Best Studio Monitors 2017 – Top 10 Guide & Insider Tips

All music mixing enthusiast should have the best studio monitors available on the market.  Music production headphones serve their purpose well, however, to clearly evaluate the sound, only a set of quality studio monitors will do. There are numerous brands and price ranges on the market which often causes consumers a great deal of confusion. Below is a list of some of the top sellers to help eliminate some of the confusion.

Best Studio Monitors Top 10 Comparison Guide

PictureNameActive/PassiveSizePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameActive/PassiveSizePriceRating (1-5)
1. Yamaha HS8 Studio MonitorActive8” Woofer 1” Tweeter$$$$4.9
2. Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio MonitorActive5” Woofer 1” Tweeter$$4.9
3. Yamaha HS7 100 Watt Series MonitorActive6.5” Woofer 1” Tweeter$$$4.9
4. JBL LSR305 Studio MonitorActive5” Woofer 1” Tweeter$$4.8
5. KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5 Generation 3 Studio MonitorActive5” Woofer 1” Tweeter$$$4.7
6. Mackie MR mk3 Series Powered Studio MonitorActive5.25” Woofer 1” Tweeter$$4.7
7. Mackie MR8mk3 Powered Studio MonitorActive8” Woofer 1” Tweeter$$4.7
8. Mackie CR3 Creative Reference Multimedia MonitorsActive3” Woofer .75” Tweeter$4.6
9. Mackie CR4 Creative Reference Multimedia MonitorsActive4” Woofer .75” Tweeter$$4.6
10. Edifier R1280T Studio Monitor SpeakerActive5” Woofer 1” Tweeter$4.5

Consider This When Buying Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are great for music enthusiasts and home recording professionals alike. They are somewhat like loudspeakers which do not generally enhance sound nor eliminate noise. The best studio monitors are designed to produce the sound which actually exists. They are also usually small enough to stand beside the listener so that the sound that is heard does not first bounce off of other objects causing distortions in the original sound.

There are several items to consider while shopping for the best studio monitors on the market. Some are more important than others and should be carefully weighed. The first element is the size of the woofers and tweeters.

  • The larger these are the more of that specific sound they will produce.
  • Woofers are for low, bass sounds such as drums.
  • Tweeters are for high frequencies such as wind instruments and multiple voices.

The second consideration concerns whether the studio monitors are passive or active. Passive studio monitors do not feature a built-in amp and require one that is external or separate to be connected.

  • Those which are active do have a built-in amp and they are the ones that professional recording studios choose most often.
  • The main reason for choosing passive monitors is if the buyer has already purchased a separate amp.

Benefits of Using a Studio Monitor

One of the benefits of studio monitors is that they are unlike those most consumers use in their homes. They do not enhance the sound in any way. They simply recreate the true sound which is/was recorded. This is known as uncolored or transparent music. It is important to be able to hear what was actually recorded to determine what must be altered.

The best studio monitors are not meant for the enjoyment of simply listening to music. They are, as mentioned, designed to provide sound which is uncolored to allow artists to decide what should be altered to produce the best effect. These types of devices are often mistaken for standard external computer speakers. However, monitors are usually manufactured with higher quality and, of course, do not enhance music like speakers meant for music enjoyment do.

Another benefit of quality studio monitors is that most feature built-in amplifiers. This means it is not necessary to spend additional money to buy one. Most consumers prefer this, though there are studio monitors which do not have amplifiers built-in available.

Reviews of the Top Rated Studio Monitors

1. Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitor

The Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitor is an excellent choice for all of your music production and sound mixing needs. They provide impressive sound with absolutely no coloring or alteration. The Yamaha HS8 is superior quality for the studio, but works extremely well for home use as well.

This studio monitor features an amazing bi-amplifier. This means it has an amp dedicated to the woofer/bass as well as one for the tweeter/high end. It promises consistent high resolution sound with absolutely no adulteration. Everything is crisp and clean ready for you to mix it up.

The Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitor is available in both black and white. This provides seamless integration into any décor whether in a sleek professional studio or in your home work shop. Once again Yamaha has delivered professional quality to all consumers.

2. Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor

The Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor delivers consistently clean sound with absolutely no conflict. This handy little monitor is great for your home work shop and yet provides the quality fitting for a professional studio. Yamaha has produced a studio monitor that is perfect for all sound mixing and music producing needs.

The Yamaha creates unadulterated sound with a bi-amplifier system. This provides separate control over both low and high sounds. This studio monitor produces only high resolution, professional results through the sound spectrum.

The Yamaha studio monitor cabinets have been designed with resonance in mind. This ensures that the sound is original and accurate without unwanted added vibration noise. The cabinet is also extremely durable providing beauty and protection simultaneously.

3. Yamaha HS7 100 Watt Series Monitor

The Yamaha HS7 Studio Monitor is an awesome addition to the home work space or studio. The housing has been designed to provide protection without distorting the original sound. It is available in white or black to blend with both the hobbyist décor and professional sound studio settings.

The Yamaha HS7 Monitor features the familiar bi-amp providing control for high and low end sounds. This and the housing design prevent any vibrations from altering the level of the original recording. These are the best studio monitors to begin building your music mixing station.

This studio monitor provides high quality, professional technology without the drastic price increase. The Yamaha HS7 provides the ability to mix the natural sounds of both low end bass and high end vocals. It allows connectivity of equipment in a wide range of mixing environments.

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