Best VoIP Headset 2017 – Top 10 Guide & Reviews

As we move ever deeper into the age of digital communications the need to remain in constant contact throughout our day becomes increasingly important. Whether we are on the go, sitting at our computer desk in the office, or at home in the evening, we need to be available to our colleagues and associates. It is also expected that we be able to multitask. This requires the ability to converse with others in a hands-free capacity. Many work settings operate using digital phone services or Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP). The best way to connect to these digital services through a computer while retaining the ability to work hands-free is to use one of the best VoIP headset models available today.

As with any technological device, there are many options available and many considerations to be explored. This review has been designed to examine the very best VoIP headset options available today and to help ease the difficulty of your purchasing experience.

VoIP Headset Features & Considerations

  • Earpieces. The best VoIP headset should come with either one or two earpieces. Sometimes they will come with two earpieces, but are convertible to a single earpiece device. These are called monaural or binaural headsets. Monaural headsets will most times be compatible with either right or left ear usage. One of the main benefits to this style earpiece is that it allows the user to switch their focus easily between their immediate workplace environment and a remote conversation. A binaural headset will include two earpieces allowing the user to focus solely on the remote conversation. Noise-cancelling headphone technology is also incorporated into many binaural sets. This allows the user to more completely ignore the outside environment in favor of their important phone conversation.
  • Style. Many of the best VoIP headset models will feature over the head style headbands which allow the user added comfort, bearing the weight of the device on the whole head rather than only on the ear. Over the ear devices clip directly onto the user’s ear. This allows for a fuller range of motion and more freedom at the workstation. Many of the best VoIP headsets will feature convertible technology allowing the user to choose the configuration that best suits them.
  • Connection. Depending on the mobility required in one’s work environment, a wireless device may be more suitable than the traditional wired headset. VoIP headsets can combine state-of-the-art wireless technology with high-capacity rechargeable batteries to create a static free and long lasting VoIP experience. More traditional wired headsets are also readily available. These can connect to the computer or network in various ways and offer excellent reliability as well as eliminating the need for batteries or a recharging station.

Best VoIP Headset Top 10 Comparison Guide

PictureNameWirelessPriceRating (1 - 5)
PictureNameWirelessPriceRating (1 - 5)
1. Sennheiser DW Pro 2 ML DECT Office Headset optimized for Microsoft LyncYes$$$$5.0
2. BlueParrott 250-XT+ Bluetooth Headset Bundle Bonus PackYes$$4.9
3. Mitel Compatible VXI Wireless V150 Bundle with Remote AnsweringYes$$$4.9
4. Avaya CallMaster V, CallMaster VI Phone HeadsetNo$$4.7
5. Plantronics SupraPlus (64337-31) Wideband Binaural Voice Tube HeadsetNo$$4.6
6. Grandstream Compatible Plantronics VoIP Wireless Headset BundleYes$$$4.6
7. ShoreTel compatible Plantronics Wireless VoIP Headset BundleYes$$$4.6
8. Brand New Microsoft Lifechat Lx-4000 HeadsetNo$4.5
9. Plantronics 89435-01 Wired HeadsetNo$4.5
10. Andrea Communications NC-125 Noise Canceling Stereo HeadsetNo$4.4

Reviews of the Top Rated VoIP Headsets

 1. Sennheiser DW Pro 2 ML DECT Headset

The Sennheiser DW Pro 2 ML DECT Wireless Office Headset combines the comfort of wearing a headset with the versatility and capability of a wireless communications device. This best VoIP headset features innovative wireless technology at the top of its class, allowing the user to converse clearly within four hundred feet of the connected computer or phone.

The binaural design ensures stability while enhancing the user’s’ ability to focus and carry-on necessary conversations while remaining mobile and actively working. A fast charging battery system allows for up to twelve hours talk time. This  means that you can complete a whole day’s work on a single charge. While the high-end quality comes with a high-end price tag, the design and practicality of the device are sure to please the pickiest of users.

2. BlueParrott 250-XT+ Headset

The BlueParrott 250-XT+ Bluetooth Headset is another fantastic piece of VoIP equipment. The lightweight headband affords the consumer all day comfort with a custom and stable fit. Additionally, its monaural design is a concession to the fact that we need to be present in our day-to-day physical world. A high quality bluetooth microphone offers exceptional clarity with VXi’s (96%) noise cancelling technology, and a twenty hour battery capacity can easily handle those extra long work days with ease.

Quick pairing with any bluetooth device makes setup a breeze and it even supports NFC one-touch pairing with your smartphone. A best VoIP headset with great VoIP capabilities, the BlueParrott is priced to sell and the savvy consumer will surely love it.

3. Mitel Compatible VXI Wireless V150 Bundle

The next VoIP compatible device is specifically designed for use with Mitel digital and VoIP phones. The bundle includes the VXI Wireless Headset and Remote Answerer device. The VXI Headset features three configurations to allow a completely customizable fit for various user preferences: headband, earhook, and neckband arrangements. Ten hours of battery life and a three hundred foot wireless range create a flexible environment for work or play. Also included in the package, the remote answering system will allow the user to fully integrate the mobile device into their day.

Even at the high end of the price range, this device is still a great buy for the user on the go.

4. Avaya CallMaster V, CallMaster VI Phone Headset

The Avaya CallMaster VoIP headset is an elegant solution to any call center’s needs. Featuring chrome accents and a protective rubber coating this VoIP communications device looks as good as it sounds. The binaural swiveling receiver cups fit comfortably over the ears for all day use. The noise cancelling microphone eliminates ambient noise from the transmission of your conversation.

This is a wired VoIP headset for reliability, but it features a quick disconnect option for ease of use and maximum mobility. There is also no need for recharging or replacing batteries as it draws power from your computer or other VoIP enabled device. A middle of the road price point makes this a viable option for anyone who must spend a large portion of their day on the telephone.

5. Plantronics SupraPlus Voice Tube Headset

The Plantronics SupraPlus (64337-31) Wideband Binaural Voice Tube Headset is a simple solution to your VoIP requirements. This model is also compatible with the latest in wideband VoIP technology. High-level audio performance supplies excellent speech clarity and life-like fidelity, even in the noisiest work environments. Touted for reliability and adaptability, the SupraPlus is a wired headset specially designed for high demand digital interfaces. It is fully compatible with either a monaural or binaural configuration.

This sleek device allows for total focus or can facilitate conversation with workers in the physical environment of the workplace without removing the headset. This equipment is a great buy for the astute telecommunications user.

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