses. Ideal for indoor rooms of any size, this star projector gives you a steady stream of moving star patterns that are anything but ordinary. You can choose to enjoy the view of thousands of twinkling stars with or without clouds, and even make wishes upon the shooting stars that blaze across the night sky.

Each of these star projectors have a wealth of benefits to offer the user. If you are looking for a great way to relax at the end of the day, getting lost in a magnificent starry night light show is the way to go. Choosing the best star projector is easy to do when you know more about which models are the mostly highly rated and offer the best features to fit your needs.

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