Top 10 Best Wireless Headphones for iPhone 2017

As you are probably already aware, Apple made the radical choice to remove the headphone jack from their new iPhone 7. You may also not be thrilled with Apple’s Air Pods solution. The good news is that you can use almost any wireless Bluetooth headphones instead. In this article, we review the 10 best wireless headphones for iPhone specifically compatible with the iPhone 7 and earlier models.

Best Wireless Headphones for iPhone Comparison Guide

PictureNameBattery LifeTypePriceRating (1 - 5)
PictureNameBattery LifeTypePriceRating (1 - 5)
1. AfterShokz Bluez 2S Wireless Stereo Headphones6 HoursOff Ear$$4.5
2. Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones40 HoursOn Ear$$$4.4
3. iDeaUSA Bluetooth Headphones with Mic14 HoursOver Ear$$4.4
4. Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Earbuds Runner Headset6 HoursIn Ear$4.4
5. Bluetooth Earbuds By Zivigo Sweat-proof8 HoursIn Ear$$4.4
6. TaoTronics Wireless Headphones5 HoursIn Ear$4.4
7. Noontec ZORO II Wireless Headphones35 HoursOver Ear$$4.3
8. Aftershokz Trekz TitaniumWireless Bone Conduction Headphones6 HoursOff Ear$$4.3
9. Plantronics BackBeat Fit Wireless Headphones8 HoursIn Ear$$4.1
10. LG Electronics Tone Pro Wireless Headset16 HoursIn Ear$4.0

How to Choose Wireless Headphones for Your iPhone

Apple Air Pods are certainly a fine choice to match with your iPhone 7, but they’re not the only choice you have in picking the best wireless headphones for iPhone. In fact, Air Pods have several downsides, including short battery life, price, and their ultra compact design, which will undoubtedly make them easy to lose. Here’s what to consider when choosing an alternative pair of wireless headphones.

  • Battery Life. With the Air Pods offering just 5 hours of use on a single charge, the best wireless headphones for iPhone should provide at least this much time. Some of the products on our list can even last 10+ hours when fully charged.
  • Portability. You’ll need these headphones to follow you everywhere your iPhone goes, so portability is a priority. Bluetooth earbud style headphones are the most compact, while over-ear headphones are the least portable.
  • Type. Over-ear headphones fully envelop the ears, arguably providing the richest sound and boldest bass. Over ear headphones are also clunky and may not always be the best headphones for airplane travel. On ear headphones fit comfortably on your ears and allow you to hear more of your surroundings while providing a most comfortable headphone fit compared to many ear bud style headphones. In ear, or ear bud, headphones are less comfortable and can fall out, but they are the most portable option. Off ear headphones are unique in that they do not use your ears at all, and instead use bone conduction.
  • Extra Features. Noise canceling headphones, built-in microphones, weather proofing, and optional wired connectivity are all extra features which may put a pair of headphones over the edge for you. Consider your additional needs before choosing the best wireless headphones for iPhone, keeping in mind that you will likely be using these headphones on the go.

Bluetooth devices like the best wireless headphones for iPhone on our list can transmit effectively up to 30 feet. Additionally, Bluetooth 4.0 and higher will always be the best options for fast, clear data transfer, and will help conserve battery life.

Top Rated Wireless Headphones for iPhone Reviews

1. AfterShokz Bluez 2S Wireless Stereo Headphones

So, you need a light, portable pair of headphones for working out or your morning train ride. They should be comfortable and fit securely, even when running or exercising, and it would be great if you could still be fully aware of your surroundings while listening to music. Welcome the AfterShokz Bluez 2S headphones, the answer to all your needs.

These awesome headphones for iPhone use bone conduction technology to send sound waves through your cheekbones and into your inner ear. They fit firmly in front of your ears, making for the ultimate open ear experience. You hear your music clearly, while keeping your ears free to hear noises in your environment.

These comfortable iPhone headphones weigh just 1.6oz, offer a sweat proof, splash proof fit, and can play for up to 6 hours on one charge. There are also two microphones, enabling more dependable voice calls. Like a good pair of glasses, these headphones are so comfortable you may forget you have them on. They give you all the convenience of wireless connectivity, while giving you the freedom to stay in tune with your surroundings, making them the best wireless headphones for iPhone available.

2. Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

When style is as much a priority as sound quality, the Beats Solo3 Wireless On Ear Headphones deliver. These sleek headphones fit comfortably on your ear, which has the benefit of allowing some environmental noise through without ruining your music. They weigh about 9oz, but the superior design keeps tension and weight off of your head and ears for exceptional comfort.

Better yet, they feature a folding design for better portability, and come with a lush carrying case. Incredibly, these headphones last up to 40 hours on a single charge, thanks in part to Bluetooth 4.0. Apple users will also be pleased that you can choose from 8 different colors, including a very familiar Gold and Rose Gold.

As you would expect for their premium price tag, the Beats Solo3 headphones are heavily constructed to be strong and durable. Still, it’s covered by a 1-year warranty in case the unthinkable happens. These bass heavy iPhone headphones breathe new life into your music while keeping you stylish and wireless.

3. iDeaUSA Bluetooth Headphones with Mic

It was tough to choose the number three spot on our list of worthy contenders, but in the end, the iDeaUSA Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone won out with two great features. First, these headphones last an unbelievable 14 hours on one charge, and recharge fully in about 2 hours. Second, there’s optional wired connectivity with these headphones, meaning you can use them even if the battery is dead or with devices which don’t support Bluetooth, increasing their value exponentially.

Sound quality is respectable, and maximum volume is downright deafening. Conveniently, touch controls allow you to select tracks, set the volume, and answer calls all without ever unlocking your phone. The microphone in these headphones is also powerful, providing crisp, clear calls no matter where you are.

These headphones weigh as much as the Beats Solo2s, and are foldable and well-built with aluminum accents. If you’re on a budget and don’t care about brand names, these are a great alternative to the more luxurious Beats.

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