The Best Surround Sound Speakers 2017 – Top 6 Guide

When you’re ready to upgrade your home audio equipment, having the best surround sound speakers can take your TV, gaming, and movie watching experience to the next level. High quality surround sound speakers can transform what was one dimensional entertainment into a 360 degree listening experience where you can hear every whisper, paper crinkle, and explosion.

When choosing to invest money into your audio package, you can choose to order a complete home theater system, often known as home Theater Speakers in a Box (HTIB), with surround sound speakers included, or you can choose to purchase speakers separately. Purchasing the best surround sound speakers separately will allow you to customize your package for the best possible listening experience and balance the sound in your space. However, if you are purchasing your surround sound speakers over time, make sure that all of the speakers complement each other so you do not end up with over powered bass or flat treble.

Important Surround Sound Speaker Elements

When selecting the best surround sound speakers, there are a few things you will want to consider to achieve optimal sound quality.

  • Number of speakers. Most surround sound systems contain 5 speakers and a subwoofer, earning the classification of a 5.1 speaker system. If you are installing a 5.1 system in your home, two of these speakers are usually classified as surround sound speakers. If you want to add additional surround sound and rear speakers, you can upgrade to a 7.1 or even a 9.1 system. Remember however, the extra speakers won’t be of much benefit if you have a small space to work with. When purchasing the best surround sound speakers, you need to make sure that they will complement the front left, right, and center speakers to make a complete audio package.
  • Power of receiver and sensitivity of speakers. The volume of each speaker is directly related to the amount of power your AV receiver can push out (wattage) and the ability of the speaker to convert that power into volume (decibels). Speakers that have a high sensitivity rating can produce crisp, clean, and loud sound with a lower power output.
  • Design of space. The best surround sound speakers produce that 360 degree sound experience by working in conjunction with a complete theater package of at least 5 speakers. When choosing speakers, you will need to consider whether your speakers will be on bookshelves, tables, or mounted. Also consider whether your space can accommodate wires and whether or not you can place the surround sound speakers behind and slightly above the seating area.

Top 6 Best Surround Sound Speakers Comparison Guide

PictureNameWall MountPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameWall MountPriceRating (1-5)
1. Definitive Technology SR-8080BP Bipolar Surround Sound SpeakerYes$$4.9
2. Klipsch RP140SA Add-on Dolby Atmos Height SpeakersYes$$$4.9
3. Klipsch R-14S Surround Sound Speaker PairYes$$4.9
4. Polk Audio FXI A4 Surround Sound SpeakersYes$$$4.7
5. Pioneer SP-FS52-LR Andrew Jones Designed Floor standing LoudspeakerNo$4.6
6. Definitive Technology SR-8040BP BiPolar Surround Sound SpeakerYes$$4.6

Reviews of the Best Surround Sound Speakers

1. Definitive Technology SR-8080BP Surround Speaker

The Definitive Technology SR-8080BP Bipolar Surround Speaker is a clear and sharp speaker that pairs well with both Definitive Technology speakers as well as other high end speakers. These best surround sound speakers are designed as a bipolar system, meaning that that there are speakers on both sides of the speaker frame. This patented design allows the sound to be widely dispersed and produces a clear sound from both the sides and rear of the room.

The SR-8080BP speakers can handle a high wattage and have a peak sensitivity of 92 decibels. In other words, these speakers can produce crisp sounds at high volumes. If you are looking to complete a high end 7.1 or even 9.1 system, these surround sound speakers will not let you down.

2. Klipsch RP140SA Dolby Atmos Height Speakers

These Klipsch Dolby Atmos add on speakers are a good way to upgrade a high quality 5.1 system for the audiophiles out there. These small surround sound speakers are about 7 inches tall and sit on top of the floor speakers in your existing system. In case you are unfamiliar, Dolby Atmos surround sound technology is a 2012 invention that creates an even more life like surround sound experience and makes your home theater sound like a movie theater.

These Klipsch speakers are designed to use the ceiling and walls to reflect sound back down to the listener and add a new direction from which to hear sound .One drawback to these versatile speakers is that they will only work if you already have a Dolby Atmos compatible receiver, so you may want to think about upgrading other elements of your home theater package before purchasing these speakers.

3. Klipsch R-14S Surround Sound Pair

The Klipsch KS-14S surround sound speakers are part of the high quality Klipsch Icon series and will not disappoint. The KS-14S speakers boast a relatively compact and modern design so they will blend into almost any home theater environment. These best surround sound speakers can produce clear, sharp sounds at high volumes with low distortion levels. Like other Klipsch speakers, the Icon series produces clear, sharp sounds by using their patented Tractrix Horn and Linear Travel Suspension.

The speakers are also efficiently designed to handle high power output while using low amounts of energy. Additionally, you won’t lose sound quality if you mount the speakers above listeners’ heads instead of the optimal standard head level. While the sensitivity level of 89 decibels is slightly lower than the Definitive Technology SR-8080BP speakers, you should be able to get all of the volume you need for average sized rooms. However, if you are looking to outfit over sized or open spaces, these surround sound speakers may leave you desiring a bit more power.

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