Best TV Under $500 of 2017 – Guide & Expert Reviews

Being able to watch programs on a TV set that offers beautifully clear images and sound does not mean needing to spend a vast amount of money. By doing your homework, you will realize that obtaining one of the best TV under 500 dollars is not just a pipe dream.

When it comes to the best TV under 500 dollar setups, there are a wide range of products on the market which means that the full spectrum of budgets are covered, not just those at the upper end of the scale.

By taking in the details contained in our handy guide, you will be able to find the best TV under 500 bucks without needing to compromise on quality.

How to Find a Great TV For Less Than $500

  • Compare and Contrast. Remember that not all televisions are created equal. When looking for the best TV under 500 dollars, make sure that you consider more than just the price.
  • Try Before You Buy. Many stores will have a number of models on the shop floor that will allow you to compare the various screen types. Take advantage of this and see which picture you like best – try before you buy.
  • Do a Deal. Do not make the mistake of assuming that you are bound by the sticker price. Don’t be afraid to haggle in order to get a better price, especially if you are also buying accessories or other electronics at the same time.
  • List your Must-haves. Are there features that you do not want to do without? If so, make a list of them to make them easy to keep in mind during the purchase process when lots of information is coming your way.
  • Size Matters. Not only do you need to consider the size of the TV that you want to buy, but you also need to think about the size of the room where the TV will be placed. This will dictate the size of the screen that will be appropriate.

Best TV Under 500 Dollars Top 10 Comparison Guide

PictureNameSizesRating (1-5)
PictureNameSizesRating (1-5)
1. Samsung UN28H4000 28-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV24″, 28″4.6
2. LG 32LF500B 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV32″4.6
3. LG Electronics 28LF4520 28-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV22″, 24″, 28″4.6
4. LG Electronics 42LF5800 42-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV42″4.5
5. Samsung UN48H4005 48-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV40″, 48″ 4.5
6. LG 42LB5600 42-Inch TV42″4.4
7. Samsung UN22F5000 22-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV22″, 46″4.4
8. LG 42LF5600 42-Inch 1080p LED TV32″, 42″ 4.4
9. Samsung UN40EH5000 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV32″, 40″, 46″, 50″ 4.4
10. TCL 32B2800 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV32″4.3

Reviews of the Top Rated TVs Under $500

1. Samsung UN28H4000 LED TV

This 28 inch Samsung is a good example of how it is not only possible to get a decent TV for under $500, but that it is possible to get one that will actually enhance the TV watching experience.

This particular TV comes with Wide Color Enhancer Plus, which gives the colors on the screen a new lease of life and makes it feel as though you are appreciating colors for the first time.

The size is not overbearing, so it is suitable for the bedroom, office or other room where you do not need a TV that resembles a cinema screen.

This Samsung LED HD screen comes with a swivel stand that enables it to be immediately installed in the desired location as soon as it is received.

Though it is not a smart TV, it does comprise a USB port that allows phones and cameras to be connected so that photos can be viewed on screen. It is also advanced enough to include Eco Sensor technology, which detects the light in the room and automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen image to a suitable level.

With the purchase of this TV, you will find that you do not need to compromise on quality.

2. LG 32LF500B LED TV

The thin screen of this LG ultra HD 32-inch TV is so lightweight that you will feel confident in mounting it in whichever room that you want it to go especially if there is limited space.

The picture on the screen is enhanced by the backlight, which makes the images clearer and brighter. It is easy to adjust the color, brightness and contrast if necessary, but I found that this wasn’t required as the picture was decent from the outset on initial set up.

Some may feel as though the sound needs adjusting, but it depends on what you are used to. It is possible to change the treble and the bass and there is a port for headphones. It is also possible to connect separate wireless TV speakers or a soundbar, if desired.

The two USB ports are handy if you want to connect more than one item. It is easy to set up and you can immediately be watching your favorite programs and films with crisp images.

Getting the best TV under 500 dollars is achievable and will still allow you to have an enjoyable experience.  You will not have to lay out a lot of money to obtain a TV that is more than satisfactory to keep you and your family entertained.

3. LG Electronics 28LF4520 LED TV

Fortunately, buying a new TV set does not mean needing to abandon your principles when it comes to minimizing harm to the environment. This LG Electronics TV set benefits from an Energy Star qualification, which means it meets guidelines for energy efficiency.

Not only does the TV not use more energy than necessary, it will also mean that you are spending less on electricity to power it.

The size is ideal for small rooms, such as the kitchen, while still being large enough to enable the picture to be viewed clearly from different angles.

There are different setting available to deal with the sound and they difference to the resulting output is noticeable. While some people may find the standard factory settings perfectly adequate, there are some that may believe the sound is better with one of the other options.

The purchase of this LG TV means that it is possible to achieve a quality TV watching experience without it costing the earth.

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