Best Walkie Talkie 2017 – Top 10 & Specialist Reviews

Perfect for both children and adults, walkie talkies are the best way to keep in contact when cellular usage is just not possible. Camping trips and mountain hikes are made safer through the use of walkie talkies. Allowing you to stay in touch with family and friends, the best walkie talkie models are not an outdated system of communication.

Generally small in size, the best walkie talkie models are convenient to carry around and come with a variety of accessories that all work together to enhance an outdoor trek. Children can also enjoy the fun of socializing with their friends through the use of walkie talkies, especially those that are too young for a cellular device. Below you’ll find some of the top rated walkie talkies to consider for your next big trip.

Walkie Talkie Features & Functionality

  • Range. Depending on how you plan on using your walkie talkie, the distance range is an important consideration. Many modern walkie talkies are capable of being utilized up to 30 miles apart, making them incredibly useful during a camping trip or outdoor adventure. The best walkie talkie for children, however, may reach shorter distances allowing them to still engage in fun without having to be miles away from one another.
  • Ease of Use. For outdoor usage, the best walkie talkie models that run on disposable batteries and are light in weight are extremely convenient to carry around. Without having to depend on a charging post, your walkie talkie can be used for longer than a model that only runs for 8 or so hours on one charge. Making sure that the walkie talkie is also waterproof is another important feature, as it is often very easy to drop a walkie talkie into a body of water.
  • Equipment. Many of the best walkie talkies come with expert equipment that can be of great use to both kids and adults. A belt clip can help you hang your walkie talkie onto your side if you’re trekking through the woods or on a mountain climb, keeping the walkie talkie safe from damage. Even children will find that the belt clip prevents any accidental drops. An added flashlight feature can come in handy during an overnight outdoor trip for safety reasons. For avid hunters, a vibration setting can prevent any disruptions while still keeping you alert to your partners call.

Best Walkie Talkie Top 10 Comparison Guide

PictureNameRangeChannelsPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameRangeChannelsPriceRating (1-5)
1. DuaFire Durable Kids Walkie Talkies300 – 500 Meters22$$5.0
2. Galwad 888S Walkie Talkie1 – 2 kilometers16$$4.7
3. Ammiy BaoFeng BF-888S Long Range Walkie Talkies1 – 3 kilometers16$$4.6
4. Retevis H-777 Long Range Walkie Talkies (10 Pack)2 miles 16$$$$4.5
5. Proster Rechargeable 16 Channel Walkie Talkie2 miles 16$$4.5
6. J-TOO easy to walkie talkies5 kilometers22$$4.4
7. Baofeng BF-888S Plus UHF Walkie Talkie1 mile 16$$4.4
8. Walkie Talkies Outdoor 22 Channels FRS/GMRS2 mile 22$$4.3
9. Midland LXT600VP3 36-Channel GMRS26 miles 36$$4.1
10. Midland LXT630VP3 36-Channel GMRS30 miles 36$$4.0

Reviews of the Top Rated Walkie Talkies

1. DuaFire Durable Kids Walkie Talkies

Playing with walkie talkies has been a childhood pastime that kids have always enjoyed. Walkie talkies allow kids to communicate with one another while playing imaginative outdoor and indoor kids games. As they are inexpensively priced, the DuaFire Durable Kids Walkie Talkies are a great option. With an 18-month warranty, parents can feel safe purchasing these walkie talkies for even the most accident-prone kids.

The walkie talkies are incredibly easy to use as they come with a large Call/PTT button and an LCD display screen that shows you the different available channels. On the display screen you can also see the battery status, allowing you to change batteries as needed. These affordable walkie talkies are capable of being used for a continuous use of 3.5 hours and 9 hours of stand-by time. During outdoor play, kids are able to use the walkie talkies up to 5KM away. Indoor areas with a large number of barriers will make the range about 300 to 500 meters.

The DuaFire walkie talkies for kids are a great choice for parents looking to introduce communicative technology into their child’s gaming list. The walkie talkies are conveniently priced and will provide your children with hours of fun.

2. Galwad 888S Walkie Talkie

For first time campers and outdoor adventurers, the Galwad 888S Walkie Talkie set is a great choice. Complete with a belt clip for each walkie talkie, earpieces, and a portable charger, you’ll find that convenience is key with this set. The range of this walkie talkie set is 1 to 2 kilometers in an outdoor space. With 16 channels to choose from at a frequency range of 400 to 470M Hz you’ll be able to stay connected throughout your entire trip.

In case of emergencies, this best walkie talkie set comes complete with a built-in LED flashlight that can be utilized as a torch or SOS flash. When your walkie talkie’s battery is about to run out you will also be alerted by a low battery alarm. There is also a power saving option if you don’t want your battery to unexpectedly run out. The device is also capable of being used while simultaneously being charged.

The Galwad 888S Walkie Talkie is a great entry level walkie talkie for people looking to get more acquainted with the outdoors. The walkie talkie set will keep you in contact with your friends and be a valuable advantage during any type of emergency.

3. Ammiy BaoFeng BF-888S Walkie Talkies

The Ammiy BaoFeng BF-888S is an excellent walkie talkie set for people of all ages. Simple to use and crystal clear in communication, the Ammiy BaoFeng BF-888S is a highly affordable choice for either free play for kids or outdoor exploring for adults. For less than $30 you’ll be equipped with a walkie talkie set that comes with 16 channels that can all be programmed through the use of your PC.

The walkie talkie features a communication range of 1 to 3 km and a frequency range of 400 to 470MHz. An emergency alarm can be found on Channel 11 as well as a strategic flashlight, battery saver, and low voltage alerts. You and your friends will be fully prepared for anything that nature throws your way. Users that need to rely on silence will find that the headphones provide a convenience factor, as well as a belt clip that keeps the device attached to you at all times.

At a truly affordable price, the Ammiy BaoFeng BF-888S is an easy to use walkie talkie set that proves valuable during an outdoor excursion. With many safety features and a static-free radio, you’ll make good use of this best walkie talkie set.

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