Best TV Wall Mounts 2017 – Top 10 Guide & Insider Tips

Not all TV wall mounts are created equal. There are a surprising number of things consider before purchasing a TV wall mount. It can get confusing. This is why we are helping you with a our new 2017 guide of the best TV wall mounts. We compared the most important features such as weight, size capacity, ease of installation, special features, and price. Then we narrowed our research to find the 10 best TV wall mounts to make your decision easy.

Things to Consider

The TV wall mount has become a must have addition ever since the flat screen TV made its debut. Today TV wall mounts have almost become second nature when buying TVs. Not only do the best TV wall mounts free up floor space, but they bring a modernized feel to any living room or man cave. Quality TV wall mounts also serve their functional purpose by securing TVs from falling as well as enhancing viewing experiences.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind while shopping for the best TV wall mounts:

  • Weight and Size Capacity. To guarantee that you get one of the the best TV wall mounts, it is imperative to ensure that your TV wall mount can withstand the weight and size of your TV. Most of the best wall mounts for TVs, on average, hold a TV that is no larger than 60 inches yet no smaller than 30 inches. They will also usually be able to hold a maximum weight of about 100 pounds. There are some TV wall mounts that are specifically designed for various size televisions and can hold the smallest to largest sized TVs available today.
  • Ease of Installation. When purchasing your TV wall mount, the last thing you want to worry about is having to put together an overly complicated wall mount system. A big perk of having a TV wall mount is that it keeps the television out of reach from pets and children and more importantly makes it less likely to fall and break, or even worse hurt someone. It is important to be able to install your TV wall mount properly and with ease. The best TV wall mounts should include easy to follow instructions with a simple and straight forward installation process. Another important consideration when buying a TV wall mount is to make sure that it comes with all the hardware needed for a complete and proper installation. Furthermore, when it comes to more heavy duty TV wall mount/TV combinations it may be best to have installation done by a professional.
  • Special Features: Another important aspect to keep in mind when purchasing a TV wall mount is the different features that it includes. Many of the top rated TV wall mounts provide tilt and swivel functions. These features can allow you set your television at different angles to watch from different areas of the room. The swivel feature can also allow you to tuck your TV away when not in use to create a more modern and space efficient look. The tilt feature of a TV wall mount can help to reduce glare as well as help reduce neck strain when a TV is placed above eye level.

Top 10 Best TV Wall Mounts Comparison Guide

PictureNameTV SizePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameTV SizePriceRating (1-5)
1. OmniMount Fixed TV Mount37'' - 90''$$4.9
2. VideoSecu Full Motion Articulating Dual Arms TV Wall Mount37'' - 70''$$4.8
3. Arrowmounts AM FM110 TV Mount Arm Fullmotion37'' - 70''$$4.7
4. Sanus Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount37'' - 80''$$$4.6
5. VideoSecu TV Wall Mount Articulating Arm Monitor Bracket12'' - 24''$4.6
6. Fortress Mount TV Wall Mount with 9 feet Braided HDMI Cable40" - 70"$4.5
7. Level Mount Motorized Tilt TV Wall Mount37'' - 85''$$$4.5
8. Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount Bracket Kit with Surge Protector and 2 HDMI Cables26" - 55"$$4.4
9. SANUS Premium Series Full Motion Mount13'' - 39''$$4.3
10. FLEXIMOUNTS Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket32'' - 65''$$4.2

Reviews of the Top Rated Wall Mounts for TVs

1. OmniMount Fixed TV Wall Mount

If you have a large and heavy TV and no need to have it swivel or tilt then this is the best TV mount for you. It holds up to a 90 Inch and 175 pound television.

Although it does not tilt or swivel, most TVs that are in this size range do not require this feature. Additionally this specific model has a 3 part locking system with a relatively quick installation process.

2. VideoSecu Full Motion TV Wall Mount

While this high quality TV Wall mount is a little more expensive than some of its competitors, it serves as one of the most sturdy and durable TV wall mounts available that can hold a fairly large television while still allowing for a swivel arm and tilt feature. This TV wall mount can hold up to a 70 inch TV with a weight of up to 165 pounds.

The swivel arm on this mount can extend the TV up to 25 inches away from the wall and it has lock and release safety system. Along with an easy installation process, as a bonus, this TV wall mounting system includes a 10 foot HDMI cable as well.

3. Arrowmounts Fullmotion TV Mount Arm

This TV wall mount is best fitted for a television that is 30 to 65 inches wide. It includes the features of a swivel arm that allows it to extend up to 22 inches away from the wall while also being able to stay flat against the wall down to as little as 3 inches to save on space.

This TV wall mount also includes a -15 to +15 degree tilt angle feature to better your viewing experience. It comes with easy to install mounting hardware and a user manual. Additionally this TV wall mount has the special feature ability, that many other mounts lack, of being able to rotate left and right.

4. Sanus Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount

Although on the more pricey end, the Sanus Full Motion Articulating TV wall mount can hold up to an 80 inch TV and can extend from the wall 14 inches. It is a full motion mount and needs no additional tools to extend, tilt, or swivel.

This heavy duty TV wall mount can easily tilt up to 10 degrees without much pressure at all and also includes additional cable ties to create a clean appearance and to hide any unwanted electrical cords and cables from view.

5. VideoSecu TV Wall Mount

Since not everyone needs one of the best TV wall mounts for a big TV, the videoSecu television wall mount system provides a great solution for a smaller screened TV. Whether this TV is for a bedroom, bathroom, or to be easily tucked up against the wall in a kitchen, this is the TV wall mount to use.

This wall mount holds TVs that run between 12 to 24 inches and up to 33 pounds. It has the ability to extend 14 inches away from the wall, while also being able to retract to less than 2 inches to save space. It includes common hardware and a manual with instructions for easy installation.

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