Best WiFi Speakers 2017 – Top 10 Guide & Reviews

Wirelessly controlled audio players have become the popular music streaming choice. However, until recently, only Bluetooth speakers have been a viable option. With the ever advancing state of technology, WiFi speakers have become the next big music playing system. What makes the best WiFi speakers infinitely more popular is the better sound quality offered while still featuring all of the same ease of use through a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Features to Consider

  • Device & Operating System Compatibility. Making sure to purchase the best WiFi speakers that are compatible with your device and operating system is an absolute must. Generally speaking, many of the most up to date WiFi speakers happen to be compatible with a wide variety of iOS and Android devices as well as PC and Macintosh computers. It is important to distinguish between the specific compatibility groups so that you can pair up your WiFi speakers to your device of choice.
  • Music & Audio Apps. Music streaming apps are a key aspect of your WiFi speakers. Do not make the mistake of purchasing one that doesn’t have access to your favorite one. The best WiFi speakers typically offer streaming of many of the major music apps such as Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music Unlimited and iHeartRadio. Taking note of where your music will be stored, such as iTunes or Google Play, may be an important factor in your final decision making.
  • Multi-Room Use. Another popular trait of best WiFi speakers is the ability to play music in multiple rooms. If this feature is of great concern to you then it is key to look into expansion options. Compare the prices of additional audio systems under the same name in order to get a clear idea of which company offers the best multi-room products. Some of the best WiFi speakers are compatible with all brand names while others only work within their specific brand.

Top 10 Best WiFi Speakers Comparison Guide

PictureNameConnectivityPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameConnectivityPriceRating (1-5)
1. Sonos PLAY:1 WiFi SpeakerWiFi only$$$4.6
2. Amazon EchoWiFi only$$$4.4
3. Bose SoundTouchWiFi & Bluetooth $$$4.3
4. Libratone ZIPP MINI WiFi SpeakerWiFi & Bluetooth $$$$4.2
5. GGMM M3 Retro WiFi Stereo SpeakerWiFi & Bluetooth $$$4.2
6. Pyle WiFi Sound System SpeakersWiFi & Bluetooth $$$4.2
7. Samsung Radiant360 R1 WiFi SpeakerWiFi & Bluetooth $$$4.0
8. August WS300G Wireless WiFi SpeakerWiFi & Bluetooth $$3.8
9. FABRIQ Portable WiFi Smart Speaker With Amazon AlexaWiFi & Bluetooth $3.5
10. Polk Audio Omni S2 Compact Wireless WiFi SpeakerWiFi only$$3.3

Reviews of the Top Rated WiFi Speakers

1. Sonos PLAY:1 WiFi Speaker

The Sonos Play: 1 is a tiny but powerful WiFi speaker. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for a speaker that won’t take up much space. With a setup that takes less than 10 minutes to get working, you’ll be playing music almost immediately throughout your entire house with these home speakers.

Built with two Class-D amplifiers and custom built drivers, the Sonos speaker is loud, crisp, and incredibly clear. To set up the device, simply connect to your home WiFi network and begin streaming music instantly. Sonos features streaming to many of the top music services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Pandora. Controlling the speaker is simple. The Sonos app is compatible with iOS, Android, PC, and Mac devices. Additionally, the Sonos app allows you to create playlists, control volume levels, play songs, and turn on speakers placed in any other rooms.

Multi-room use is also made easy by adding Sonos WiFi speakers into the room of your choice. All of the speakers can be controlled through the app and you can even play different music in each room.

2. Amazon Echo

A number one best seller on Amazon, the Amazon Echo is the best WiFi speaker that can play your music, answer questions, tell you the weather, and even control your WiFi thermostat. This multifunctioning WiFi speaker will help you to micromanage your life all while playing your favorite tunes.

To make use of the Amazon Echo, simply speak your commands to the device. The voice recognition is built with seven microphones in order to project 360° audio while picking up on your voice from across the room. To wake up the device simply say the command word “Alexa” and then finish off the phrase with the command.

Along with the ability to plan out your weekly schedule and set cooking timers, the Amazon Echo features wireless streaming to all of the top music services. Access your favorite streaming service by commanding “Alexa” to play a specific artist, song, or playlist. Setting up the Echo involves connecting to your home WiFi through the Alexa app that happens to be compatible with iOS, Android, and e-reader devices.

3. Bose SoundTouch WiFi Speaker

With the ability to connect via WiFi and Bluetooth, the Bose SoundTouch 10 gives users the widest number of music playing options to choose from. Despite its small and easily portable size, this Bose speaker houses a SoundTouch 10 wireless speaker that will project music anywhere.

You can easily connect the Bose speaker to your WiFi network where you can then begin streaming music from Pandora, Deezer, Spotify, and a slew of other music services. Bluetooth capabilities also allow you to play music from other sources such as YouTube or from a friend’s phone playlist.

Finally, although you can control the speaker through the Bose app, the preset instant DJ option sets all of your favorite playlists and radio stations. This means that you can easily access all of your music through the press of a button.

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