Best Wireless Doorbell 2017

Whether your home simply doesn’t have a hardwired doorbell or the one that it came with isn’t loud enough to hear, investing in a wireless doorbell is a simple and easy solution. Although having the best wireless doorbell may sound high tech, installation is far safer and easier than trying to wire up a new standard doorbell and the prices for most models available are very budget friendly.

Best Wireless Doorbell: Things to Consider

  • Range. The best wireless doorbell will need to transmit from the doorbell itself to the receiver(s) inside the home. You will want to identify the range for the models you are thinking of purchasing. If you have a large home or wish to place a receiver in the back part of your home (far away from the transmitter) you will need a doorbell that offers a longer range.
  • Volume. Having adjustable volume is an important feature for the best wireless doorbell. You want to be able to hear the doorbell chiming when your home is bustling with noise. You may also want to opt for a quieter ring when nighttime arrives. An adjustable doorbell volume is also ideal for homes where people with sensory issues or sensitive hearing reside.
  • Chimes. Having a variety of chimes to choose from is important. Anyone who has ever lived in a home with an obnoxious doorbell chime knows that it can be very irritating to say the least. Luckily, many wireless doorbells offer dozens of chimes to choose from, allowing you to pick one that suits you best.
  • Price. It matters with every purchase a consumer makes, and wireless doorbells are no different. Don’t assume that a high price necessarily means high quality. Many of the best wireless doorbell models are available with extra receivers, adjustable volume, a variety of chimes, and a decent range for a very reasonable price.

Top 10 Best Wireless Doorbell Comparison Guide

PictureNameRangePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameRangePriceRating (1-5)
1. SMAGREHO Wireless Doorbell Kit with 1 Remote Button and 2 Plug in Receivers656ft$4.9
2. HAMSWAN Plug-in Wireless Doorbell Kit with adjustable volume and 52 ring tones, Waterproof900ft$4.9
3. AcePoint Night Light Doorbell Series, 2-in-1 Wireless w/ LED Night Light Function450ft$4.8
4. MoBell Model A Gen Wireless Doorbell with 52 audio chimes500ft$4.6
5. Yokkao Portable Wirless Digital Cordless Doorbell Kit Waterproof 36 Chimes1000ft$4.5
6. KUCAM Portable Wireless Doorbell Kit, 36 Chime Tones, IP44 Waterproof 1 Push Button 500ft$4.5
7. Novete Ecody IP7 Waterproof Wireless Door Chime Kit Kinetic Energy Transmitter and Nightlight Function500ft$$4.5
8. SadoTech Model CXR Wireless Doorbell with Remote Button and Over 50 Chimes, No Batteries Required500ft$$4.4
9. Sinvitron Wireless Doorbell kit with 36 Chimes, 4 Level Volume, ABS Material IP44 Waterproof/Dustproof500ft$4.1
10. Senbowe™ Waterproof Wireless Doorbell kit, 36 Chimes, IP44 Waterproof Remote Button700ft$4.0

Top 3 Best Wireless Doorbell Reviews

1. SMAGREHO Wireless Doorbell Kit

This best wireless doorbell model gets the top pick because of its combination of good range and affordable price. It comes with two receivers that can be plugged into different locations in your home. This ensures that you will hear the chime when a guest arrives at your doorstep no matter where in the house you are in. It has multiple chimes to choose from and the transmitter has a backlight that makes your home’s doorbell easy to see, even for late night visitors.

The doorbell itself can be affixed to either your door or the wall of your home with easy on/easy off two sided adhesive strips that don’t require any drilling or screws (and thus, won’t damage your home during installation).

2. HAMSWAN Plug-in Wireless Doorbell Kit

Slightly more expensive than the top pick, this runner up does have a few extra features that may make it worth the extra dollars. This best wireless doorbeel model is waterproof, so you can install it on a door or wall without having to worry about whether there is an awning or protection available to keep it safe from the elements. It only comes with one receiver though more can be purchased separately if desired. The volume level of the receiver can be adjusted to anywhere from a quiet 30 decibels to a thundering 110 decibels, meaning you can hear it without the aid of a second receiver.

The transmitter requires only one 12 volt battery to operate. You can choose whether to use the included adhesive strip or to do a hardware mount if you prefer. The doorbell itself has one minor drawback that that is that it only lights up when pressed meaning it may not be easy to see for people who are visiting your home after sunset. However, it does offer a huge selection of chime tones with more than four dozen in total.

3. AcePoint Night Light Doorbell Series

This wireless doorbell stands out from the rest because its receiver doubles as a night light for your home. Plug it into a common area where it can be heard by all in the home by day and provide a soft LED glow to guide guests by night. The doorbell transmitter does not light up until pressed by a guest, so if you opt for this model you may wish to keep your outdoor light on.

The installation of this doorbell is super quick and painless, and the number of chime choices is ideal with 32 to pick from. The range is decent and the transmitter is fully waterproof, meaning you won’t have to fret during rainy or humid weather.

4. MoBell Model A Gen Wireless Doorbell

The least expensive choice of the top 5 list, this doorbell is durable and waterproof and features over 50 choices in chimes. It is small and sleek and installation is a snap when you use the included two sided adhesive strip that can cling to a variety of surfaces including brick. You can also opt for a more permanent fixture using the included mounting hardware.

This model is cheap and cheerful, and is available in two colors, so you can match it to the style and color of your home.

5. Yokkao Portable Wirless Doorbell Kit

This wireless doorbell comes with two receivers so you can hear the chime in multiple rooms of your home when a guest arrives. With three volume levels and three dozen chimes (all classical music themed) to select from, you won’t be stuck with an irritating buzzing or a two tone “ding dong” anymore when you choose this model.

It’s easy to install, and the receivers can be plugged into any outlet, anytime without any need for reprogramming. These receivers also have an LED that flashes when the doorbell is rung, allowing a visual as well as auditory cue that someone is at the door.

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