Best Wearable Tech 2017 – Guide, Reviews, & Insider Tips

The more advanced technology becomes, the more convenient we would like it to be. That is one of the reasons why finding the best wearable tech is starting to become more and more popular. Of course perhaps the most popular and useful of these types of devices are wristwatch smartphones which are based on the same OSes that we’ve come to love and are used to, but also perform the functions of your average smart phone in an easy to carry and very small package.

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in best wearable tech, this guide will help you choose the right one for you.

Features to Look For

When it comes to actually buying the best wearable tech, you need to keep an eye out for a few things that will help you choose the right item for you. It’s a fairly new market, but there are certainly stand out features to keep an eye on.

Operating System. You’re going to want to check the operating system of the watch that you’re going to buy. If you already have a phone, you want to make sure you get one that can connect to and work with that phone, saving you time and effort. There are also two ways that OS is important:

  • Connection: Some of the best wearable tech is just designed to connect via bluetooth to your current phone. You can take calls on them, check texts and email, respond in many cases, but it’s ultimately a display for a pre-existing phone.
  • Actual Smart Phone: In this case, the watch is actually a smart phone in and of itself, providing a screen on which to work and doing all of the heavy lifting in regards to processing.

Software. A quality smart watch needs to have quality software to go with it. Otherwise it’s just a watch. In many cases, despite working with or aping another OS, a smart watch may limit the apps available to it. That’s why it’s so important to know what you will have available to take the most advantage of your purchase. Remember, even the best wearable tech is only worth if if you can functionally use it.

Best Wearable Tech Top 6 Comparison Guide

PictureNameOSPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameOSPriceRating (1-5)
1. Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch - Silver/BlackAndroid$$$4.4
2. Qualcomm Toq - Smartwatch for Android Smartphone - BlackAndroid$$$3.9
3. Martian Watches Passport SmartWatch (Black/Silver/Black)Supports Android/iOS$$$3.9
4. Pebble Smartwatch for iPhone and Android (Black)Android/iOS$$3.8
5. Sony Smart Watch SW2 for Android PhonesAndroid$$3.8
6. MOTA SmartWatch G2 Lite for iPhone and AndroidSupports Android/iOS$2.9

Reviews of the Top Rated Wearable Tech

1. Samsung Gear 2

Perhaps the most advanced piece of wearable technology currently on the market, the Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch is capable of much more than anything else in its class. That’s largely because they went to great lengths to find out exactly what functions it ought to have and managed to incorporate them all in an Android-like interface.

Like many watches of its kind, this particular smart watch connects to a standard phone via Bluetooth and remains in contact over a pretty significant distance. In fact, in some cases phones can be in different rooms and still remain tied to the Gear 2.

While wearing it you can check your texts, email, and caller ID, make and receive phone calls, use health and wellness apps, play music from your phone, find your phone if you’re lost it, and even control your television from a single device.

About the only drawback is that Samsung stopped using the Play Store from the Gear 1 to the Gear 2, so the apps are a little limited at the moment, but they keep adding new ones and each is heavily vetted so you know they are all high quality and will contribute significantly to your productivity.

2. Qualcomm Toq

The Qualcomm Toq is a major step forward in smart watch technology. While it may not be entirely “there” in terms of the OS doing everything other options might, the price to value ratio is well balanced and there is plenty there to love about this watch.

Perhaps the best thing about it is that the OS is really stripped down to give the most functionality for the least amount of system resources so that you have a quick, highly responsive device that will allow you to do what you need to.

The look of this particular item is great, with a sleek, futuristic design that also manages to be elegant because of its simplicity. It’s the kind of watch design that works with a number of different outfits and for several occasions, making it possible to even customize the theme to match what’s going on.

Further, the battery life is excellent. It’s very easy to charge this and not have to worry about it for quite some time despite a heavy workload.

Ultimately, Qualcomm did a great job figuring out the most important aspects of a smart watch and streamlining their product to address all of them.

3. Martian Passport

The fact of the matter is, we’re still writing the etiquette rules on smart phones, let alone smart watches. So it’s good to see that at least one company is trying to design a smart watch that will not only connect to both Android and iOS phones, but also blends seamlessly in to the corporate world.

Connecting with two different OS types is a nice touch and speaks well to the versatility of the device. While it doesn’t have an OS, per se, or much in the way of software, the visual display is easy to read and work with while not being too noticeable next to the beautifully designed analogue watch face.

The simplistic nature of the offerings means that this smart watch is also super fast and highly responsive to user input. It feels as if you’re actually in control, and never have to worry about whether it didn’t register your input or is just taking a while to execute.

Overall, this is a fantastic watch that bridges the gap between high tech and high class. Highly recommended, especially for people in a business setting.

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