Best Video Editing Software 2017 – Reviews & Pro Tips

Whether you’re looking to get into the exciting world of movie making, or just want to upgrade your basic video editing software, we’ve got the right choice for you. With the best video editing software, you can make professional quality content with greater customization and quicker results than basic or free software. Add effects and transitions, apply color correction, edit audio, and more with your choice of software. No matter what your needs, we’ve got you covered with the best video editing software available today.

Important Considerations

There are a few important things to keep in mind when choosing the best video editing software specific for your needs:

  • File Formats. This is perhaps the most important feature to consider. Determine the input file type of your chosen content or camera and then consider which output file you’ll be distributing. The most common raw file remains DV.avi, but some software is able to properly edit MPEG2, .MOV, .WMV and other compressed files. When it comes to output, consider if you will be posting to video uploading sites like Youtube (which prefers MPEG4 files for upload), or if you intend to burn DVDs or Bluerays with your edited content. Always consider how your audience will be viewing your videos. Will they be on a 4K computer monitor, huge 80 inch TV, laptop, or  handheld device?
  • Filters and Effects. These are the fun features we all look forward to in the best video editing software. While promises like hundreds of transitions and filters sound good, there are more useful effects to consider. First, image stabilization will be very helpful to those using handheld devices like phones or action cameras to capture video. Next, you’ll want options like contrast and color correction, the ability to work with still images, and at least basic audio editing. Finally, you may be interested in additional features like video track overlay, titling, and subtitling.
  • Computer Spec. Many of the best video editing software programs are resource intensive, requiring a multi-core processor, an up to date GPU, plenty of storage space for large video files, and a recommended 8GB+ of RAM. Check the recommended specifications for your video editing computer before choosing the best video editing software.

Best Video Editing Software Top 6 Comparison Guide

PictureNamePlatformPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePlatformPriceRating (1-5)
1. Sony Vegas Pro 12 Edit [Download]Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 $$$$4.7
2. Cyberlink Director Suite 5Windows 7, 8, 10$$$4.6
3. Movavi Video Editor for Mac 3 Personal Edition [Download]Mac OS up to 10.10$4.5
4. Pinnacle Studio 20 PlusWindows 7, 8, 10$$4.0
5. Sony Movie Studio 13 SuiteWindows 7, 8, 10$$4.0
6. Corel VideoStudio Pro X9Windows 7, 8, 10$3.9

 Reviews of the Top Rated Video Editing Software

1. Sony Vegas Pro 12 Edit [Download]

Vegas Pro has gone on to later editions, but 12 remains the most popular and beloved. Available for download on Amazon, this incredible video editing software provides all the tools you need to turn raw footage into finely crafted film. The customizable drag and drop interface allows you to edit content from standard definition all the way up to 4K, in 2D, or stereoscopic 3D.

With almost unlimited multi-tracking, you can perform complicated sequences with text, audio, voice overs, multiple video tracks, effects, and more without restriction. It also features advanced titling and text tools, as well as impressive audio editing. Mix EQ, reverb, delay, and more within Vegas Pro 12 and edit without the need for additional audio software.

Masking is made easier than ever, with helpful shape templates to overlay on your media for the perfect fit. Of course, you’ll be able to apply all numbers of color and contrast filters to smooth out inconsistencies between scenes. In all, there’s very little missing from this trusted video editing software, and there are plenty of plug-ins to satisfy your every need.

2. Cyberlink Director Suite 5

At almost half the price of Sony’s Vegas Pro 12 Edit, you can get Cyberlink Director Suite 5, a highly competitive alternative. It comprises of 4 separate applications: PowerDirector 15 Ultimate, ColorDirector 5, AudioDirector 7, and PhotoDirector 8. This covers you for all the most important aspects of video editing, from still images to audio to video. It supports 3D video and resolutions up to 4K.

There are a number of helpful features in this suite. Notably, the theme designer makes it easy to apply your vision quickly and easily to the whole media file (or just part of it, as needed). You’re also able to greatly improve the quality of your audio, and fully edit your photos to near-pro levels. Layer photos and stack effects with ease over your media.

Overall, this is an extremely user friendly package that’s easy to learn and gives you a number of tools needed for total video editing and quality results. As a beginner, you’ll be able to grow into amateur or pro level editing at your own pace with this software.

3. Movavi Video Editor for Mac 3 Personal Edition

Options are light for Mac users, but Movavi hasn’t forgotten you. In addition to their PC video editing software, they also offer the most premier beginner level Mac video editing available today. This software is the perfect first step for anyone who’s interested in editing simple videos for sharing on the web or with family and friends.

As you would expect, this software has a drag and drop interface allowing you to move and cut video, as well as delete unwanted parts. You’ll get basic tools for titling and transitioning, and even have the option for minor audio editing. The large range of filters will fix your small mistakes with theme friendly corrections.

Most useful for the average user, there are simple options to render your video for uploading to popular hosting sites like Youtube and Facebook. Now you can share your favorite videos without suffering compression degradation. This video editing software is very inexpensive and represents a huge value.

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